The Vampire Diaries

Season 4 Episode 10

After School Special

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 17, 2013 on The CW

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    We start with a wake for Mrs. Lockwood, and the -- not at all -- shocking announcement that Bonnie's father was taking over the position of Mystic Falls mayor If I were him, I'd be afraid, after all, Mr. Lockwood ended up burned, literally, and Carol got drowned, also, Liz filled him in with all the dirt of the city, that must've cost him some time. Well, his back to town wasn't so pleasant for Bonnie, who ended up telling all her problems to Shane, who, actually, didn't seem much on page with her and rather interested in the cure and in giving her a human-bone-made necklace, that I'm pretty sure it has something to do with that dark magic called expression. I'm a bit lost when it comes to this entire Shane plot, because season four started getting confusing at some point, but I'm pretty sure Bonnie's in the danger? I really don't know. All I know is that Rebekah is back, and she's ready for some revenge. At the beginning at the episode, I thought the whole hour would continue in the boring dynamic it built at first, with Rebekah compelling and playing them around to get some answers (producer's way to fill the audience in with everything) but then the games got worst. She made Elena confess how she felt to Stefan, praising Paul Wesley's acting when Stefan found out Elena actually loved Damon, and Elena did. She also put a plan in motion so she and her brother Kol could find out where the cure was, and Kol kidnapped Shane. So, apparently, Shane can't be kidnapped, so they started torturing him. Bonnie, who'd seen her bf get kidnapped went straight back to high school (because... it's of course the best place in the world to practice magic, compel vampires and release werewolves around the to make some magic to protect him. Kol tried to get some answers out of Shane, but got none; also, Kol knows some stuff about Silas, but he didn't feel like sharing, but we found out it was rather creepy, because he preferred to ruin their chance of finding the cure by taking Shane down than letting him led them to the cure and release Silas. Rebekah found this crazy. But what really was crazy was, while making the spell to protect Shane, Bonnie crossed some of her "voo-doo wires" (says Damon) and ended up linking Shane to April, and as Shane drowned, so did April, but no one cared, and also, when Shane "died" April "died" as well. But Stefan fed her blood and Bonnie's spell protected Shane from dying. Meanwhile all this craziness was happening, Elena and Stefan were exchanging feelings, telling each other how they really felt, Tyler was dealing -- badly, as expected -- with his mother's death, and, forced by Rebekah, turned into a werewolf and chased his friends on his high school's corridors and Bonnie was curious about the path she was about to take. Speaking of solving its mysteries, this episode did some: Shane really did blow up the council because he does want to wake up Silas, and nothing will stop him, Bonnie's also involved in all this mess, and now that her father has been added to the equation, this can lead to a very nice development if the show knows how to play it (specially after the ending, when April blabbed everything, to Liz and the new Mayor, about Shane blowing up the council). Also, Stelena had a REAL breakup this episode, with Stefan asking Rebekah to erase everything to his mind, that leading us to conclude he really is in deep pain. Of course Rebekah didn't. But I believe it was, indeed, a real end in this story. Stefan now's grudging over it, and teaming up with Rebekah to find the cure, but he won't bother Elena anymore, and Elena can finally be with Damon... Even though I'm a huge Stelena fan, I hope it stays like this for a good time. They gave it a closure, so leave it like this.

    Meanwhile, Jeremy was still learning how to kill vampires, slowly, as Damon wasn't being of much help. But Klaus sped up things a bit, and in the end we had a pretty good cliffhanger featuring a bar with eleven or ten transitioning vampires, that Jeremy has to kill. The promo had a good hype, so I'm anxious for next week. (Zach Roering also stars, but... EXACTLY!).

    Summoning up, great episode, great return, cheesy at times, but I just have to admit that my favorite shows follows this path every now and then. I'm REALLY looking forward for the cure plot, and the alliances it has been forming, as well as Jeremy's backstory, his relationship with Bonnie, hers with Shane and his with Silas. TVD's building up climax just like it did back in Season 2, and I love it! Can't wait for next week. IF YOU WERE HERE BESIDE ME, INSTEAD OF IN NEW YORK... I love when they play Snow Patrol songs ;) Their music crew, oh, this one, never ever disappoints.