The Vampire Diaries

Season 2 Episode 3

Bad Moon Rising

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 23, 2010 on The CW

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  • Call of the Wild

    Tyler's awakening takes place in a completely different setting than Caroline's, his first full moon, apparently, no more important than a contrived field trip to Duke University Elena takes with Damon because the show chooses to remember she's also the biological daughter of Alaric's wife.

    And so, Stefan stays behind to babysit Damon's baby vampire as his brother wonders off with Elena, the "research" led them to discover that, not only werewolves do exist but, in the realm of this how, their bite is deadly for vampires, before Elena remembers she actually has a boyfriend, Stefan remembers that Bonnie also has powers so she takes upon herself the task to spell a daywalker ring for Caroline - off camera - as "uncle" Stefan takes his vampire niece to the same forest uncle Mason roams around in werewolf form.

    A painful incident involving Matt is the one thing Mason needs to realize his mortal enemies are NOT at bay, so an adrenaline charged race ensues, in which uncle werewolf aims to hunt Caroline until the alpha male of his pack orders him to stop: Tyler has saved Caroline from his own uncle.

    Add one lovely kiss between Jenna & Alaric and one would think everything would be okay in Mystic Falls ...that is, until Caroline wakes up with Katherine Pierce hovering over her bed.
  • Great episode!

    This show get's better and better. First I didn't like it at all, but now it's great. Much better then Twilight. And Elena is so freaking cute!!!

    SPOILER ALERT !In this episode the first wolf show it's true form and it's not huge like in the Twilight movies, in this show they look like real wolfs and by that this show get's extra points. ^^ Plus they are naked when they return to human form. No pants like in other movies. =)

    We also meet some new people that might change the story later on.

    77 words... gahh... oh well I don't know what to say. La la la la la la la la 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,6, 7,8,9,10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20.
  • See Summary

    Bad Moon Rising, the third episode of The Vampire Diaries Second Season, was very alluring and exciting to watch. Perhaps it was Damon's crazy eyes, Caroline's Compulsion, or the Lockwoods mystery unraveling. Bonnie continues to exude a confidence tempered by humility, her Grams would be proud. Stephan could have been a little more agile in the woods, but he continues to charm in a serious manner. Elena is slowly learning more about her origins, and is still the same. Katherine however continues to delight, although she made only a short appearance. I hope to see more of Katherine along with Isobel's Research Assistant. She was very impressive. The Lockwoods mystery is being revealed and I believe we have only glimpsed the begining of what is to come.
  • I absolutely LOVED this episode. Completely breathtaking!

    With 'Brave New World' I felt like all of the good parts were kind of given away in the preview. This was definitely not the case with this episode even though I watched every preview I could find. I like Caroline a lot more as a vampire than as a human even though her neurotic personality is magnified. What can I say I liked the entire episode. There were a lot of Delena moments which I loved. I liked that Damon always steps in to save Elena. And I loved that he was honest with her even though he knew that it would make things worse. I hated that she manipulated him but I also think he kind of deserved it and I'm happy that she didn't forgive him so fast. He needs to learn that actions have consequences and that the bad ones often weigh heavier than the good ones When he accused her of manipulating him I would've answered that she learned it from him. Anyway the Delena moments weren't the only reason I loved the episode. I loved the way Stefan took Caroline under his wing, I think I saw him smile more in one episode than I've seen in the entire last season. I think that the Lockwood history is finally taking form and I love it whereas I found it boring in the beginning. Basically a thrilling episode with good twists and turns.
  • Dramatically Entertaining!

    This was an extremely enjoyable episode. Bad Moon Rising was the perfect combo of drama, suspense, a kind of Elena-Damon resolution and a light touch of humor. I have a new found like for Caroline. She had some killer lines in this episodes. Such as: "So you're saying I'm basically a insecure, necrotic control freak, on crack?" Lines like that were very well timed and made me smile. I also am starting to feel bad for her, she sure has a lot to deal with right now. It's obvious Damon regrets 'killing' Jeremy, maybe not because the act of killing another is wrong, but because he hurt Elena. This maybe because I love Damon so much, but when Elena used him and told his he lost her forever I really though I was uncalled for and cruel. I would have given Damon MAJOR points for honesty! It wasn't easy admitting he didn't see the ring. I mean come on Caroline would have been dead if Damon was set on killing her. I think he's trying to win Elena's friendship back while trying to get over the fact that she doesn't love him, and claims she never will. But other stuff is about to go down!! I doubt Damon is willing to let the fact that a werewolf bite is fatal to vampires go. That should throw a wrench into things. Just as a by the way, have Stefan's eyebrows gotten fuller? I don't know if it was just me but they seemed umm...puffier in this episode. But that's just me.
  • Excellent but absolutely frustrating

    Not one of my favorite episodes probably for the reason that the end was so frustrating. However, there were plenty of scenes strung together to keep you plenty intrigued in this one. First being the trio's awkward car ride to Duke's. Also I was pleased to find that some of our questions regarding Elena's heritage started to shed light. Unfortunately not enough. The entire concept of the "double- curse" still remains a mystery worth solving. Then bring on the wolves! Looks like the vampires have a new problem on their hands with Mr. Mason. Obviously the fact that a mere bite can kill a vamp isn't going to fly well, especially with Damon who loves being top dog. Caroline makes a selfless decision, I guess there's a first for everything. I'm pleased to say that I began to appreciate her character a lot more now that she's vamped out. Can't say the same for Elena. Damon NEVER says he's sorry and she knows better than to not take his word seriously. True, Elena has every right be angry at him, but her cold response was unexpected and totally uncalled for. In fact it was very katherine-like which makes me think that perhaps she pushed Damon away because she fears ending up like her--in love with two Salvatores. Or Perhaps she is trying to push him away because she is afraid to be his friend again, that or she has had past feelings for Damon that she rather keep buried as long as possible. Whatever the reason, Damon's words had clearly hit a sore spot. I can't wait till next week to see how this all unfolds and am especially excited to finally see what Katherine is up too.
  • mason's true colours are revealed, while caroline tries to adapt some survival ways of being a vampire and we see alaric back in the show re kindling his sparks with jenna following the trails of isobel

    The werewolves scene is abit slow to start in this season. I don't get why Trevor didn't transform into into a wolf when full moon was on that night. i feel most of what the show was trying to depict was getting too "slow"... and it wasn't dramatic for me in my personal opinion. It was just another regular episode to spice up the situations for the characters. Another day at work for the actors... I was hoping Damon wouldn't be careless again randomly killing again just because of a girl who let him down. this just shows he's everybit as weak but also as strong and bold as a character. I also thought there was poor acting done when he casually admits that he didn't know Jeremy was wearing the magic ring. He didn't act like he's in remorse for what happen but only spoken those words, what Elena would like to hear from him. I'm glad ELena is not forgiving him but how long will this continue on for? 'til she comes back begging him to help her with an emergency situation again as always. As for Caroline, we are seeing finally some depths into her character. She is getting intense and still learning to harness her cravings as a vampire which she failed miserably again this time by biting Matt. With her insecurities magnified, and kinda being ostracised by Bonnie and breaking up with Matt, she is getting hopeless living as a vampire and this is not a good sign, it makes me wonder how long can she last before she faces bigger consequences leading her to be perished.