The Unusuals

Season 1 Episode 6

The Circle Line

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 06, 2009 on ABC

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  • great episode!

    I love the way the show explores life issues through quirky crime plots. I find crime plots totally boring on their own but like this they are interesting. The identity theft plot provides a framework for Banks and Delahoy to think about what their life might be with an identity shift. Delahoy simultaneously starts having halleucinations that urge him to think about what his life could be if he is willing to fight for that life. on some level, this is him, telling himself, that he is worth it. finding the guy who took over his name and credit info seems to makes him realize that there is a value in his life that is worth salvaginge. then the other theme of that annoying Alvarez and how he just doesn't get the concept of teamwork as he's the odd man out when everyone else is helping to clear another cop's name - that was good too! this is pretty deep for a cop show dramedy - and genuinely funny, fresh original and entertaining. This COULD be a successful show if they give it enough time to build a fan base. I'm just sure of it!!
  • Walsh and Shraeger are on a 1313 (officer in trouble) when a fellow detective comes in with a case of amnesia and covered in blood. Delahoy is told his partner Banks is dead only to discover someone stole his identity.

    The opening was alarming when Sargent Brown walked in and told Delahoy that his partner Banks was dead. Of course we had to go check that out right away. It turned out it wasn't Banks but a man who had assumed his identity. Walsh and Schraeger end up in the middle of helping a fellow detective Lew "Train Wreck" Powell. Train Wreck shows up with bruised and bloodied knuckles covered in blood and it turns out not to be his. Also his backup piece is missing as well. Alvarez finds this all very suspicious and is trying to catch Walsh doing something shady. The Sargent is backing up Walsh though.

    Delahoy is having hallucinations of a seventeen year old girl that was his first love. He thinks this is caused by his brain tumor so he asks the coroner to do some tests on him. She only agrees because she reported Banks death before checking his fingerprints so now Banks has to deal with the fact that public records have him being dead.

    Banks catches the guy that is selling all of identities and it turns out Delahoy's is in there as well much to Banks joy. The only difference is the guy who stole Delahoy's identity is actually making his credit score better. Delahoy goes and meets him and after seeing the guys wife and child just tells him to basically take care of the name.

    The title of the episode comes form the harbor ferry company The Circle Line. Powell had a brochure on him for that. By the way Schraeger gets seasick. It turns out in the end after Alvarez has arrested Powell when they find a murdered girl that had been with him, it was a jealous bartender boyfriend who slipped them roofies and killed the women. Powell really had amnesia! So Powell is released and Alvarez has to eat crow as he didn't want to help another officer, but immediately condemned him.

    Interesting that Beaumont and Cole were missing from this weeks episode completely. Weird! Of course Beaumont is recovering and Cole had discharged his weapon and killed a suspect so maybe they were both on leave.

    Another pretty good episode. I enjoyed it. Thanks for reading.