The Vampire Diaries

Season 3 Episode 15

All My Children

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 16, 2012 on The CW

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  • Superb (Spoilers)

    This entire episode was a serious emotional roller coaster! After everything that's happened I've come to like a few of the originals a lot and now I find myself concerned at their possible departure! I can't imagine this series without Rebekah or Elijah or most of all Klaus anymore. I seriously hope their demise is not what the writers have planned for us. But either way, this is so intense!

    On other events, Damon took one for the Salvatore team by sticking it to Bonnie's mom and sorta indulging in a little self-destructive behavior by sabotaging his chances with Elena when he spent the night with Rebekah. Although, Elena can hardly blame him for that and she really has no right to be upset after the way she rejected him and, aside from that, practically begged Stefan to come back. What's next for Damon and Elena? Or Stefan and Elena for that matter?

    Caroline seems to have done irrevocable damage to her almost non-relationship with Klaus. I hope we haven't seen the last of those two!

    And last but certainly not least, it turns out that I was right about Fell. She's a psycho killer and now Alaric got a first-hand taste of that. Wow, what an episode!
  • Ending The Triangle Or Ending The Show

    At first it was the classic ingridient, The triangle drama and other stuff. but now its time to end it, if this show is gonna go on, the triangle must end and she must choose, the other must find another meaning or/and die. thats just how it is
  • all my children

    that was an amazing episode

    i mean all the emotion and all that revenge

    it was epic i think it was one of the most amazing episodes of vampire diaries
  • Stefan and Damon: Seek & Destroy!

    Given the serialized nature of The Vampire Diaries, the writers cannot afford the luxury of a stand-alone story, and must continue to bleed each episode into one another even when they have very little to run on, like with this episode. We have characters literally stalling the plot in this instance, some incredibly underwritten scenes, and a final scene I wouldn't even class as a couch-hanger, let alone a cliff.

    My main gripe with this episode is that it aims for finale-worthy fireworks, in terms of story, but who are they kidding? We have more than our fair share of waiting before that comes around, so Esther's spell was never going to work. Elena was never really in any trouble. Abbey was such a non-character that her transformation was welcomed rather than something to sympathize with Bonnie over.

    So what actually transpired that has any knock-on effect? Klaus and his siblings know that their mother wants to take 'em out wiccan style. Alaric is shot off-screen so therefore he's PERFECTLY fine. Annnd Bonnie doesn't want to speak with Elena. Fair enough.

    Just a few bite-size thoughts on the rest of the episode:

    - This is the episode that Caroline was to Klaus: one giant distraction.

    - It's just so typical of Elena to gain a conscience AFTER she went through with Esther's binding spell. Uh. I kind of wanted Rebekah to set her on fire this week

    - Speaking of Rebekah, she looked fab! New hair? I guess that's what happens after you have a rough and tumble with Damon.

    - And speaking of Elena, when she finally made it to the anti-vamp chamber, I was dying for her to show Rebekah a bit of sass. Anything, really. A cheeky smile. The middle finger. ANYTHING. ''No Vampires Allowed'' in the most monotonous voice ever, Bella would have given off more sass. Poor show, Elena.

    - Caroline also had amazeball hair this week.

    - When Alaric stabbed Cole I thought the episode finally grew a pair (and I got great flashbacks to Alaric stabbing Elijah last season) but things quickly fizzled out. Le sigh.

    - Seeing Klaus acting like a little schoolboy over Caroline kind of creeps me out.

    - Holding Elena hostage is getting reeaaaallly old. Can she get a superpower, or something? I want a lead female to root for, so that the inner teenage fangirl in me has someone to look up to.

    - Bonnie has literally lost all of her family now. I will eat my hat if she doesn't meet the reaper this season. (Or turn Evil.)

    Yawwwn, I guess. This one felt a little pointless in the grand scheme of things. At least everyone had great hair?

  • All My Children

    All My Children was a perfect and very entertaining episode of The Vampire Diaries and I really enjoyed watching because Esther's plans were coming together utilizing Abby and Bonnie along with their ancestors, Elijah figures out the truth from Elena, and Damon takes action to save Elena. There was action, drama, intrigue as well as great character and plot development. There was some suspense, and I liked how things played out, though I kind of wish there would have been more to it. The twists at the end seemed a little to convenient but they were well executed. I'm glad that certain characters will be around longer, though one may not be. I certainly look forward to finding out what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Incredible way to keep us waiting until March 15th!

    This episode was wonderful! I loved getting to know more about the Originals, it was great to see them interacting like a true family.

    Damon he just cannot catch a break I really hope he isn't doomed to be the "bad guy" forever! Elena PLEASE JUST PICK SOMEONE!! I am getting so TIRED of this triangle already!

    Esther is one badass witch and I hope she comes back, she was truly amazing!

    I loved Klaus, and Kol's night on the town LOL!

    I also adored Caroline's "bait" role with Klaus so hot and clever at the same time, it was really cool seeing Klaus flirt with her! I truly hope that they can get together because it would be SO awesome!

    Poor Bonnie how much loss can that girl take?!

    The same goes 4 Alaric I really hope nothing bad happens to that man! I mean god how many more "second chances" can he get, and once again it seems that his choice of women is awful!!