The Unusuals

Season 1 Episode 7

The Tape Delay

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 27, 2009 on ABC

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  • Schraeger and Walsh track down their kidnap victim they were suppose to protect. Delahoy and Banks deal with an 87 year old on a crime spree. Beaumont is mad at Walsh. Everything tastes like meat to Delahoy. Schraeger confesses that she has money.

    Great episode with some nice storylines. I am going to miss this show for its humor and positive spin on things.

    Walsh and Schraeger get put on a protection detail for some capitalist/bank software manufacturer. This story screamed setup and it was, so it turned into tracking down the guy they were suppose to be protecting.

    Walsh already knew that Schraeger had money so when she found that out she decides with his advice to tell everyone. Also with her connections it made it easier to find the perp in the end.

    Delahoy and Banks must deal with an older man who at 87 has decided he didn't live his life to the fullest so he has turned to a life of crime to get some action. Great story and Banks did what he could to help. It was nice the way it ended.

    Alvarez is trying to be nice and sort of gets stepped on. Walsh is truly a good guy and in the end makes things right with Alvarez thereby trying to make him more part of the unit.

    Beaumont and Walsh get to deal with a young man who was obviously on his way to doing something he shouldn't They hold him in jail. Beaumont is angry with Walsh for something that happened in one of her dreams and Walsh didn't apologize. She makes him pay penance before he sort of apologizes and everything is OK in the end. Finally Delahoy is having another symptom of his tumor. This time everything he eats tastes like meat. He invites the pretty coroner to lunch to discuss this and when he mentions date she skips out quick. Nice chemistry between these two and it would have made a nice side thing in the series.

    I don't know how many episodes of this show there are but I know it is on the 3rd and 10th of next month so at least two more. I'll be watching. Thanks for reading...
  • Casey and Walsh end up hunting down a wealthy businessman they were assigned to protect, while Banks and Delahoy chase an 87-year-old man on a crime spree.

    I can't review it, because it hasn't shown yet. Your page says there is no recap - please Add/Edit or Fill Us In. But when I click on those links, I get a page that has nothing to do with the Unusuals or the "Tape Delay" episode. So I don't know what is wrong with your website, but when I clicked on the Write a Review link, I got this page, and was able to slip my "recap" in on this page...which is apparently the only way to do so. And you have a 100-word min requirement for this, so I will fill in some more words, here, and see if I've hit that minimum yet...