The Unusuals

Season 1 Episode 9

The Apology Line

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 10, 2009 on ABC

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  • Walsh and Schraeger investigate the murder of a nudist running down a street they were staking out. Walsh pranks Alvarez. Alvarez tries to get him back. Cole and Beaumont work a theft of an apology line. Delahoy and the Medical Examiner get together.

    Busy episode with a lot of parts running together. Probably my favorite and the most shocking was the Medical Examiner jumping Delahoy in the closet at the hospital right after his MRI at Midnight. Now this was somewhat unexpected and it almost looks like she set the whole thing up. The part of Dr. Monica Crumb is played very well by Susan Parke. She left him hanging in a number of areas like what happened and what is wrong with him, but not in their relationship which is obviously heating up. I guess she's really not a people person.

    The Alvarez/Walsh pranking was cute especially how Banks set Alvarez up the whole time knowing Walsh was the one pranking him not the other way around. Schraeger does dig Walsh a few times about ending up in bed with Alvarez so it was not a total waste. The major case of the nudist being shot by his accomplice and then the fact that the accomplice was the daughters boyfriend was a nice twist. Sometimes these writers are very clever. On the other hand the Apology Line which this episode is named after was a waste of time story. They really needed to drop that Cole/Lutz story and leave it buried. Cole is not a like able character and that storyline was a little painful to watch for the general timbre of this show. I generally ignored that when ranking this episode.

    Beaumont and Walsh still seem to be together and he will have to talk with her about letting Alvarez in when she left his place. Schraeger finds out from Nicole that Davis was out with a blonde not his mother, but with Walsh's advice she gets past the block in their relationship in the end.

    Another good episode of a doomed show just playing out its run. It's a shame! Thanks for reading...