The Vampire Diaries

Season 2 Episode 22

As I Lay Dying

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 12, 2011 on The CW

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  • Getting worse

    This show used to be pretty good but now it's wired,sorry fans of the show but that's just my opinion
  • My Favorite so far...

    I have been dying to see Damon get a chance!! When i think about my favorite episode, its this one and the touching moment between Elaina and Damon... Made me love Damon even more than I already did.... I think this will be tricky! Even as season 3 unfolds... there has always been that tension and build up between Damon and Elaina... I don't know how this will all play out because random things keep happening!!! Just gotta say, I was liking Tyler more... hope he doesn't turn back into an ass for too long lol :)... GO DAMON GO!!!
  • Everything is going in the wrong direction.

    Well, I don't know what this show is aiming at. At first we see almost everybody killed or turned into a vampire and now everybody is being resurrected and/or raised from the dead. I like the show but the first season had an interesting link between supernatural beings and regular humans showing the good nature of humans and the urge of supernaturals looking for it even they had lost it. Currently it is more of supernaturals being the supernaturals and I don't think this is what will make this show last another season. Too many twists, strange occurences and creation of beings that are literaly immortal makes everything too complicated and can become a paradox of things that only writers can deal with. Unfortunately for them, the next season could be their last.

    I think that grande finale went completely in a wrong direction. It should have been Stefan lying their dying while Damon should have been making the deal with Claus. Thus, the humanity factor and the fundaments of everything what was created during the first season wouldn't have been broken. Damon still would have been the bad one while making the deal for Elena what would have made him the good one. Currently we are more than confused and some of us might even feel a bit offended by the tricks writers pulled at us.
  • I couldn't believe how absolutely romantic, infuriating, and suspense filled this episode turned out to be! Not at all what I was expecting.

    After the previous episode I thought that it should have probably been the finale. After all who doesn't love a good cliff hanger? And as far as cliff hangers go, you couldn't have gotten a better cliff hanger than if they had left Damon on his death bed. Speaking of death bed, there was something about the purity and honesty that Damon and Elaina shared on his death bed that made the episode on of the best of the season. I really thought that the show would end with Katherine running out the door with the cure Damon needed would be the end of the season. Because as most fans know almost every episode leaves you wanting more. They love their cliff hangers, but honestly I loved the idea that it gave you a little taste of what is to come next season. Yes; the possibility that Stefan will leave Mystic Falls is a bit of a cliff hanger. And the fact that Jeremy can see dead people is cool. I can't wait until next season.
    Have a great vacation Vampire Diaries I will miss you. (Well maybe not; I am already order this Season on DVD.)
  • Are Damon and Stefan switching places?!

    Finally the love triangle that all the promo pictures for this show have been hinting has kicked into gear. Up until now it's just been Stefan and Elena doing their thing and Damon on the outside looking in. But now Elena and Damon may have a legitimate chance at something, what with Stefan backsliding into his old ways and all. I feel bad for him and all, but he's kind of predictable and boring right now. Now things can get interesting!

    I predict that the boys will be switching places in the season to come. Stefan will explore his dark side (and rack up some more "I have a dark and terrible past" points), while Damon will finally come to terms with his evil deeds and let Elena reform him - wink wink nudge nudge!

    And Little Bro' is seeing ghosts?! I'm glad to see Vicky back though. I always thought they should have kept her on the show as a vampire, just to make life interesting. Speaking of which, I hope we haven't seen the last of Katherine. The show needs Elena's evil twin to keep the main characters on their toes.
  • Good episode but somewhat weak season finale

    I wasn't expecting far too much from this episode given how dark and game-changing the previous one was but I feel despite low expectations, they handled it well.

