The Upside Down Show

Noggin (ended 2006)


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  • I am being serious...

    Why did they cancel this show?
  • One of the only kiddie shows that I can genuinely say is good!

    This show definitely should've gone on for longer. This show taught me that just because it's a show for little kids, doesn't mean it has to be devoided of anything good. It's a great, funny show that I'll watch anyday. Bring this back Nick!

    Final Score: 10/10
  • I still kind of like this

    I'm 16 and I like this show for unexplained reasons.
  • Yeah!

  • extremely underrated by nickeleodeon's view-point.

    this was my favorite kids show ever! the show stars these two guys, shane and david, putting their mime skills to the test as they search for specific locations they would like to visit, along the way, they visit the strangest places and discover new activities and objects they interact with, eventually leading them to their destination. the show is very good and the characters are quirky in their own way, however it is dissapointing that Nick decided to cancel it too early. Hopefully they come to their senses and bring this show back.

  • Funniest

    even for me im 10 and i love the show !
  • Great show!!!

    This is the funniest show i've ever seen, It's very educational. it has 2 curious brothers in an apartment. I just love it. I have no idea why they cancelled the show so quickly. I've been watching the show since I was 6, just please bring the series back!!!
  • Very Educational

    I loved the curiosity of the two brothers, who try to learn new words by exploring through many worlds. 10/10!
  • for the little ones.

    Just need more episodes 2 year old watchs this every single night before bed it makes him totally happy no matter how many times he has seen all the epsoides that the show seems to have. please please please please make more episodes i have seen them all to many times. There is not that many of them. But other than that a great show. We watch both shows that play back to back and i liked it at first but when you don't seem to ever have no shows it becomes old. The guys are great but need more.
  • A very stupid pretend tv show.

    This show is pretty stupid.One time,the bald dude try to put a painting that he made.Then,when he couldn't find a place to put it,he puts it in this closet of the stuff,which leaded them to a art museum.I can't believe something like that would happen in someone's closet.That is the stupidish idea to ever have something like that to happen.I mean,this show including all of it's episodes are really stupid.The pretend thing is stupid and everyting in this show is stupid.I count this as the stupidish show ever made.This show is worse than Oobi or Wow Wow Wubbzy on Noggin.
  • Great show!!

    Great show. I give it two thumbs up! My baby girl's favorite show. Teaches kids how to us their imaginations and is educational all in one. Fun for all ages. My kids range from 8-2 years and they all love the show. I find myself watching it with them. Sucks they did not get a chance for second season. I don't know why they pulled this show and not another one. Or I have an idea stop running back to back programs. Wish they would bring it back on the air. But for now they just stay up nightly to watch the reruns.
  • Really funny show that inspires kids to participate!

    The Upside Down Show with Shane and David is absolutely one of the best shows my kids have ever seen! These two guys are so funny and entertaining that they, not only keep my kids interested, but motivate them to get up and participate. My two sons (ages seven and four) love this show and throughout the day they act out the different things that Shane and David do on the show (along with doing the action fingers). When I first saw the show (without watching it), it looked stupid to me. But one day, my son wanted to show me something one of the guys was doing so I actually sat down and watched it. I can honestly say that I found these guys to be hilarious and very entertaining. They are very talented. The ideas they have for the shows themselves are awesome let alone they do most of the noises for the things on it. While it doesn't seem to teach as much stuff as other kid shows, I find that it does teach kids, but in an inconspicuous way. My sons use their imaginations more than they ever have and use several big words that they have learned from the show. I highly recommend it to anyone with kids. Its AWESOME!!!
  • Two "brothers", Shane and David, take children on a wonderful, silly journey in their living room, to learn with imagination and expression.

    I love this show. My niece is 5 years old. She is special needs and is often pretty unresponsive to television. She watches the Upside Down Show with undivided attention, and laughs the whole time. I sit and watch it with her every chance I get. It is so funny, I find myself laughing whole-heartedly along with her. It's a favorite in my house. Shane and David are incredibly talented, and You can't help but enjoy watching their performance regardless of your age. I reccommend this show to anyone who likes to sit and watch tv with their kids. You won't be bored and you'll laugh the whole time.
  • So stupid, yet so funny!!!!!

    This is my favorite baby show. I like Shane. I remember the episode "Picnic," and Shane and David picked up Puppet and through him around the room, and David became interested in the window and forgot about Puppet, therefore, he fell on the floor. Then they ran around like morons like they do in every single little episode. Shane rulez!!!!! Then Puppet, and then David. I do not like Super Fingers. That is just stupid. It's a really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, realy, cool show. I love the Upside Down Show!