The Vampire Diaries

Season 4 Episode 10

After School Special

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 17, 2013 on The CW

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  • Fast Paced but Disjointed

    The first episode after a break is always highly anticipated and this one was no exceptions. While I feel like it delivered, for the most part, it felt in other parts disconnected and didn't do the best possible job of connecting all the events from the previous episode. For instance, it would have been nice to see Rebekah's awakening to April and how they reacted to one an other. It was unclear what each other's feelings were towards one an other in this episode, and it was unclear as to why April especially, did some of the things she did. Rebekah holding up the dagger that Caroline had attempted to use on her was a clever heart-stopper but ultimately was anticlimactic when it was revealed Caroline was fine. Tyler being forced to shift was also a scary moment but ultimately anticlimactic as he didn't really come close to harming anyone at all.

    Overall it felt like there was too much happening and yet too little information. That being said, Rebekah was a fantastic player in this episode and it was great to see her back in action. It was also very interesting to see how the characters and teams split up and reassambled in various ways. The race is now on to get to the cure and Silas- this mysterious Silas who as it seems isn't just a mere legend. Bonnie is still under Professor Shady's grip which could lead down interesting paths, and the introduction of her father might be an other valuable element still. Jeremy's spiral in to darkness is something to watch for. No sign of Hayley in this episode - she probably headed for the hills or a safe hideout while waiting for things to blow over because she has too little friends and too many foes at this point but I know we haven't seen the last of her, especially after Shane told her Silas could bring them back. Which after what he mentioned in this episode makes me wonder if they weren't amongst the victims of one of the ritualistic sacrifices.

    All in all not the best standalone episode out there but certainly a good build up for things to come.
  • Perfect

    i love it!
  • Terrible. Just terrible. **Spoilers**

    I am so sick of the Elena, Stephan, Damon dynamic and that's all this episode was. Rebecca is an ancient original vampire and yet she has nothing better to do than kidnap people and force them to talk about their feels? Seriously? When she was first introduced she was such a bad-ass character. And remember how she figured out Stephan was lying about loving her? Remember how her brother said she had a uncanny knack for figuring those things out? Whatever happened to that?

    Mayor Lockwood gets killed and the reactions were underwhelming to say the least. I've wanted Elana and Damon to get together forever, and yet when they finally do its because of mind-rape. Seriously, this whole sire-bond thing is creeping me out. "Come to me". Seriously Damon? And I know Damon's morality is ambiguous, but suddenly he's down with turning a bunch of innocent people into vampires just so Jeremy can kill them? Whatever. And can somebody PLEASE kill April already? She's come so close so many times.

    Literally the only reason I gave this any stars was because I liked the Jeremy scenes. This had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that his bulging biceps were prominently displayed.
  • You are compelled !

    Tragic overuse of the that phrase
  • Curious how the story (& loves) continues/developes!!

    I feel bad for Stefan! I know a lot of viewers wants Elena & Damon to be together. And for the first time (since this episode) I hope they will. Not because I wish them together, but because Stefan deserves so much better than Elena en Damon, his so called brother! Sorry for saying this, first Katherine and now Elena? I see a pattern .. And of course you don't choose the way you feel. But still .. don't get me wrong, Damon may be right for Elena, but just the way how it happened, is it real? It looks that way, but who knows? I hope Stefan finally be with someone who loves him for real!!! I love how Caroline tried to protect Stefan when Rebekah compelled Elena to say the truth! And then comforts Tyler! Aah!! Cute! Anyway .. there is by the way a new love perhaps? Rebekah and Stefan? Stefan needs to get his act together, he's such a softie when it concerns Elena, but not anymore. Not after the truth. Can't wait to see what happens next with Stefan, Rebeka, Klaus etc. Bring it on!! Next on The Vampire Diaries!!! #great show!!
  • After-the-episode-review.

