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  • Why Did It End??? :(

    What happened? I liked the show! I'm a broke college student who's roommates are too cheap to pitch in for a cable, so I resulted to Crackle streamed from my dvd player. I picked this show because it was recommended from my film professor. I recently started watching it a couple weeks ago to watch on my spare/down time after a long day. I think too much in school, and customer service at my 9-5 eats away at my energy level to be around people. The Unusuals was a great escape but noOOooo the plug was pulled $^%^*$%^#$^$ not ok. I freaken bonded with these characters!!! Uhhh what's the point of watching TV shows. I guess I shall go back to catching up on big movies I've never seen. Just FYI, college is not easy for most people who actually want to succeed in it, so think of a better business model that works around the busy schedules of Millennials. We are after all your market segment. But since this came out in 2009, my attention was on Big Bang. I think The Unusuals was just ahead of its time. If it goes back on, that would be great. I think the genre ruined the demographic because it wasn't solely drama neither comedy. I enjoyed the mix of the two but the majority of audiences can't grasp it. It's really a preference the producers should have thought about back then, but now it just might work in 2015? Society is driven by feelings now, so this shows how much feelings get in the way of responsibilities, hence why I watch it because I have the same problem and I wanted to see how there characters survive it all.
  • The story of the detectives of the 2nd Unit NYPD Police Department. This is a procedural that investigates some serious subjects with humor and clever stories. Overall after a slow start he show was better and better but canceled after ten episodes.

    Actually an above average police drama set on the streets of New York City. Brilliant casting and a great ensemble feeling. Even the characters that seemed to be outcasts overall fit in with the programs quirky taste.

    The stellar cast is lead by Amber Tamblyn as Detective Casey Schraeger. Her partner Detective Jason Walsh played by Jeremy Renner was excellent. These two lead a cast of lovable misfits. Schraeger's story is one of a debutante from a family of wealth and privilege. She has rebelled against the family and wants to do something with her life. When we first meet Walsh his last partner had just been killed. He is forced to bring along a new partner in Schraeger. He is a down to earth good guy that just wants to live life. Most notable are Adam Goldberg as Detective Eric Delahoy and his partner Detective Leo Banks played by Harold Perrineau Jr.. Delahoy has a brain tumor but he refuses to get help. He ends up having a romance with the medical examiner who is helping him. Banks is afraid of dying. He is 42 and his father and grandfather both died at 42. He is convinced he will die this year so he wears a bullet proof vest every minute of the day. Delahoy's constant risking his life drives Banks crazy.

    Detective Allison Beaumont is played by Monique Gabriela Curnen. She is having a serious relationship with Walsh which brings some crazy things to the stories at times. Her partner is Detective Henry Cole played by Joshua Close. Henry is a mess. His former criminal partner killed Walsh' partner and causes a great deal of problems. Henry has found religion so he is trying to live a righteous life which considering his past is difficult.

    The last two regular cast members are Detective Eddie Alvarez played by Kai Lennox and Sergeant Harvey Brown played by Terry Kinney. Alvarez' wife is an assistant DA and he is the units outsider. He refers to himself in the third person and constantly is getting ribbed by the other detectives. Finally Brown is an all business leader and does an excellent job of leading the unit. This show was a mid-season replacement that never really got an audience. It was fun, quirky, well written, superbly acted, and the productions values were very good as well. A disappointing situation but it was fun to watch while it was on. Honestly I feel it sort of got thrown away. Thanks for reading...
  • GREAT Show

    This is an excellent show. BRING IT BACK!!!! It's been a long time since we found a truly unique, funny and entertaining show. We were just beginning to tell our friends about it and found out it was canceled. So many cookie cutter type shows on...but The Unusuals was so cute and so well done. It is so unique that it was hard to even explain to everyone but I tried. Funny, dry humor, great acting and so many plot twists. I don't care that they left us hanging in the final plot...I just really miss having it to turn to for a laugh. Please bring it back.
  • This gem of a show deserved more respect than it got.

