The Vampire Diaries

Season 3 Episode 15

All My Children

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 16, 2012 on The CW

Episode Recap

Elijah takes Elena to the woods on the pretense that he's going to show her how the originals used to live there. Instead, he takes her hostage and buries her in the ground in order to blackmail the Salvatore brothers into stopping Esther from killing him and his siblings. Rebekah's there on orders to kill Elena should she try to escape.

Damon isn't sure how to kill a thousand-year-old witch. He and his brother conclude that they have to break the bloodline in order to stop Esther's wicked spell, which means they'll have to kill either Bonnie or Abby. But Elena would never forgive them for that, so they keep plotting until the realize that Klaus wasn't affected when Alaric stabbed Kol. Then Rebekah makes matters more urgent by insisting they immediately tell her where Esther is or she'll kill Elena.

Realizing they need to act fast, they decide to go back to the original plan. The brother flip a coin to see who has to do the deed, and Damon wins (or loses, as the case may be). He ends up turning Abby into a Vampire. Though this act does sever the bloodline, Elena won't be able to forgive Damon. Now Stafan has a chance with Elena, and Damon consoles himself by saying he's better at being the bad guy anyway.

All the originals flee after realizing the spell was broken, save for Rebekah and Klaus. Elijah apologizes to Elena. But Rebekah lets Klaus in on a discovery. There's a new white oak that could destroy them, so they're not entirely in the clear.

Meredith brings Ric home to help him recover. While there Meredith catches him finding the medical records along with the weapon that Gilbert supposedly used to kill Bill and Brian and almost him, and then shoots him. But is Ric really dead?