The Unusuals

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 08, 2009 on ABC

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  • Det. Casey Schraeger is portraying a hooker as a Vice Cop when she is brought into the 2nd Unit as a new Homicide Detective. She is partnered with Det. Jason Walsh who's partner was just killed. She discovers a quirky group of cops full of secrets.

    This was a very interesting show that is quirky, humorous, dramatic, and full of action. It definitely shows a lot of potential.

    The dialogue is great. "I was a hooker until 10 minutes ago" out of Detective Schreager's mouth as she is introduced to her new partner and "Eddie Alvarez says" is the way Det. Alvarez speaks in the third person to everyone about himself are just a few of many memorable lines from the first episode.

    Talk about quirky, you have a detective with a brain tumor trying to get killed in the line of duty. You have a detective who wears a bullet proof vest 24/7 because he just turned 42 and both his father and grandfather died at that age. You have a detective who is ultra religious who has a slimy secret past. The list just goes on and on.

    Detective Cole the religious character plants the murdered detectives shield and gun at the end of the program so that it clears up his murder. Oviously he is hiding his involvement in the detectives murder.

    Schraeger gets the full brunt of her first day in homicide when she has to kill the suspect they were looking to arrest. Every one seems to have some pretty deep dark secrets and Sgt. Brown has brought Det. Schraeger in to find out what is going on and clean up his unit.

    Intriguing pilot episode with some definitely weird characters. I especially likes Adam Goldberg as Det. Delahoy (the one with the tumor) and Amber Tamblyn as the new Det. Casey Schraeger. Actually the whole cast was interesting I just felt those two were exceptional.

    Oh, the cat killer was hilarious even though I have four cats myself.

    Thanks for reading...
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