The Vampire Diaries

Season 4 Episode 12

A View to a Kill

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 31, 2013 on The CW

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  • Killing an original like that?

    IN this episode it was shown how Vampire Diaries is a poorly designed series... First, one can not beat an original like that, they are way stronger and faster, and cannot be killed with any wood. Then they suddenly have that wood, but still, they are too slow. And now, Elena (one month old vampire :D ) and his brother kill one of the originals! And they made it to do so using verbain - earlier they showed how original vampires were more resistant to verbain... (Damon was able to dring that water, while this same water crippled Kol - LOL)

    By the time, Vampire Diaries became a bad series - pretty disappointing!

    EDIT: also, I would love to see someone putting Elena down - she's become an annoying character...
  • The Map is Revealed!

    WHOA! Just when I think this show can't get any better it does!

    I loved this episode, seeing Elena and Jeremy tag team and defeat Kol was awesome!

    Watching Klaus baby-sit Damon and their 'villain bonding' was pure gold!

    Bonnie's unsuccessful intervention was undeniably riveting it was so wonderful to see her so powerful.

    I gotta admit watching Rebekah open up to Stefan was amazing it really added fantastic layers to her character and seeing how Stefan made their own private decade dance was really sweet.

    Bonnie was defiantly the hero this episode watching her perform some seriously strong 'expression' magic was truly breathtaking!

    Seeing the map finally revealed was a wonderful way to end the episode.

    I am dying for next week's episode to see what happens next!

    To quote Damon: "Here we go!"
  • TVD is revving up w/ A View to a Kill

    Elena has to be the wimpiest and annoying vampire ever! I can't wait until she takes the cure. She might get some sort of personality once she becomes human again. Gotta love the Originals, deep down their wicked cold blooded hearts, they care. Psycho-serial vampire killer Klaus loves Caroline and asking semi-reformed Damon for advice. Touching and disturbing. How cool was Bonnie boxing-in Klaus at the Gilbert residence? It's about time someone can cripple an Original. Don't hate me Stefan & Elena fans, but I thoroughly enjoyed the Rebekah & Stefan scenes. I think those two could truly make a go of it, if Stefan ever gets over his Elena obsession. Elena needs to stop drinking the Rebekah haterade. She lost the right to be jealous once she choose Damon and announced to the world she is in love with him. So grow up Elena, you can't have your cake and eat it too. Last, I must share my favorite jaw dropping shirtless. Any excuse to have Jeremy rip off his shirt I'm all for it. I had to manually close my jaw. I vote Jeremy to be shirtless for a full future episode! Who's with me? Hoping next episode really goes somewhere, cause this story line is dragging. Over n Out.
  • More Rebekah and Stefan PLEASE

    Am I the only one who thinks that Katherine might be making an appearance soon? I mean, she was mentioned! In one very quick >:D

    In a more serious note, if Jeremy doesn't spout a personality any time soon I might just give up altogether on him. His entire characterization seems to hang on a husky voice, muscles, and an expressionless face.

    Rebekah and totally ship them. They actually take their relationship slowly, and it feels real, unlike "Delena's". That breakfast club sliding in the hall scene was Rebekah= fav character
  • Getting Inconsistent

    While I loved how the show continuously keep up the suspense, there are way too much convenient plot devices put in by the writers. The powers of the originals just shift convenient from powerful to weak depending the mood of the writers. If Elena was any other character, she would had been easily killed by Kol rather than putting up such a ridiculously strong resistance. Seriously, I am getting very tired of Elena's whining. Kill her off and make the show about the originals already. Rebecca's way hotter anyway.
  • "Ridiculously convenient writing", not "A view to a kill"...


    Unfortunately, the 4th season of this show has mostly defects to show us until now. Unbelievably slow story pace and ridiculously convenient writing (from the Cure being introduced just after Elena was turned accidentally to killing an Original without knowing for sure that Klaus is the Original from who they descend).

    Who was the recent victim of the fact that the writers see us as stupid amoebas? One of the Originals, Kol (oh, and Stefan who turns the engine of his motorcycle on to prevent Klaus from hearing that Elena is planning to kill his brother!)! Let's see what happened with Mr. Kol, shall we?

