The Unusuals

Season 1 Episode 8

The Dentist

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 03, 2009 on ABC

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  • With Alvarez in charge Unit 2 has a bomb scare and two fugitives appropriate with 50K in a DA's case set to go to trial. Alvarez, Walsh, and Schraeger investigate the cases. Banks can't leave his apartment but hears a murder and must overcomes his fear.

    What a great show. Interesting characters, quirky circumstances, great dialogue, and believable stories. Why did nobody watch this? Weird!!!

    Alvarez is in charge and of course starts making some bad decisions. You knew something strange was going on when the young Bo tried to rob a restaurant full of cops. The Marshal who shows up seems a little out of sorts. In Alvarez' defense he did check out his story and he came up clean.

    Now Walsh and Schraeger must clean up the mess. Walsh is the nicest guy in so many ways, but he can be a little tough as well. Really a complex character played very well by Jeremy Renner.

    The secondary story was really great this week. Banks played by Harold Perrineau Jr. can't leave his place because he is becoming agoraphobic. He wakes to hear a scream and then believes he saw something across the street. He calls 911, deals with some pushy patrolmen, and finally deals with it himself. It is sort of Rear Window all over again. Freaky! In the end he does what is necessary and he and Delahoy catch the Noho Strangler serial killer. Pretty wild. I wonder if he really learned his lesson about staying in his house all the time?

    Wonderful writing, great ensemble cast, and riveting stories. All of the makings of a true hit. Where did this show miss? Thanks for reading...
  • Eddie Alvarez put in charge? Of course things go wrong. Loved this episode, had everything, suspense and comedy.

    Eddie Alvarez put in charge? Of course things go wrong. The beginning sees a heist gone wrong as the victims are all cops. Of course the perp is an idiot, right? but he's cleverer than he seems. He wants to be in the precinct and continues (with a partner) to make a different heist which ruins a case Beaumont and Cole are testifying at in the morning. Time counts down as Alvarez, Walsh and Shraeger hunt for the missing evidence and the people who stole it. This part of the show was well played and had some moments where you really felt sorry for Alvarez. He started the series with no-one liking him and has switched his ways a little to become more part of the team. Although there is a part near the beginning you see him trying to act the boss with Beaumont which turns on him. Alvarez pulls through in the end and solves the case just in time = feel good factor.

    This story was of course intertwined with Delahoy and Banks (as usual they get their own little story). Banks finally too scared of getting killed before he turns 43 locks himself in his apartment only to discover it isn't so safe after all and ends up tracking a serial killer with binoculars. The serial killer attacks a Banks' neighbour who lives across the road. He is a little agoraphobic when it comes to leaving his apartment to make sure he saw what he saw and I was surprised that he did so without his bullet proof jacket, I guess that just added to how scared and determined he was. I would have been annoyed had he been shot as it would have been the one time without the jacket. Delahoy takes a little of a backseat but still enjoyed his scenes and non believing of Banks. For me these two are the best thing about the show.

    A great show, hope I get to see more episodes.