The Vampire Diaries

Season 4 Episode 18

American Gothic

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 28, 2013 on The CW

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  • Who is that bitch?

    Seriously, I hate the bad Elena!!! She totally needs to take the cure, I can't stand this character anymore!

    I love Klaroline moments, Klaus and Karoline were made for each other!

    Kathrine and Elaija together??? Oh I wanna see this happening!
  • one of the best TVD episodes

    Positively one of the best TVD episodes. so much character development for Kat, Elijah,Klaus and Rebecca. Nina dobrev was AMAZING, she played 3 characters here, "Kat, dark Elena, and Elena trying to be kat. people complaining about no action , HELLO?? TVD neva has any physical action. its all about the intense moments and dialogue, and this episode amazed. hope this isn't the last we see of KAT and Dark Elena.

    however!!! NO BONNIE again WTF??, why do they not care about this Character?, its messed up!, maybe its because she's the only visible minority character too that i feel this stinge more than everybody else. but i have come to notice a general disregard of African american characters throughout the CW shows. i honestly think they should right her OFF if they don't care about her this much. Kat graham is a beautiful talented actress whose character is always the "Key" to ALL their storylines and yet she can't even have a descent backstory, love story or crisis of conscious story. its dispicable TVD
  • American Gothic

    Definitely one of the seasons best episode with great scenes between Klaus and Caroline, the doppelganger duo with rebecca as a special touch on the caking and Elijah is back, one of my favorite characters of the show. This show was awesome and the ending was even more amazing! I love the new bad-ass Elena. :)

  • American Gothic

    American Gothic was a perfect and very entertaining episode of The Vampire Diaries. I really enjoyed watching because the story was well written and full of character development. I loved how Elena and Rebekah made Katherine comply to their demands. Itwas awesome when Elena took Katherine's place to meet an important friend. Klaus has major problems and Caroline played a great part in helping her. Katherine was genius as usual. Nina was magnificent in both roles. I liked the ending and how everything played out. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • still no

    not bad ep

    Wooooooooo***wwww with all my powers of prediction I have to admit I didn't see that coming. First of all it's actually nice to see e really good and sensible member of this horrible family ( I love Elijah) but at the same time he kinda disappointed me because he is usually more intelligent and smart than this. PLEASE........ Did he really buy Katherine's story, he should learn fron the experts (Stefan and the way it was obvious that Katherine had a back-up plan but fake cure well that was off my limits I must at this point I must definitely comment on Klaus and Caroline's bleeding scene cause even if she wanna persuade herself that she wants Tyler , all funs know the truth. At last Klaus showed a little gratitude but how long it will last? I fear for the worst for this upcoming brother to brother reunion (Klaus and Elijah) because it might cause a collateral damage. Anyway it was a quite well structure scenario and keep going on like that we really die for actual suspense.
  • The Cure Remains Out Of Their Grasp

    I loved this episode!

    It was so awesome to see Katherine, Rebekah and Elena interact, I loved seeing Katherine back into the fold after so long not seeing her and not knowing what she was up too!

    I am so loving Humanity-free Elena she is just so ruthless in some ways I think more ruthless that Katherine ever was/is!

    It was also great seeing Katherine I think finally sort-of realize the error of her ways I hope she comes back soon it was such a trip having in this episode!

    Elijah is back as well oh how I've missed that noble and honorable vamp it was such a fantastic treat seeing how different he acted with both Elena and Katherine!

    Once again just when we think the Cure is gone it isn't! I felt so bad for Rebekah when she realized she was still human, it was also incredibly heartbreaking to see her so close to getting the Cure and once again it was wrenched away from her!

    Stefan and Damon teaming up on the road was so amazing anytime we see those brother's bond is always awesome!

    The Silas Klaus and Caroline arc was another major highlight for me in this episode, Silas it seems is WAY more powerful that even Klaus can be affected by him so cool! I can't wait to learn more about Silas in the new episodes!

    Caroline striking a deal with Klaus was really great, seeing him shirtless for the whole of the episode wasn't bad either also it was kinda nice to once again see him knocked down a peg and getting a taste of the pain he has caused the Mystic Falls Gang! )\

    Watching Elena in the last scene was wonderful she is really not making things easy for the brother's and I am crazy excited to see just how deadly she is gonna get!

    April 18th can't come fast enough!
  • Links

    Anyone have any links to watch this online for free?
  • vampire

    Its good. What happen to episode 19.
  • vampir diares