    The Unusuals was not given the chance it deserved. This short series was quirky and entertaining. The writers crafted stories revolving around peculiar police cases and eccentric people that were far from the reused set of stories most cop shows use. The ensemble cast shaped odd characters and atypical situations into a captivating hour. Amber Tamblyn (who I have loved since Joan of Arcadia) as Detective Casey Shraeger and Jeremy Renner as Detective Jason Walsh were the core of the ensemble sometimes appearing to be the normal people among the crazies but each of their characters had their own idiosyncrasies as well. The detectives of the Second Precinct were real people with exaggerated individualities that made them interesting. The characters had growth within the few episodes that indicated they could survive a long run. During the short run, the show improved each episode. Since ABC decided not to renew the show before half of the episodes had run, it felt like the show never had a chance. But unlike other shows that ABC did not renew, the episodes were allowed to play out in the scheduled timeslot and were not burned off over the summer.
  • My husband and I enjoy this show a great deal and we were anxiously awaiting the return.Great shows are coming to an end with little new to replace it. This one deserve to be one of them.Too much reality crap, not enough humor. This one filled that

    What are the network execs thinking when they didnt think this funny gem was good enough to continue. Please folks lets show this cast and crew the respect they deserve and start a movement to get this back into production and back in our livingrooms!!! It has been done before and this one is worth adding to the list of the little ppl talked and forced the "bigger ppl" to listen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The show is true to its name and there are so many "realitiy shows" taking up space that are mind numbingly stupid why cant we enjoy The Unusuals instead.
    They are willing to fill the airwaves with and I quote from another winner-Supernatural- "talentless douchbags" which was a dig at CSI Miami( and guess who they ment with that????)and take this winner off the air. Lets see if we can get it back...Come join the effort!!!!!!
  • Please bring back by popular demand!


    Can't believe we missed this on TV! Watching it on Netflix. Husband and I really enjoy it. The characters are rich, the stories fun, and seeing neighborhoods in NYC are great. Great mix of drama action comedy and character. Please, give it another go! We're all sorry to miss it 1st time!

  • In the world of drama-laden, serious cop shows this quirky new show is a breath of fresh air.

    When I saw the first preview for the show, I wasn't filled with the usual melancholy that I get when my diehard favourites are ending and the networks cram their line-ups with mindless drivel. This quirky, original cop drama/comedy centers around a unique group of cops with their own humourous character traits and quirks. "The Unusuals" takes place at the 2nd precinct homicide division in New York City. It becomes quite clear that the show is based around the concept of personal secrets, both keeping them and exposing them. The show dances around the odd and eccentric precinct, and it's Lieutenant's desire to clean it up and get rid of the excess baggage. Over the course of the show, the individual idiosyncracies of the detectives make their way out into the open.

    In the world of hard-hitting, dramatic cop shows, "The Unusuals" steps onto the stage with a fresh attitude. While the concept of secrets and lies isn't in itself a completely original idea, the way the characters approach and react to the perceived seedy underbelly of the Big Apple. While this show isn't exactly mindbendingly original, not that it claims to be, it provides the audience with enough inventiveness to keep them entertained.

    If you liked M*A*S*H, chances are, you're going to appreciate this new show.

    Bottom Line: Give it a shot, it may not be Emmy-worthy but it's an interesting take on the traditional cop show.
  • They replaced "Life on Mars" for this trite!

    Easily the worst new show I've seen on Television in a long time, and that is truly saying something. I love Amber Tamblyn. I enjoy most of the members of this cast - the noteworthy ones being Adam Goldberg, Harold Perrineau Jr. and Terry Kinney. What in the love of all that is right convinced them that this show was something to be involved in! This show has the following summary: The Unusuals is described as a comedic procedural. Comedic? Yeah, about as funny as herpes. I honestly cannot believe just how bad television has gotten - and this show is right at the top of the list. If there exists any justice, this show will be canceled ASAP.
  • The show was better than its preview commercials!

    This reminds me a lot of the gratefully defunct "Special Unit 2" (which involved cops with a sci-fi twist), in that a cop (in both shows, it was a woman; what's up with that?) is taken off her cruddy, unappreciated, beat, and placed into an allegedly more elite venue, where she will save the precinct (or world, as the case may be!), so there is nothing original, here.

    However, having seen the previews of the show via the network's commercials, and having rolled my eyes, thinking, "Will this be Night Court meets Hill Street Blues?", I'll admit I was pleasantly surprised by the over-the-top acting, and the slight, though predictable plot twist (bad cop is killed, but he wasn't really bad, because he helped kids (pedophile, anyone?), even though there were drugs and money in his locker . . . don't ask!).

    But, I had a LOT of trouble keeping up with the story line, because the scenes jumped from one to the next with barely a bit of logic between them, and the lead character being a "mole" is more than just a little trite.

    The only real interest is the born-again religious zealot character with a checkered past who somehow managed to become a cop in spite of that, who seems to be hiding something, making mysterious phone calls and falsifying evidence (planting the dead cop's weapon and badge in a wall). Is it interesting because it's so quirky, or because that's all there is of any interest to the show?