    The episode starts off with Damon attempting suicide by trying to "meet the sun". Stefan saves him, locks him up in the cage, and breaks the news to everyone. Alaric is put on guard duty while Stefan goes to Klaus or rather, in this case"he who defies nature"(note that they don't exactly say this) for help. Klaus' blood is the cure for a werewolf bite. But Klaus wants a bit of quid pro quo in return for playing god with Damon. Thus, Stefan offers himself to Klaus and we get the cure. To spice things up, there is a subplot involving Sheriff Forbes killing Jeremy in a misguided attempt to save the town from Damon and Bonnie bringing him back all "wrong". What I like about this episode is that it quickly answered all the problems that would've been left hanging from the previous episode, like how Bonnie can no longer use the witches' power and Alaric's reaction to Jenna's death. (rant:note that the dagger was fatal to "vampires", not "all supernatural beings"). There would've been so many cheesier ways the werewolf bite situation could've been resolved like some kind of miracle cure in the Gilbert journals, Elijah's elixir, turning Damon into a human, a random healing spell, a random resurrection spell, and so on. But the cure not only made some amount of sense but also came at a price. Nobody doubted Damon's survival but the "how" was pretty satisfying. This cure didn't undermine the value of the bite(important for Tyler and Caroline's relationship)(rant: I am annoyed by the sheer number of people calling it a waste of time to focus on the attempts to save Damon. "We" know he's not gonna die, but do the characters know? That aside, I really wish they give Elena a significant subplot. This entire resurrection subplot with Jeremy should've, IMO, been given to her instead. We have Bonnie's character to expand, we have Jeremy's new"I see dead people" subplot, Alaric's relationship with Damon and the Gilbert siblings, the emergence of Stefan's "dark side", the ever unpredictable Damon and whatever changes this entire emotional journey has brought his character, Sheriff Forbes' character arc as she makes peace with the supernatural, whatever Matt gets, the Originals, and Tyler and Caroline's newfound "forbidden love" while all Elena gets is "Stefan dumped me")

    Overall, while not the best of season finale, it does open up new plot bunnies and builds up the necessary anticipation for the next season.

    My score-7.5/10
  • It gets your heart racing.

    With the second season finale suddenly the fan base gets separated into two groups yet again. This time it's not about romantic love interests for the female lead but about whether we are ready to go along with whatever comes next. It's not an easy decision. The Vampire Diaries has delivered a powerful season with highly addictive twists and pace and lovable characters. The finale makes good use of that as we shy away from curses and sacrifice rituals. Suddenly we are going back to the roots. I love Shakespearean settings and Stefan sacrificing everything to safe his brother feels like that. Not only is the twist of him getting back to his bad roots one that has been in the making for quite some time, it's also a welcome character development that sees the always justified boyfriend turn into a true bad *ss. Even more dramatic is that in the final minutes of the episode, the faith of Damon is put in the hands of Katherine. Not that for a second I thought the show could get rid of the ultimate baddie but as far as summer breaks go, I wasn't going to spend it wondering what would become of Katherine or Damon. Instead there was a lot of closure in terms of other episodes. Caroline reuniting with her mom was lovely, only because it's Caroline and she deserves every good thing, not because Sheriff Forbes should be allowed near a gun. Jenna was remembered briefly but Alaric seems to have taken over the role of custodian of the week in the Gilbert mansion. Oh and the entire town got their weird fetish for dressing up 19th century style out and about. But forget predictable stories, Damon and Elena shared an honest kiss. I actually didn't see it coming since I thought it was a bridge Elena wasn't willing to cross. Seeing that she did, there might be something more there. Who knows? Who cares? Jeremy is seeing ghosts! I really hoped that they wouldn't turn him into a vampire or something like that. Instead, Jeremy gets an entire power of his own. Excitement doesn't come close to the expectations I have for next year.
  • Season's three 40:00 min-long promo!

    WOW that was INCREDIBLE.
    Let's start:
    It was clear that season's 2 true ending happened last week. The main story-lines where closed and that was when important characters left us *RIP aunt Jenna and uncle/dad John*

    This week had an interely different dynamic and it was very moving. Like last season finale, some characters (tyler, Matt and even Caroline) weren't so much in focus in order to get the episode moving. And this time, this episode was all about making us see consequences of S2 and how are they going to define S3.
    Klaus killed Elijah but we all know he's going to go back to life, just like his entire family.
    We got to know Klaus wanted to keep Stefan's company. Just not that Stefan we use to know.
    That Stefan who's moved by his vampire cravings.
    I gotta say it will be so good if the writers show us this side of him for some time ( not just one episode or so). It's good to see other sides of characters, it always provides character development. And, seriously, people will stop thinking that Stefan is this perfect prince when he clearly isn't(no one should be).
    -PS> it was very noble of him to give up everything for his brother! AT the same time, I loved how damon finally admited it was all his fault( being a vampire, love triangles with kat...) and how he admited he had done to many bad things... and how he wanted elena to tell stefan he was sorry! It was a great episode for the salvatore brothers :D
    2)Jeremy sees dead people which means anna will be back! Thank you writers!
    (and not only that, I'm guessing that any character will be able to go back now! yay --> obviously not like before but, it's better than nothing!)

    3) Liz accepted Caroline (or so it looked like).
    will she help her fight bad vampires/werewolves/whatever next season?

