The U.S. Constitution

PBS (ended 1987)


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The U.S. Constitution

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The U.S. Constitution is a PBS show that analyzes the most important document in American Government. This document defines the process by which hegemony is extended from the state to national level, and is ambiguous and intentionally so that it can be amended to best suit the needs of contemporary society. The show touches upon numerous topics such as federalism and ratification. The Constitution is somewhat proscriptive in terms of centralized power, yet is also meant to lay the foundation for pragmatic political compromise within the government. Included in this document are a number of clauses to protect the rights and civil liberties of citizens and states, such as the Enumerated Powers Clause (Article 1, Section 8). This series shows that although there was still fierce debate about the ramifications of this document, most agreed that this would lay the framework for a much more efficient system of government over the Articles of Confederation.