The Upper Hand

ITV (ended 1996)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 7
    • Oh Baby, Oh Baby
      Oh Baby, Oh Baby
      Episode 7
      Charlie and Caroline visit a fertility specialist and find out that timing is important. Caroline re-schedules her business diary to increase her chances of getting pregnant. However, Joanna discovers that she is pregnant and has to put her plans of travelling around Europe on hold.
    • A Couple of Charlies
      Charlie is thrilled when he bumps into his old girlfriend Tina, who he has not seen for many years, until he meets her loud-mouthed obnoxious husband, also called Charlie. Anything Charlie can do, Tina's Charlie thinks he can do better. They decide to fight it out over a game of pool at Sid's Cafe.moreless
    • Nobody's Child
      Nobody's Child
      Episode 5
      Laura's old friend Dolly turns up at the Burrows houshold to renew her friendship with Laura. Dolly offers to take Laura on a two-year world singing tour. Laura thinks the family will not let her go, but Charlie and Caroline think it is a fantastic idea.
    • The Chunnel of Love
      The marriage of Joanna and Dan looks like failing when he gets offered a job in Paris and she refuses to join him. Charlie decides to follow Dan to Paris, but Caroline accuses him of interfering.
    • In Marriage We Trust
      Emma, a business acquaintance of Caroline's, comes to dinner and she immediately hits it off with Charlie. Caroline is not impressed. When Laura arrives with her latest date, the tables are turned on Charlie because her partner turns out to be an old flame of Caroline's.
    • Friends
      Episode 2
      Charlie and Caroline want some time to themselves, and Laura agrees to take the rest of the family out for the night. Caroline brings out the honeymoon photos, which results in the couple arguing over their disastrous wedding night.
    • A Lion Called Laura
      When Caroline goes away on business to Brussels, Charlie sets about turning the spare room into a nursery as a surprise.
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