    First, Kol appears to Bonnie to kill her but he starts chatting with her and Bonnie now has enough time to fight back. What we got? Bonnie-Kol 1-0.

    Then, Kol arrives at Elena's place. He gets an invitation and starts chatting with Elena. At the same time, Elena's friends are looking for a dagger or the White Oak Stake to neutralize Kol. In the meantime, Bonnie is leaving Jeremy and Elena at Kol's mercy to spend some "quality time" (fighting) with her parents! Then, Kol leaves Elena's house but comes back to tell her that he doesn't believe that our beloved team is going to stop looking for the cure and is getting ready to kill Jeremy. After some ridiculous looking and fighting (like he couldn't scan the house in one sec with super speed), Kol finally wounds Jeremy and stakes Elena at his stomach (although 2 minutes ago he informed Klaus that the stake will be in Elena's heart, something that would 100% prevent the team to look for the cure, since our little girl would now be dead for real and there would be nothing left to cure!). Now, he is on Jeremy and prepares to chop his arms. And look what he does! Instead of simply ripping them off in front of the staked Elena, like Elijah is doing with hearts, he gets Jeremy to the kitchen, ties him up and chooses a good cleaver!!!!!!! Then, he starts chatting with Jeremy once again, giving Elena more than enough time to unstake her stomach and come for the rescue! But how a 2 week old vampire can overpower a millennium old original vampire? It can't! It's impossible! But dear, beloved Elena is something much more powerful than an Original! She is the protagonist of the show and that means she can break all the show's rules if she feels like it! So, she rushes in the kitchen and pokes Kol. Kol was about to cut Jeremy's arm with the cleaver but thanks to Elena (big surprise!) the cleaver cuts one of the ropes that hold Jeremy! Then, god Elena (stronger than an Original) keeps Kol immobilized at the sink for more than 10 seconds, giving Jeremy enough time to untie himself who starts spraying Kol with vervain, as Elena finally free the poor Original! And now? Now, Kol could just use his super speed and flee. But no. He sits there, screaming because some vervain is burning his skin (a burn that heals in seconds if we remember Elijah's first appearance). Then, god Elena grabs him (although he is sprayed with vervain), gets the White Oak Stake out of his pocket (Kol does once again nothing to stop her). God Elena gives the stake to Jeremy and he is staking Kol at his heart!

    I have nothing else to say about this episode! This mess will need serious time and SERIOUS writers to be fixed!
  • Question

    How do you watch this
  • LOVE

    I love the vampire diarieeess!!
  • A view to kill

    Great episode. Fast spaced, with some action, lots of feelings and angst, and some romance.

    The originals is, as you may know, one of two reasons I watch VD.

    They did not disappoint in this episode. Klaus was snarky and funny and and showed some real feelings. His chat with Damon, case in point. And the look on his face when he watched Kol Chills.

    Rebekah was amazing. Glad they gave her even more dept. The argument with Klaus, the scenes with Stefan...

    Kol. Wow. He was an evil SOB. That being said, he was interesting, and probably, also right about Silas. To bad that he had to die.

    Stefan. Yeah, I know he is not an original, but he is the only one besides them that are interesting. The scenes with Rebekah where great. And I love his snark with Damon and Klaus.

    As for the rest... Eeeh, not interested. Jeremy is a mass murderer, Elena is a whiny selfish girl, Bonnie is pretty stupid for thinking she can handle her addiction by herself, and Matt... What was the purpose of him in this episode?

  • The Cure


    The Vampire Disease!
  • A View to a Kill

    A View to a Kill was a really awesome episode of The Vampire Diaries and I really enjoyed watching because there is lots of intriguing character and plot development. it was awesome watching the various characters play their parts towards the larger goal. there were also some interesting Revelations and some old familiar faces showing up. I love how you Elaina tried to protect Jeremy from Cole. Klaus reveals his true intentions after suffering a major loss. Rebekah made some interesting decisions as well. Bonnie was b*** and it was fun watching her use her magic. the ending was awesome and it was funny how Jeremy ripped off his shirt Hulk style. I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!I