    The best parts were the comedic background announcements and voice overs, not unlike those in M*A*S*H, but you can't make a show out of that. Further, one of the characters' doctor told him that he has six months to live, which means that either he will have a miraculous recovery, or the show doesn't need him, or the show is going to be cancelled long before then.

    I gave it extra points for its quirkiness, but it's nothing for which you have to miss a night out!
  • yet another law and order or csi clone nice to have it more about the cast but poorly executed

    Well first they barely gave us any info about the entire cast. we know one is an evil cop killing b**** one is a nice main character. ones a rich innocent girl, one a down ot earth women, ones a showoff, ones supersticious, ones going to die of cancer, the bald boss nough said. We barely get to learn anything about some of the characters heck i don't even remember their names. the show is going to be mainly about the main characters trying to figure out what really happened to their dead cop friend who i never saw a pic of. Its a decent show but nothing different than the other 10 or 15 cop shows they have. lets see theres castle, csi miami csi vegas, csi new york, ncis, ncis spinoff thats in the works, 11th hour, the mentalist, lie to me, numbers, law and order law and order svu, law and order forgot the innitials
  • This show is definetely a break from the norm in cop dramas. I found it to be entertaining and look forward to the future episodes.

    Having seen the many previews for this show while watching Lost or Scrubs, I decided I would check it out. Now, I do not like cop shows at all. CSI, Law & Order, NCIS, or any of the other cop shows out there I cannot get interested in for whatever reason. The commericals make this look like a cop drama that is different than your CSI or Law & Order type shows. And they were right.

    This is a fun mix of drama and comedy. The show has potential as the charecters seem to be ones you can get caught up in. This also looks like it will be a story driven show. It will probably have its "case of the week" storyline in it each time, but there will be an underlying story developing charecters and the relationships. With only one episode having aired so far, I will not say anymore about the show. It looks entertaining and I will tune in. Once there are more episodes shown and the direction becomes more clear, I will either love this show or hate it. I'm thinking it will be the former.
  • Picked it up at the end.

    The first episode was great, but the next two went downhill pretty fast and I quit watching, more or less giving up on what I thought could've been a promising new show.
    After a while though, I checked reviews and decided to get the season on iTunes and sure enough, as soon as I had quit watching, the show had picked back up.
    They dialed back the characters over-the-top quirks and made them more subtle and believable (most notably with Delahoy and Alverez).
    The strongest aspect of the series is the characters and how they interact with each other (especially Banks and Delahoy) and I think the writers/creators made a smart move in shifting to a more ensemble approach from the focus on Schraeger and Walsh.
    We'll see how it continues, but so far, so good. 9/10
  • Exaggerated and overdone