    4) Damon and Elena
    Can't describe how much their scenes made me happy!
    I loved how they were more sweet other than passionate because it wouldn't match the episode or season for that matter!
    That whole conversation and kiss were just the conclusion of everything they've been through and at the same time, are the tip of the iceberg of what's next.
    The way elena said she liked him, hugged him, cryed for him and even kissed him sent mixed emotions to us, viewers, for a reason. It was mixed up for her. Of course she did all that because he was dying( she didn't even want to forgive him before!), but she wouldn't have done any of that if she felt nothing for him. The whole situation forced her to see those feeling and do something about them, even when she probably don't know what they mean. [Besides, if it was all only out of pity, she wouldn't have gotten so embarassed when kat barged in and made ironic comments ;D ]

    well, to sum up: this episode was just a preview of the great things that are waiting for us (like road trips to go after stefan, he and klaus wrecking villages, more salvatore- brothers bonding, old great characters back and, well.... delena :D).
    I definitely liked what I saw XD
  • So so so so so so good!

    So so so so so so good! I mean. I somehow feel as though I were a biased reviewer. You see, my absolute favorite plot lines involve good turning bad and/or bad turning good. (eg. Damon turning good and Stephen turning bad!) AND FINALLY the second half of that "equation" has been written in :DDDD and I couldn't be happier. Next season is going to be one HELL of a sexy season!! I absolutely cannot wait. Bad Stephen is SO much hotter than good Stephen. And Damon will get some potentially sexy alone time with Elena. (Although she'll probably be all pouty and moody at first, crushed by Stephen's leaving her....but she'll get over it)

    Hmmmm I wonder what was up with Jeremy. I was worried at first that his punishment would be something like to come back without a soul or somehow without loving Bonnie or something like that. Thank god it isn't (it seems). Bonnie and Jeremy forever!

    I was a bit bummed to not have seen much Tyler in this ep :( But ah well. I'm sure there will be LOTS of him in the season(s) to come. Anyways, overall I loved loved loved loved loved this ep. Or rather, I loved what it hinted at for next season ;)
  • Disappointing no one died

    Seriously you call this a season finale?, it was very weak, first of all we know he wasn't going to die and what convenient cure . Second of all Stephan is forced to drink blood who saw that coming a mile away than Jermony who has become next ghost whisper 'i can see dead people' oh boy how original.

    Sorry for those of you who actually like this season finale but from my point of view nothing shocking happened.

    On another note why can't none of main character die? it was ok for them kill Jonathan and Jenna because they were secondary character but they don't have guts to kill off a primary character?. If Damon died i would of been satisfied or if Katherine arrived too late?. They had to save him just before he took his last breath If this gets renewed we know what going to happen, Damon will help his brother get off the blood, Jermony will adapt to talking to ghost. They will develop other danger?
  • Getting ready for Season 3.

    This wasn't my favorite episode. As finales go it felt like a wrap-up. They cured Damon, got rid of Stefan for a while and put an end to Elijah for now. Caroline and the sheriff's plotline was wrapped up nicely. All set up for the next season. The rest of the episode was dedicated to adding a little shock. Jeremy getting shot I didn't see coming, but I wasn't concerned that he would stay dead. Every time they bring someone back from the dead or otherwise find a way to save them they cheapen the shock value. And now that Jeremy can see the dead, Jenna will no doubt be making an appearance next season. This bothers me because her death will lose some of it's impact.
    I did like seeing Stefan being unleashed. It will be interesting to see how Damon and Elena get him back to normal, if that will be possible. The Damon and Elena moments were really sweet too. My favorite moment was Alaric giving Jeremy a good ribbing over Bonnie.
  • As I Lay Dying

    As I Lay Dying was a great episode of The Vampire Diaries. I enjoye watching this episode because there was a lot of character and plot development, some action, drama, intrigue, and humor as well as a few touching moments. I thought it was interesting how Klaus decided to give Stefan what he wanted and I can't wait to see where this path leads. Jeremy was at the wrong spot at the wrong time and Bonnie whips up some major mojo to save him. I thought this episode had some good closure as well as opening new doors and raising new questions. I look forward to more Vampire Diaries!!!!!
  • Finally...

    ...the Delena shippers will stop whining! In what it's perhaps the most lackluster episode since they retconned the curse/"invented" the werewpires, the writers caved into the most viral faction of the audience and abused "Gone with the Wind" one last time to manofacture romance for Damon & Elena. Not that their third kiss makes much sense within the storyline, since we all knew Damon was not going to die on account of being a Salvatore, however, now we can all "rejoice in the glow of Delena" and move on to the actual plot.

