The Unusuals

ABC (ended 2009)


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  • My husband and I enjoy this show a great deal and we were anxiously awaiting the return.Great shows are coming to an end with little new to replace it. This one deserve to be one of them.Too much reality crap, not enough humor. This one filled that

    What are the network execs thinking when they didnt think this funny gem was good enough to continue. Please folks lets show this cast and crew the respect they deserve and start a movement to get this back into production and back in our livingrooms!!! It has been done before and this one is worth adding to the list of the little ppl talked and forced the "bigger ppl" to listen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The show is true to its name and there are so many "realitiy shows" taking up space that are mind numbingly stupid why cant we enjoy The Unusuals instead.
    They are willing to fill the airwaves with and I quote from another winner-Supernatural- "talentless douchbags" which was a dig at CSI Miami( and guess who they ment with that????)and take this winner off the air. Lets see if we can get it back...Come join the effort!!!!!!