    I really wanted to like this one. I'd actually hoped that I'd like this one. But being an adult means being familiar with disappointment. Starting with the good, I'd have to say this show has a modicum of potential. I really liked the story line of Detective Delahoy's brain tumor. Too bad it was mishandled so badly in situations where credibility was all but forsaken. Moving on to the Bad. The Unusuals are too unusual. A little subtlety goes a long way. Ever notice that people will rarely look in the direction of a car alarm anymore? And you are more likely to attract interest with a whisper than by being loud? The characters are more like caricatures of personality disorders than unusual people. The detective that wears his bullet-proof vest outside his clothing is one thing, but toddler proofing the edges and corners of his desk with strips of molded foam rubber is too much. The sychophantic detective named Eddie Alvarez was a little too "Dwight Schruteish", which was reinforced further by the portraying of the "Halpert vs.Schrute" situations courtesy of Detective Walsh. The lack of credible characters behaving credible in credible circumstances was too much to overlook, not to mention the egregious cliches. Not only is there a cop named "Kowalski", but get this, he's a mean, tough, unorthodox cop that get results, and later we find out that he was beaten by his father (which, ostensibly, excuses all anti-social, if not criminal behavior) and he also has a soft spot for crippled kids ( See, he's not such a bad guy after all ). There are plenty of other examples which include the religious, the rich... Moving on to the completely unrealistic. What do you suppose you'd find in a locker at a police station that belongs to an experienced, twenty-year veteran detective who already knows he's a candidate for suspicion as a result of his...shall we say brutish and questionable methods? Just what you'd expect to find: drugs, rolls of cash, pornography and the bones of Jimmy Hoffa. O.K., so I made up the part about Hoffa, but come on. As long as our intellilgence has been throughly insulted, why not include a scene in which a key to a storage unit - we know that it belongs to a storage unit because it's conveniently attached to a pamphlet that contains the leasing contract, address, and unit number - is found in the desk of the deceased. This key opens a storage unit that contains dossiers on the detectives in his own squad that he's been seemingly running independent investigations on. I suppose if you're stupid enough to stash the requisite amount of incriminating evidence in your locker at a police station that would send you away to prison for life, it's not so far fetched that you would make it so easy for the very detectives you're investigating to find out, lead them to the proof, and be so ridiculously complicit in your own murder. Even if it's revealed later that all this was used merely as devices of some plot twist, somebody, on some level, has to come out of this too stupid to breathe. The decision to add a voice of a radio dispatcher that reports the preposterous would probably work better if they played it straight, and without the comically exaggerated New York accent. Now add a cat killer who dresses as inconspicuously, if not identically as Pee Wee Herman. Can it really be all this bad? No. I saved the best for last, because they saved the best for last. That, and I wanted to end with something positive. At the end, there is a scene in a bar in which one of the main characters, Detective Walsh, pays tribute to his fallen partner. He holds up the badge that belonged to his deceased partner. He speaks of his partner, what he was about, and what he has done. He then goes on to explain who the badge belonged to before it belonged to his partner, and spoke of some significant cases that this detective cleared. And that it belonged to yet another detective before that, and the important cases that he was a part of. Now it will no longer be passed down because the detective who it belonged to last was killed in the line of duty, and now this badge will be retired and displayed on a wall in a place of honor. Up to that point, I was ready to write off the whole show.Now I see how good the show could be. Why should we settle for all that preceded this, knowing now what they're capable of? That's what so disappointing. Confused? Me too. Neither comedies nor "dramedies" have the strength necessary to support scenes of such considerable weight. Equally, there is no place for absurd comedy, so delibrately presented, in a drama. Mixing the two together only demonstrates confusion at the creative level. Who knows if there is enough promise, potential and substance here to float a hope on, but it never hurts to hope.
  • Genius! Too bad most people won't think so.

    This show is brilliant. It's funny, interesting, and the cast is great. It's great that it isn't a serious cop show, but it also isn't totally comedy like Reno 911 (even though I love that show). This show is different. It's a blend of many of my favorite aspects of different shows. The sad thing is, I didn't even know it existed until I saw it on this site's home page for a short period of time. I don't know if people will like it enough to spread the word about it's existence. I think it will make it to season 2 though. If Kyle XY can do it, so can this show.
  • original, well written, funny, great music...................... too good to last? (p.s. if you tuned out after episode one, try it again! it gets better every episode)

    i've become fonder of the show with every episode. they are building a nice mix of character centred storylines. It's genuinely funny, quirky, original...interesting, great visuals & streetscapes, strong cast, fantastic/energetic use of music... in a nutshell, too good to last? I wasn't so sure after the first episide, but after episode two i was intrigued and last night i watched episode three and started falling in love with it - just in time to find out that it's likely on the list of doomed shows. It's so sad if that's true. this is the kind of show that needs time to build a fanbase. it's not your typical cop show and fans will not be typical cop show fans for the most part. i don't love cop shows. and i would never have expected that i would have liked this show. it's just a fluke that i watched it to begin with. they could pull in a lot of different types of fans if they gave it time to get known to those who would appreciate it. also, if there was a soundtrack cd i would buy it - the music is SO good. and perfectly synced with the show.
  • Not your "usual" cop show (sorry, had to say it)

    Ok, there are a lot of cop shows out there. A Lot. What makes The Ususuals so different from the others is that it isn't another forensics based show, it's not too heavy on the dramatics, and it's not overly dark or morose. They don't seem to follow the typical cop show formula here.It's quirky and funny without being a parody of police procedurals. The characters aren't ones you'd typically find in a cop show but their quirks and flaws aren't just to tell the various characters apart, there is a reason for them - there's much more than what's on the surface. The department has a suicidal cop partnered with a hypochondriac, a cop with a secret trust fund that works with a former MLB player, a bible thumper with a dark past and his touch talking other half. Casey, who's family happens to be one of the upper crust set starts off by joining the department after a cop gets killed. She's also there to help weed out the bad cops. The cases are hilarious and intriguing as well. Criminal hot dogs, cat murderers, crime sluts, zombies (and not for a Halloween special either) are just some of the cases that they have had to face. This show is amazing, already showing so much promise that I hope ABC gives it a fair shot. With every episode I find myself liking it more and more. I hope that it sticks around.
  • quirky and funny, probably the best new show this year. a lot of talent and none of it is wasted