    Elijah dies because...well, no reason but his death sure makes room for Stefan in Klaus's life, the werewpire being, of course, the only cure to "save" Damon so Katherine carries on with the most contrived part of the episode in order to save a vampire who is not Caroline.

    Speaking of which, blink and you'll miss Caroline make peace with her mother, all over again, over Jeremy's actual death (don't worry, that was not part of the promos either), the only engaging part of the episode begins when the audience is, literally, watching the last Gilbert die - meanwhile his sister is busy making out with her boyfriend's brother - because Sheriff Forbes has just shot a human being, the ultimate conflict played over the few seconds of screentime the episode allows to secondary characters like them.

    Luckily, Bonnie brings him back to life with some eerie and intriguing consequences of its own, consequences that reveal themselves the minute Anna & Vickie say "Hi!" as if they were never staked at all: Jeremy can now see dead people.
  • Better than the previous episodes (spoilers)

    Somewhat confusing episode but a lot better than some of the recent ones.
    Damon - survives the werewolf bite by drinking some of Klaus blood.
    Stephen - sells himself to Klaus for a decade in exchange for Klaus Blood to cure Damon. He's back to drinking human blood.
    Katherine - she is free from Klaus and delivers Klaus blood to Damon then clears out.
    Jeremy - accidently gets shot, dies and is brought back to life by Bonnie BUT he's return to life alos brings back Vicki(who cares) and Anna (yeah Baby).
    Elena - ZZZZZ nothing to report
    Klaus - kills his brother (no surprises) and adds his body to the rest of the family (well he kept his promise he would reunite him with them)

    Because Damon was sick there were no comments to mention. So its onto season 3.
  • WHAT THE...Oh wait. I can't cuss here lol(Spoilers)

    I am going to buy Season 1 and Season 2 on DVD. I usually don't buy dvds of shows show ever.

    Damon's plot pretty much was familiar territory of what we saw with Rose and her bite...Which is fine because it definitely gave Damon A LOT of Character development.

    For those Delena fans, we finally got a kiss from him...He told her he loved her and I almost thought she was going to say it back.

    Of course, in the end....Damon is fine BUT

    Stefan is my least favorite character of the show so I don't care about him. But,His plot is what saves damon....Of course Klaus is the cure...and of course Klaus kills Elijah. Saw that coming a week ago.

    Klaus gives Katherine orders to take the cure to Damon(He already known she was on Vervain) and forces Stefan to drink Human Blood and is now pretty much making Stefan work for him and leave town.

    Looks like Stefan may get more interesting to me...Bad Stefan & Good Damon.

    3)Caroline/Sheriff Forbes
    Their plot is neatly wrapped up....I think Sheriff forbes is finally seeing the error in her ways but before that...

    She shoots Jeremy(accidentally) while trying to shoot Damon. It gave Caroline a chance to have an emotional scene and finally Sheriff forbes is coming around.

    Okay, Jeremy decides to go off and look for Elena(cool, stupid but cool) and thinking he is safe from Magical harm...he gets shot by a human

    Bonnie has to plead with Emily to save him and she does save him...although i thought for a minute there he was really dead.

    So Jeremy is alive....He comes to and goes home and mentions that he feels weird. The episode however ends with Jeremy seeing not one but two of his dead exes...Anna and Vicki...Who were both killed last season.

    Idk what that is going to be but something tells me this will be great.

    A GREAT FINALE...Although it should have been 2 hours and just bumped Nikita to next thursday

    and oh yeah, Katherine is alive still...although according to Klaus...Not much longer. Don't kill
    the best character you have...Not till the end :)
  • Team Damon!!!

    Finally!!! I can't stand stefan!!! im really happy damon is going to get a chance at Elena , he might have started the show off as a real a-hole but he was always real about it unlike stefan who was the butcher of whole towns at one point and tried acting like he was some saint ... I feel that damon deserves a break he loved cathrine and didnt get he and cont. to love her a hundred years later never wavering the same with Elena once he loved her he loved her and that never ended everything he did he did for her
  • confusing but better than last couple episodes.