    We start with a wake for Mrs. Lockwood, and the -- not at all -- shocking announcement that Bonnie's father was taking over the position of Mystic Falls mayor If I were him, I'd be afraid, after all, Mr. Lockwood ended up burned, literally, and Carol got drowned, also, Liz filled him in with all the dirt of the city, that must've cost him some time. Well, his back to town wasn't so pleasant for Bonnie, who ended up telling all her problems to Shane, who, actually, didn't seem much on page with her and rather interested in the cure and in giving her a human-bone-made necklace, that I'm pretty sure it has something to do with that dark magic called expression. I'm a bit lost when it comes to this entire Shane plot, because season four started getting confusing at some point, but I'm pretty sure Bonnie's in the danger? I really don't know. All I know is that Rebekah is back, and she's ready for some revenge. At the beginning at the episode, I thought the whole hour would continue in the boring dynamic it built at first, with Rebekah compelling and playing them around to get some answers (producer's way to fill the audience in with everything) but then the games got worst. She made Elena confess how she felt to Stefan, praising Paul Wesley's acting when Stefan found out Elena actually loved Damon, and Elena did. She also put a plan in motion so she and her brother Kol could find out where the cure was, and Kol kidnapped Shane. So, apparently, Shane can't be kidnapped, so they started torturing him. Bonnie, who'd seen her bf get kidnapped went straight back to high school (because... it's of course the best place in the world to practice magic, compel vampires and release werewolves around the to make some magic to protect him. Kol tried to get some answers out of Shane, but got none; also, Kol knows some stuff about Silas, but he didn't feel like sharing, but we found out it was rather creepy, because he preferred to ruin their chance of finding the cure by taking Shane down than letting him led them to the cure and release Silas. Rebekah found this crazy. But what really was crazy was, while making the spell to protect Shane, Bonnie crossed some of her "voo-doo wires" (says Damon) and ended up linking Shane to April, and as Shane drowned, so did April, but no one cared, and also, when Shane "died" April "died" as well. But Stefan fed her blood and Bonnie's spell protected Shane from dying. Meanwhile all this craziness was happening, Elena and Stefan were exchanging feelings, telling each other how they really felt, Tyler was dealing -- badly, as expected -- with his mother's death, and, forced by Rebekah, turned into a werewolf and chased his friends on his high school's corridors and Bonnie was curious about the path she was about to take. Speaking of solving its mysteries, this episode did some: Shane really did blow up the council because he does want to wake up Silas, and nothing will stop him, Bonnie's also involved in all this mess, and now that her father has been added to the equation, this can lead to a very nice development if the show knows how to play it (specially after the ending, when April blabbed everything, to Liz and the new Mayor, about Shane blowing up the council). Also, Stelena had a REAL breakup this episode, with Stefan asking Rebekah to erase everything to his mind, that leading us to conclude he really is in deep pain. Of course Rebekah didn't. But I believe it was, indeed, a real end in this story. Stefan now's grudging over it, and teaming up with Rebekah to find the cure, but he won't bother Elena anymore, and Elena can finally be with Damon... Even though I'm a huge Stelena fan, I hope it stays like this for a good time. They gave it a closure, so leave it like this.

    Meanwhile, Jeremy was still learning how to kill vampires, slowly, as Damon wasn't being of much help. But Klaus sped up things a bit, and in the end we had a pretty good cliffhanger featuring a bar with eleven or ten transitioning vampires, that Jeremy has to kill. The promo had a good hype, so I'm anxious for next week. (Zach Roering also stars, but... EXACTLY!).

    Summoning up, great episode, great return, cheesy at times, but I just have to admit that my favorite shows follows this path every now and then. I'm REALLY looking forward for the cure plot, and the alliances it has been forming, as well as Jeremy's backstory, his relationship with Bonnie, hers with Shane and his with Silas. TVD's building up climax just like it did back in Season 2, and I love it! Can't wait for next week. IF YOU WERE HERE BESIDE ME, INSTEAD OF IN NEW YORK... I love when they play Snow Patrol songs ;) Their music crew, oh, this one, never ever disappoints.
  • after school special

    After School Special was a phenomenal and very entertaining episode of the Vampire Diaries and I really enjoyed watching because there was lots of character and plot development. there were many intriguing scenes and dramatic Revelations and it was awesome watching how everything what is coming together. it was great to see the return of Rebekah and how she held in after school get together was superb. I couldn't believe everything that happened. I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!
  • I ship Delena!

    Great episode!!

    It's about time Elena freed herself from Stefan's boring clutches. The show tries to convince us that Stefan is a "hawt-e" (Bonnie's words, not mine) but I just don't see it. He's slightly below average at best.

    I'm also tired of Stefan acting like he's the second coming of Mother Teresa. SO honourable, SO chivalrous, SO mature. PLEASE. To be honest, I felt a sort of savage pleasure to watch Elena straight up telling Stefan she didn't love him anymore. Let's hope that isn't the sire bond talking!

    And Rebekah's back!!!! YAY. Love her. Love Klaus too but hate him a lil bit for daggering her all the time. haha. Typical Klaus.