    I've watched four episodes now, and it has quickly become one of my favorites. it brings plenty of good comedy into the cop drama genre without losing the dramatic effect it seeks. maybe the stories aren't the most exciting thrillers out there, but that's not even the intention. all the main cast manages to escape being one-dimensional (which is quite an achievement considering there's 8 guys in the picture), leaving the audience not only in expectation of what comes next, but of what's behind each of them. Even Eddie Alvarez, below the jerkiness and phoniness, is an interesting character.

    I do have one complaint. The dispatch jokes were quite funny on the first episode, but are starting to get a little annoying.
  • quirky cop show

    I get what they wanted to do with this but I feel like if they wanted to back up the writing should of done it with actual good acting, tries very hard and it ends up being irritating Adam and Amber are hard to believe as cops frankly and I always thought Amber T. was a classic victim of nepotism and Adam is just annoying in on himself (maybe it's his eyebrows or his voice) anyway it could turn itself around we'll see if ABC will let them. I appreciate it when shows try to be different so there is that at least.
  • This show is severely flawed.

    It's plot lines are too contrived. Let just me focus on one thing: the hispanic-friendly angle. It's fine if you want to go that way, i.e.: Dexter. However, this show's too obvious about it. First off, you have 'Alvarez', a dude who's clearly not hispanic, but who claims to be one by name and says it at every turn. Then you have one of the main characters dating a hispanic chick. By the way, she's not really that likeable. Come to think of it, none of your characters are likeable except for the part Amber Tamblyn was given. You don't believe me, just look at the ratings; it's even subpar with the rest of the shows that are on nowadays.
  • An excellent show. Quirky, clever, and funny. "Unusual" in this TV era. I hope it gets renewed.

    The first time I watched the show I wasn't that impressed. For some reason, I tuned in a second time and I got hooked. The cast is excellent, the stories are well told, and it's clever and kind of funny. Lauren Ambrose is better here than she was in Joan of Arcadia, where she started strong and got weak quickly. Adam Goldberg usually annoys me but here I find him poignant. Harold Perrineau is certainly more interesting than he was on Lost. As for the rest of the cast, I don't know enough about them yet but they are excellent. I think that it's one of the better cop shows of the last few years. The Unusuals is certainly better than the CSI clones that are out there.
  • This is NOT a police procedural. It IS a serio-comic prime time drama where the characters happen to be cops.

    'The Unusuals' is like a cop show Joss Whedon would have made, had he the inclination to do so.

    When trying to think of bad things to say about 'The Unusuals' only one thing comes to mind:

    The theme song.

    It is by far the most wretched set of sounds released on TV, and completely undermines the credibility of the show.

    Other than that, magic! This show is probably the largest breath of fresh on TV in a very long while. Played straight, for maximum comedic affect 'The Unusuals' apes the regular police procedural without ever actually becoming one. Sure, our cast of characters solve crimes, but like the patient in an episode of 'House', the crime is usually incidental compared to what's really going on.

    As if they were lifted right out of a pitch from Mitchell Hurwitz, each tragically flawed character brings an appeal to the cop drama that I have never seen matched before. To the Beastie Boys moustache wearing 'Eddie Alvarez' who is required to speak of himself using both names, always, to the deadpan performance from Adam Goldberg, each of these characters belongs in an entirely different show yet found themselves here. And it works, beautifully.

    Leo Banks, the cop in the bullet proof vest in something truly orginal in a cop drama, someone afraid of his own mortality. Amber Tamblyn is the itsy bitsy spitfire, to rich to be a cop yet too smart to be rich. A police chief who looks like he's tired of yelling at people all day, a born again christian with a VERY shady past and two cops who simply can't keep their hands off each other, the cast reads like something from HBO, yet here they are on ABC's prime time.

    It's been a long time since I've seen a show where the characters interest me as much as the plot, and this show delivers in the plot department too. Making sure to never take themselves too seriously, we've seen our hardboiled cops deal with a murder store, a potential zombie and a bride on a crime spree, not the typical acts of violence you could take your sunglasses off to, make a half-witty quip and then get followed up by the Guess Who. Taking a more 'street level' look at New York, the writers make sure to populate each hour with the kind of backward denizens you are bound to run into on the streets, not the contrived monsters which run rampant in other shows.

