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Season 7 : Episode 22

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The Vampire Diaries is based on a novel series penned by L.J. Smith where you are given the insight into the diary of 17-year old Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev). Elena and her 15-year-old brother, Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen), live with their Aunt Jenna (Sara Canning). Elena seeks comfort from her familiar social circle – best friend Bonnie (Katerina Graham), frenemy Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola), and former boyfriend Matt Donovan(Zach Roerig, Friday Night Lights). At Mystic Falls High, Elena and her friends become fixated by a mysterious new student, Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley, "Fallen"). Stefan and Damon(Ian Somerhalder, Lost) are vampire brothers – one good, one evil – at war for Elena's soul. The Vampire Diaries is from Alloy Entertainment and Bonanza Productions Inc in association with Warner Bros. Television and CBS Television Studios.


    The Vampire Diaries "Requiem For a Dream" Review: Bad Friend Alert (PHOTO RECAP)

    Bonnie's always kinda hated vampires, but now she REALLY hates vampires. Will she finally murder all of her friends?

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    • I LOVE THIS SHOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • What I now think of the vampire diaries

      Ok so The Vampire Diaries is a great show in all but season 7 just kills the magic .Like seriously Mystic Falls Damon [Not dead meaning he's not alive dead meaning He's gone],No good romance, No life threatening situations. The show just lost its life .all the show is now is boring.
    • Julie Plec Wake up! You are ruining The Vampire Diaries!

      I used to love TVD. I waited each week for Thursday so that I could DVR it. Every week, I waited anxiously to start watching it halfway through (so I could skip commercials) and get my Damon fix! ;) However, this season has been such a let down, not even Ian can fix it. It has been sloppy and confusing. Too much time and energy wasted on Julian, Lily and the heretics that no one really cared about anyways. The Damon bashing has reached an all-time high, and that is despite the many sacrifices he has made for everyone, none of which anyone seems to notice, nor remember--writers and characters alike! I can see why the ratings for this show have plummeted, and it really has nothing to do with Nina Dobrev leaving the show. It has more to do with the confusing, and yet still boringly predictable if all else fails blame Damon because that has always worked in the past! My God! Can't the writers find a new dog and pony show to give the viewers?! Damon bashing was fine in the first four season--he deserved it! However, in the last few seasons he has made some serious changes. He makes the tough choices that no one wants to make for the people he loves, and yet, he never--and I mean NEVER gets any credit. I think the writers just kick the Damon character around so much because of how popular Ian is and they know they can get away with it. Well, not anymore. I am done! It was bad enough the way they kept flashing forward in such a ridiculous way that never let the audience know just what the heck was happening, but then we were forced to watch the Bonnie/Enzo relationship just appear in one episode--just a week or so before that she was chopping off his hand!! Real sloppy and completely unbelievable, not to mention unwatchable, I fast forwarded through every one of the B/E scenes! And then there was the scenes that made me realize this show no loner cares about the relationships between the characters. I cannot help but believe the writers simply want to continue to pigeon hole each character into their tiny little frame because they keep writing the same old plot lines with just a different villain in the mix! It is boring and predictable--find something new and exciting will you? How about actually allowing the other characters to acknowledge the growth Damon has had, huh? Now that would be a real crazy thing, hmm? I swear, I thought the Damon bashing was bad earlier in the series, but this season was like all six seasons before it--X's 10! And when I was forced to watch every single character in the show say what a piece of crap Damon is--literally in one episode, I think every character in the episode said how bad Damon was and how everything would be better without him! And yet, when he goes to do just that--(because yes, those insightful writers have no other tricks up their sleeves!) Stefan, Ric and then Bonnie all turn their backs on him and in some form or another tell him they are done with him!

      I have taken the Damon abuse for a long-long time because Ian was so you have given him nothing to work with this season. This is nothing more than a boring plot with the same old soccer ball (Damon) to kick around when you run out of interesting things to write about! Snooozzee! This is why TVD are about to be cancelled! Wake the heck up, Julie Plec, you've finally gone too far! Give us something new andf exciting--please, before you lose the last of the loyal fans you still have!!!!!!!!!!moreless
    • No longer a great show

      I was obsessed with vampire diaries a few years back. Season 2-4 were spectacular. But something went wrong. I don't think it matters who you ship or where particular storylines went wrong. The problem is in the breakdown of all the relationships these past few seasons. Friendships, romantic entanglements, family ties have all been demolished in ways that are hard to imagine while watching the earlier seasons. Season 7 is some of the absolute worst television I've ever watched. Shows like this that deal with supernatural elements always do well because of a deeply loving and loyal relationship of the core characters. They aren't all related by blood but they would die and kill for one another. Yet season 7 of vampire diaries has destroyed all of that. Elenas gone and no one has even bothered to try figuring out a way to break that spell (even though they became pretty chummy with the heretics). Matt hates all vampires and sets it up for Stefan to be killed despite these characters deep history or even matts history with Caroline and Elena. Jeremy drops out of sight without an explanation for why he didn't come back for Bonnie once she was no longer dead when he spent his last season being a drugged drunk mourning her death. Alaric hates Damon, Enzo and Damon haven't barely spoken since Enzo's initial appearance. Caroline and Stefan were dating and then suddenly they weren't. We have wasted a season on heretics that no one cares about. Stefan hates Damon. Vonnie hates Damon. No one cares about eachother anymore and it's crap. Why watch? The rich history between the characters has all been erased and there's just nothing left. Nothing.moreless

      Where do I start, an amazing show it is, the show, shows us true passionate love not T-V love .Every single character holds some spiritual aspect to them. Every character grasps on to love. I could not describe how amazing the show is with all the poets in the world! When I first started watching this show I was a bit scared of the thought of vampires. I was scared of the main character falling in love with A vampire, a very sweet generous vampire THAT HAD WARM LOVE IN ITS VEINS.. IF you were thinking of watching The Vampire diaries do not hesitate on watching it. WATCH IT. I fell in love with the show from day 1 . Vampire Diaries should never

      end it should keep on going.

      I end it hear saying what I realized in the show was never let go your metaphorsmoreless

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