    And when did Steve McQueen get so buff? Somehow, it only makes him look worse. He looks like a hairless chicken. Also, he frequently puts on a deep voice which is pathetic.

    As for Tyler, he stupidly went ahead and did whatever Hayley told him to do for no apparent reason and look what happened. Klaus killed his mom. It's sad that Carol Lockwood had to die. She was a good character but I see why Klaus had to do just that. He's Klaus! He's not going to stand by while Dimwit Tyler runs about unsiring his hybrids for no reason without some major payback! Especially now that he can't even use Elena's blood to make more hybrids.
  • so it begins again

    Oh boy, I'm so happy the break is over and TVD is back, got immediatly hooked again! Really missed it. Still devastated Price Peterson won't do no photorecaps anymore, feels like something is missing after watching an episode.

    Loved how they filled in Stefan (and us, the audience) about Elena's feelings and thoughts about Damon (and Stefan). It's like a fresh start now. And I really did like Elena's call and telling Damon how she feels. Hope she'll get to the lakehouse (but I'm a bit worried something will happen/prevent this - can't suddenly be so easy for these two to get together).

    Felt sad for Tyler. Loved Klaus and Rebekah. Missed Klaroline scenes. Was surprised April seems to have sort of a plan (and purpose) now.
  • The War is ON!

    Wow I really loved this episode, it really ramped up the stakes and drama!

    Seeing Bonnie's new type of magic in action was really cool.

    I'm crazily happy about the progress Damon and Elena made, I have a feeling it's going to be slow going but I'm really excited to see some more Delena sexy times!

    Poor Tyler I just wanted to give him a hug the entire episode it was so hard to see him in such pain!

    I LOVED having Rebekah back! She is so devilishly fun!

    I'm still not sold on Professor Shane but he's slowly growing on me, seeing him semi-geek out about Rebekah and Kol was pretty cute.

    Stelena seems officially dead and I gotta admit I'm kinda sad still I think their relationship ultimately ran it's course, despite that I couldn't help but feel extremely horrible for Stefan after Rebekah offered to compel him to entirely forget Elena.

    I'm super excited to see who gets the Cure first, if Jeremy can get a handle on his Hunter powers and if this mysterious Cylus is real and when he will appear, also if Delena can finally be happy.

    Next week can't come fast enough for me!

    ok this episode was one of the best and most bittersweet episodes of TVD for me...

    I thought it was a bit weird that Rebecca was actually forcing Stefan and Elena to admit their feelings but it was about time that we also learned the truth.

    the only thing that I didn't like was that just when I started feeling excited about damon and elena (Im team Delena) they first ruined it with the whole sire-bond thing and now Stefan had to be totally heart broken and that made me feel bad for him...

    And like he is gonna make a team with Rebecca now???what the hell is that??..

    I hope he does not turn into his "ripper" personality because of his anger and his sorrow..

    Anyway it was a brilliant episode and I hope they keep it up like that. :))
  • The Originals re-discover they're awesome

    For one joyous moment I thought the season's most irritating characters -- April and Shane -- were both dead at the hands of two of my favorite characters, but nah, stupid Bonnie had to interfere as usual and ruin all the fun for TVD viewers. At least Stefan looks like he might once again become interesting (funny how he's only interesting when he's working with Rebekah or Klaus; he's not interesting in the least on his own). And at least the Originals have finally remembered they can compel other vampires - nice to see them finally remembering they're badasses.
  • Go Delena!

    Watch This EPisode here-> http://tinyurl DOT com/bhw3tmy

    Watch This EPisode here-> http://tinyurl . com/bhw3tmy


    Errico Interesting to see how Stefan handles getting his heart broken, he wants to throw everything away just like that! Brutal. I felt bad that he had to hear the truth like that, but Elena was compelled. It hurts, but he and Elena were broken up so he shouldn't expect Elena to still love him. She fell out of love with him because he wasn't accepting who she was. You love the person that makes you happy to be alive, and that is Damon! He loves her no matter what, that is true love! Go Delena!!
  • is not a dirty word

    I loved that Rebecca finally stopped letting people walk all over her. I don't care about the love triangle because Elena annoys me (perhaps more than another fang banger we know -- rhymes with Ella-- but definitely not less). I think if Damon was there, she would get served, but only the weaker characters were there. I will miss the recaps but yay for rebecca-lol the title of my post was auto edited took out c. ... T