The Vampire Diaries

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 21, 2010 on The CW

Episode Recap

Damon rescues Elena from the car accident. Elena reveals she looks like Katherine and faints. Damon carries Elena and walks away from the accident.
Alaric has a flashback of Isobel and how much they loved each other.
Damon drives Elena to Georgia. Damon pulls the car over. Elena's phone starts to ring. Damon answers it and plays with Stefan over the phone. Damon puts the phone down. Elena agrees to go along with Damon so long as he keeps his promise and not to do one of his mind trick
Back at Mystic Falls Alaric searches for his ring in the car and eventually finds it. Stefan asks Bonnie to help him find Elena. Bonnie tries to use her powers but nothing seems to work. Bonnie rushes off feeling anxious.
Elena and Damon try to figure out who the man Elena ran over might be. Damon takes Elena to a bar where he meets Bree his ex-girlfriend. Bree reveals to Elena that Damon went to college with her. Damon wants Bree to help him open the tomb. Only Emily's spell would work.
Grams tries to help Bonnie. She advices that Bonnie should try to unblock her fears. Bonnie goes into the wood and falls down underground.
Stefan calls Elena. She demands to know why she looks like Katherine but Stefan says he has no answers to her questions. Damon listens in on the conversation.
Stefan goes round Bonnie's house. Grams and Stefan shake hands and she reads what his motives are. She gives Stefan a clue to where Bonnie might be. She admits that she trusts that Stefan will keep Bonnie safe. Stefan goes to the wood in search of Bonnie. He scares her accidentally and tells her he will get her out. He asks her to close her eyes. She does that and they both jump out. Bonnie opens her eyes. Bonnie tells Stefan she heard the cries. Stefan reassures Bonnie that they are still trapped.
Jeremy meets a new girl Anna. The literally bump into each other and get talking. They have a conversation on vampires. Anna reveals to Jeremy that her Grandfather had a journal and Jeremy gets intrigued. Jeremy finds it interesting how both their ancestors had journals. Anna invites Jeremy but he declines revealing he had just come out of a relationship.
Elena wants to know if she is a descendant of Katherine's. Damon discloses some facts about vampires not being able to procreate. Elena has a beer. Elena goes outside into the night and receives a call from Aunt Jenna but she gets taken by force by a vampire. Bree asks Damon where his girl went. Damon goes looking for her. Damon follows the tracks and gets ambushed by Lexi's Boyfriend. He hits him and pours gasoline all over Damon. Elena wants to know how he changed into a vampire as Lexi had told her he was human. Elena pleads to him not to kill Damon. He lets Damon go throwing him into a wall.
Bonnie returns home. Grams wants a chat with Stefan. October 1969 was when Stefan met Gram (Sheila). Stefan had trust in Grams and her family to keep his secret. Sheila warns Stefan that that she will protect her own family first before protecting Stefan's secret.
Damon goes to see Bree. She reveals that she is pumped up with vervain that the tomb can be open if Damon finds the book. He kills Bree.
Elena is back in Mystic Falls in Stefan's home. She demands the truth. She wants to know everything. Stefan discloses the real truth that on 23rd May 2009 he met her for the first time when Elena and her parents had an accident. He rushed over but the car was already submerged. He went to Elena's Dad but he wanted Elena out first. So he saved her first and then he went back for Elena's parents. He couldn't save them. Stefan surprised with her resemblance to Katherine. Stefan finally revealed that Elena was adopted.