    well, poor Elijah! I thought he is smarter than Klaus but looks like I was wrong. he pays for his betrayal, seems fair.
    Stephen, a weak brother, always his most brilliant ideas for saving the day was offering himself as a sacrifice. atleast this one was more exciting! he always had problem with his self control. with Katherin, with blood... everytime Katherin was in his dream he gave up Elina easily but Damon let Katherin down times and times in reality! every time he drank human blood his urgent need to kill took his control. by the way, I like Elina with Damon how ever I know they will go for rescue Stephen.
    Damon wolfbite cured with resonable cure. I thought it might be a pretty laim way but I was wrong again!
    I just didn't get it: how did Katherin entered Salvators house with out Elina's invitation? is that because Elina died in last episode? I'm not sure!
    killing Jeremy and magicly bringing him back to life was good idea to keep sherrif from making more troubles or try to kill them all! I hope it worked for her.
    good to see Katherin come for Damon, well, looks like giving Katherin the vervain has a good consequences for Damon altough she never used that!!
    Jeremy, well, I realy wanna know what happend to him and what exactely was those consequences of bringing him back to life. it doesn't look good! but atleast he won't be "nothing" in next season as he was in this one! now he is officially is a supernatural character. it's just Alaric still normal human!
    well, that was a pretty good episode not very good. season 2 was stronger than season one, and I hope the third one be even better.

    Oh, my... Oh, my...
    I don't even know what to say at the moment. I am just in total and complete shock.
    I LOVED "Founder's Day." I thought it was the best, most shocking season finale I had ever seen. But after this... Dude, I'm not so sure. This was intense. I mean, that ending...
    Okay, so let's get started.

    Spoilers included.

    What I Loved:
    1. Anna and Vicki return! Now, I don't know if they'll just be back for an episode or two, but I honestly don't care. I'm just so glad that they're back! I did not see that coming at all. When we saw the back of the woman behind Jeremy first, I thought it would turn out to be Miranda Gilbert and, somehow, Miranda and Grayson would be back (I have a conspiracy theory that they're not actually dead, but I won't get into that now...). But, no. Something a million times better. Vicki and Anna. I was giddy about Vicki, but seeing Anna was just amazing. I just can't even express my happiness right now... If by some small chance you're reading this writers, great job!
    2. Klaus' plan for Stefan. Even though this makes me like super nervous for Stefan and Elena, that's all right. This episode just showed how evil Klaus actually is. He's a scary freaking dude! Obviously I'm not too worried that Elijah will stay dead, seeing as all you have to do is pull the dagger out... but still. When Klaus stabbed him, it was pretty shocking. What a jerk! But back to Stefan, I really liked how the writers showed how much he would sacrifice for his brother. Hopefully Damon returns the favor somehow next season that leads to him being saved.
    3. Jeremy didn't die. Okay, you guys. I'll admit that I was a hundred and ninety percent convinced that he was dead. I thought that the writers had some gruesome plan to kill all of Elena's family members and have her being family-less (Yeah, I realized it isn't a word and I'm fine with that) for season 3. But I'm glad that isn't the case, because that would have just been devastated. I almost lost it when Sheriff Forbes (yes, Price Peterson, she is a dunce!) shot Jeremy. I was just not okay with that and kind of wanted her to get killed a little bit. Sadly, this didn't happen. But I guess it wasn't so sad because there was a nice little reunion between her and Caroline.
    4. The Delena scene in Damon's bedroom. By no means and I am a Delena shipper. In fact, I'm Team Stelena, but this scene was incredibly touching. Especially the little kiss. Obviously, it wasn't a passionate, I need you now kiss... but rather an "I care greatly for you and don't want you to die" kiss. And it was sweet.
    5. Katherine's no longer imprisoned. Thank goodness because that woman has been trapped in places like half the season. Ha-ha.

    What I Didn't Like:
    1. Nobody seemed too devastated by Jenna's death... Didn't this just happen, like, the day before? I would have expected a little bit more devastation... But oh, well.

    This is going to be the longest wait! The longest three months ever. Can't wait for September.

    TTYITM (Talk to you in three months)
  • i chose FAIR coz that was my face as I watched the end of the Season Finale of this show. Love it? Hate it? I don't know.

    okay.. I know there is a strong chance Vampire Diaries will be back for a 3rd season. Why? lets face it, there's a lot of Vampire fans out there and teenage girls with raging hormones. For a Thousand year old vampire Elijah sure was stupid. how in the world did he not know Klaus would do that especially when he had no leverage. yeesh. if Season 3 was coming next month, I'd be like "NICE CLIFFHANGER!" but its not so i'm a little depressed that I won't find out what happens next. So did Jeremy get some mojo witch power? or can he just now see Dead Vampires? Will Stefan now be the ultimate bad guy and Damon our knight in shining Black Armor? and how in the world are we gonna kill Klaus now?!
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