    Frighteningly original and packed with potential, 'The Unusuals' is probably slated for cancellation already, which is a shame as it's the last cop show on TV I care to watch (aside from Castle).
  • Law and Order meets MASH!

    The Unusuals is a great show that revolves around the lives of some New York detectives. Do not make the mistake of thinking that the show is a crime drama like NYPD Blues or Law and Order; it is rather more like Barney Miller, except these cops actually leave the station!
    Whether or not the show is accurate in its depiction of the New York police detectives, and the rules that they adhere to, it is still an entertaining show that has the potential to go on for several more seasons at least! If you have never seen this show and are wondering what it is all about, or if this show is worth watching; I strongly recommend checking it out at least once, I did and now I love the show!
  • A great and creative show !

    Its too bad i have to write this review after watching another amazing episode of a great new show that just got cancelled.
    I didnt saw any promotion for this show and i found out about it accidentally, and when i watched the first episode, i was like "is good, interesting, can get better" and when i watched the second episode i was amazed, because it did get better, it got awesome.
    I love most of the characters and the histories are always interesting and creative, the music is also great.
    I'm a huge fan of other series, but right now, i would trade CSI or Criminal Minds for The Unusuals because it is definetely more atractive and interesting at the moment than the other 2.
    They could bring it back right ? Or i am dreaming too much ??? :(
  • Boston Legal cop style

    The first episode didn't work -- pulled in too many directions. After the pilot, they got it right. About as realistic a cop show as Boston Legal was a lawyer show. Humor is mostly dark, but there's plenty of it. It gets better as the characters get their footing. Occasionally it strays into Zucker Brothers Police Squad territory, but in a very understated way. I'm still laughing at the scene from the second episode where they round up the thugs at the local ping-pong (you read that right)hall. "Everyone who is Chinese -- leave!" The rest are, of course, the bad guys. Good selection of music.
  • The most original cop drama in years.

    The Unusuals was just that, Unusual. This show put a twist on the classic New York City cop drama. With a little bit of Mystery, and a lot of quirk and wit, The Unusuals brightened up the otherwise bleak three month period this short lived epic was on tv. The show focused on a cast of quirky characters at the 2nd precinct including Casey Schraeger (Amber Tamblyn), a rich kid turned cop, Jason Walsh (Jeremy Renner), a former baseball player, Adam Goldberg as Eric Delahoy, a cop who is struggling to accept the fact that he is dying of a brain tumor, and his partner who is afraid of death, Leo Banks (Played by Harold Perrineau). Kai Lennox also stars as the clueless "lone wolf" Eddie Alverez. Unfortunately, The Unusuals was canceled after only one season of 10 episodes, leaving almost all the mysteries unrevealed.
  • This show was a very unique twist to the plain crime solving drama shows. It brought comedy to it but the drama and mystery of each episode was great. I am disappointed that it didn't get renewed because I know people worked really hard for this show.

    Even though it got canceled in its first season...I wasn't really surprised because I knew this show would be rejected by many series viewers. ABC is known for mixing up comedy with drama, suspense, crime-solving, and mystery. This is just one example...but Castle was the first. I really do think that people got too involved in Castle that they didn't give The Unusuals a chance therefore they were having a little battle and Castle won. I am happy with how it ended but it would have been really cool to see these characters grow and to see where they could be heading. Even though The Unusuals is over it was a great show and it has reason to be recognized so hopefully fans don't forget it.
  • Great show. terrific cast, wonderful episodes!!! i looked forward to watching each week.

    I can't tell how dissappointed i am to find that this great show will not be continuing!!!! it seems like every time they put something good on, it never seems to last!!! I can't imagine why the network would choose to end the show the way they did!! what boobs, they haven't got a clue!!! It had all the right elements to be great, drama, comedy, suspense, action, what more could you ask of a show???? The cast was great also!!! They all seemed to mesh with each other, and thats rare, these days!!! PLEASE RENEW IT!!! YOU WON'T BE SORRY!
  • Bad first episode, but it improved a lot later and became funny and entertaining.

    The first episode was bad. A lot of time was wasted on trying to show that every character has a secret. It wasn't funny or quirky. But starting from the second episode the show improved a lot, they concentrated less on the secrets and more on little stories that show more about who the characters are, and, more important, are funnier. Even though there is still the boring story about the corrupt christian cop, the stories now are less about the past history of each cop and more about every day quirky occurrences. Almost everyone in the cast does a great job and the writers are great. It's sad to know the show probably will be cancelled.