The Vampire Diaries

Season 1 Episode 15

A Few Good Men

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 25, 2010 on The CW

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  • Season 1, Episode 15

    This show is officially my replacement to LOST. Of course nothing ever will come close to being as incredible as LOST, but geez The Vampire Diaries has come pretty darn close. It is practically the best show on television right now, and yes it is on the CW, which it doesn't deserve to be on. It deserves to be on ABC!

    Anyways this episode was so incredible its hurting my mind thinking about how insanely good this episode was, just when you think you have figured everything out, BAM another dang twist!!!

    So, a new vampire has gotten out of the tomb and is friends with Pearl (Anna's mom). We learn more secrets about Elena's birth mother and that it was in fact Alaric's wife. We first think she is dead and that she was killed by Damon, but we then learn that she was turned by Damon and that she is now a vampire! Elena goes to visit Isobel's friend and her visit consists of very suspicious things including giving Elena vervein, and sending a text to someone saying, "she's here". Which must have been sent to this man who Elena see outside of Trudy's house. Elena and Stefan also see this man after Elena thinks Damon killed Isobel and this man tells Elena "stop looking for her!" and then he dies, Elena takes his cell phone. She then later calls the last person on his cell phone and Isobel answers!!

    Plus, in flashbacks, we learn more about Alaric and Isobel's marriage and how she became so obsessed with vampires and that she gave Alaric a special ring that supposedly save his life when Damon tried to kill him!

    Okay, more people need to watch this show, because it IS the best show on television right now!!

    an easy 10/10
  • VD returns!

    After an unnecessarily long hiatus, Vampire Diaries returns, and though new story arcs are beginning, it is clear the break hurt the overall forward momentum of the show. It took a while to get settled back in with the inhabitants of Mystic Falls, and despite the 'previously on...' recap, on several occasions I find myself asking, "Wait, what's going on again?"

    Damon never found Katherine in that tomb, so he's been drowning in the bottom of bottles, and keeping company with weak-minded sorority girls. The character doesn't care about anything anymore, and that kinda sucks because I don't think people realize that Damon and his schemes are kind of what drive the show. Never was that more clear than in a Few Good Men.

    Caroline and Matt are settling into their relationship, but Matt's mom, a new character to the show, has arrived, and Frankly, she isn't very likable at all. For the most part, A Few Good Men was a bit of a slow burn for the audience to settle back into this show as well. The highlight was a bachelor auction that revealed Damon possibly killed Elena's birth mother, but what would have been a great development was washed over, because in the immediate next scene, Elena discovers her mother may still be alive. Damon and that teacher had a cool fight scene, and I was surprised at both the kill, and when he came back to life. The show will get rolling again next week, but hopefully Stephen, Jeremy (MIA this week) and others will have a little bit more to do.
  • Damon is depressed after the Caroline incident. Elena is on to who her mother may be and even stranger it seems to be Alaric's dead wife. Damon is recruited to be in a bachelor raffle. Matt's Mom returns to Mystic Fall's after being dumped by Pete.

    Some interesting revelations in this episode of The Vampire Diaries. There's a couple of problems with that in general. First of all it's been a while since we've seen an episode so we would expect to be weened back into the series. Secondly there are three major revelations that they drop on us all of which I won't mention because they all occur in the last ten minutes.

    We have Damon snacking on sorority girls to get over his depression. At least he's not killing them. The sheriff talks him into being a bachelor for their seasonal raffle. Then it turns out one of the larger revelations comes out about Alaric's wife who also was Elena's mother which will be a major plot in the coming episodes I believe. There is also is a major confrontation with Alaric and Damon which has major consequences as well.

    On a more bothersome note, we have Matt's mother Kelly played by the wonderful Melinda Clarke arriving back in town to cause trouble. She declares that she hates Caroline and in general acts badly towards her for really no reason except that's the way she is. Well we can hope that maybe she gets bitten soon I guess.

    Elena goes to meet a friend of her mother's she finds in an old school photo. The friend knows about vampires and some very interesting minor things happen related to one of the major plot lines revealed at the end of the episode. Elena ends up finding out that Alaric was married to her mother and that Damon "killed" her in North Carolina.

    We also have the other vampire who had been a slave who somehow walked out of the tomb show up. He kills someone even though he seems to feel bad for that when he does it. We have a major revelation to this at the very end of the episode.

    So a lot going on with all of the characters just not much one could mention in a review without ruining the surprises. Now one would think with all these surprises and revelations that this was a really good episode. I would say it was interesting and enjoyable, but not one of the better of this first season. It does one thing and one thing really well. It seems to set up the main stories for the rest of this season. Thanks for reading...
  • Good return for TVD!

    VD finally returned after an almost month-long break. The latest episode was good. The Story about Elena's mother Isobel is pretty interesting and a lot of questions came up. Why is she hiding? Who are the people working for/with her? Why are they killing themself for her?

    First I thought that the bachelor auction should be an eye candy for the female viewers but the Stefan-Alaric-scenes were fun to watch. It's a shame that the writers didn't actually kill Alaric off because it would have been a brave move. Besides the solution that Alaric survived thanks to Isobel's ring is very lame.

    This episode also had a nice guest star: Melinda Clarke (Matt's mother). Great to see her on TV again.
  • Looking for truth..

    Ok, this show just manages to turn everything upside down. I most say I think Elena's quest for her real mother was quite good and it just seems that every step she makes.. it just brings her closer and closer to the mess she is in.. That Isabelle is alive? That Isabelle can control others? The deal she is going to hide her..

    Ok.. When that was maybe confusing, and not so sure.. I totally loved Daemon storyline. I mean.. he is just so out of control.. and acting out.. doing all those crazy things like on stage or later on their house.. killing that teacher.. and the twist that teacher was not dead.. that was good..
  • in this episode, a search for isabel dwelves into more questions and surprising information from Damon relating to Isabel. we also see more vampires hidden in town other than Damon and Stefan and someone comes back to town!

    After watching this episode, i got excited about the fact, there are going to be alot more vampire characters exposed in the later series, which no longer focuses on Damon and Stefan as the major players in mystic falls after a pretty girl, but witches, magic objects and possibly more. What does this really means now? are the vampires going to adopt a slow plan of converting every person in town into vampires? or are they just here for a visit and some food and move on to another town to avoid being exposed as Katherine, Pearl and Anna has done for centuries?

    So Alaric has a ring that makes him immortal - and if more people starts finding out about this, i'm sure he's going to be a very wanted man in dangerous situations. Will Damon find out? Now I see Alaric above all the vampires, in terms of being immortal. He is not a vampire and he does not have to feed and be closed off from society to live his life freely. That's a very advantageous position to be in. I'm guessing this ring have a spell casted by the handmaid Emily to make anyone wearing it immortal. Little is revealed about Isabel's current state of mind. Is she on the dark side or the good side? and why is she avoiding Elena at all costs? to protect her from something or some one like Katherine? Is there even a chance that Katherine is the reason, why Isabel does not want to expose herself now to her husband and Elena? I don't get why the man who was trailing Elena back home, was trying to warn her not to find Isabel, killed her mother's high school friend later after E visits her and ends up killing himself (or is this what the show wants us to think?)
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