The Unusuals

ABC (ended 2009)


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  • This gem of a show deserved more respect than it got.

    The Unusuals was not given the chance it deserved. This short series was quirky and entertaining. The writers crafted stories revolving around peculiar police cases and eccentric people that were far from the reused set of stories most cop shows use. The ensemble cast shaped odd characters and atypical situations into a captivating hour. Amber Tamblyn (who I have loved since Joan of Arcadia) as Detective Casey Shraeger and Jeremy Renner as Detective Jason Walsh were the core of the ensemble sometimes appearing to be the normal people among the crazies but each of their characters had their own idiosyncrasies as well. The detectives of the Second Precinct were real people with exaggerated individualities that made them interesting. The characters had growth within the few episodes that indicated they could survive a long run. During the short run, the show improved each episode. Since ABC decided not to renew the show before half of the episodes had run, it felt like the show never had a chance. But unlike other shows that ABC did not renew, the episodes were allowed to play out in the scheduled timeslot and were not burned off over the summer.
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