The Vampire Diaries

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 21, 2010 on The CW

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  • TGIB! (a.k.a. Thank God It's Back)

    When The Vampire Diaries took it's break back in November, I nearly died (okay, that might be just a tad bit of an exaggeration). Watching The Vampire Diares on Thursday nights is the only thing that got me through the school week, so I'm so glad it's back. And it came back with a bang! Sort of. Although there was a lack of action, the "bang" came in the revealing of two major secrets.

    1. Stefan was there the day that Elena and her parents' car went off the bridge and saved Elena's life.

    2. Part of the reason that Elena looks so similar to Katherine is that she was adopted. Could she really be a Pierce (a.k.a. a member of Katherine's family)? Only time (and, I guess, Internet spoilers) can answer that question. :P

    Besides those two secrets being revealed, I really liked how we got to see a much nicer side of Damon when he was in Georgia with Elena (except, of course, for when he punched his fist through Bree's chest... and did he pull out her heart like in Indiana Jones 2? Oh, my...). I also liked how we got to see that Elena cares for Damon when she saved him from being killed by Lexi's ex-vampire-lover (although, let's face it, Damon probably deserved to be set on fire and burned to death).

    Last night, a new characcter was introduced. Anna something or other. I don't believe they revealed her last name. Definitely a new love interest for Jeremy, and she appears to be much better for him than Vicki. She also appears to be the one that is going to prove to Jeremy that vampires do exist in Mystic Falls since Damon erased his memory about Vicki's vampire-ness (yeah, not a word, i know). I believe I know who Anna is, but I'm not quite sure. I believe she's Alaric's daughter, and they're both vampire hunters. I mean, in Alaric's flashback when they showed the picture of his wife, wasn't there a daughter in the picture, too? Or am I just making that up in my head? Hm... anywho I like that they finally revealed (well I guess I can't say finally because we sort of kinda just met the mysterious vampire hunter, Alaric Saltzman) the secret of Alaric's past, and that Damon murdered his wifee. I did not see that coming. Jeez, Damon is just getting himself way over his head in trouble by killing the ones people love isn't he? What will become of this storyline? It's obvious that Alaric has come to town for one reason... to find 'n kill Damon Salvatore. But he obviously won't. I mean, it's Damon-freaking-Salvatore. :PPP

    In the novels, Elena began to date Damon after she had been turned into a vampire, and I believe that last night's episode was the writers' way of saying, "Yes, people. Something will eventually happen between Elena and Damon," but I have a feeling this "something" won't be happening between them anytime soon. I mean, Elena and Stefan are still very much in love with each other, which was shown in that kiss they shared towards the end.

    One last thing...: I sense that Elena is going to transition into becoming a rebellious bad girl. Now that she knows her whole family (especially Aunt Jenna) has been lying to her about who her true parents are, I am pretty sure that Elena will begin to rebel and rebel and rebel and spend more time with the Salvatores (Oh, I love that scene from the next episode trailer when she walks into the dance between Stefan and Damon. Something about that headband she's wearing just makes her look evil. lol. In my opinion). TTY next week! Can't waait.
  • Season 1, Episode 11


    So, Damon saves Elena from her car accident and takes her with him to Georgia. Where they meet Lexi's ex-vampire lover who Elena saves Damon's life from. Stefan helps Bonnie with her fears and be able to accept her new powers. Jermey meets Anna, who has her own thoughts on Mystic Falls.

    and then of course Elena and Stefan steal the episode again. with huge secrets revealed. -

    Elena confronts Stefan and says he only likes her because she looks like Katharine. Stefan then tells her he knew her way before they met in school. Stefan tells her that he was there the night her parents died and that he saved her life. He then saw the resemblance to Katharine and did research on them and realized that Elena was adopted!! incredible!!! 10/10
  • Damon just knows how to get into trouble

    So.. Elena is mad about Stefan and end up in a road trip with Damon. That sounds little bit too... I am not sure even what but it wasn't as bad as I expected. There was not much stroy on Elena/Damon storyline but the other part.. Elena's brother and the whole reason why Elena looks like Cathrine.. I think there is quite many interesting facts still to come. So, some medium storylines, some interesting facts, more tension building. At least, I think, there is some continues tension building what I think this show has little lacked and the truth about the accident.. oh.. I cannot say I saw that coming..
  • Don't understand Damon's agenda

    I still don't understand what is the deal with Damon, what is it that he's so mad about. I was beginning to feel sorry for him, but he is helpless. Still, he cared for Elena on the trip and she basically saved his life. And then what he did to the poor woman in the bar and what he's trying to do, I guess we have so many episodes to come to get to the real thing.

    I'm glad Elena gave Stefan a chance to say what he wanted to, but I'm sure she was sorry after learning the sad truth about his family, but a shocking story about her accident. It was kind of scary when Bonnie lands on this hole and listens to this weird and freaky noise and what's behind it.

    I still want to know the story behind the diary Jeremy and his new friend were talking about.
  • I'm a huge Damon fan, and thank god that my wait has been rewarded with a Damon filled episode. A smile on my face, and shaking hand, ready to write a review.

    Elena wakes up in a car, tumbled over, due to speeding. Of course, still in shock because of the picture she found in Stefans room. Now, I too would be shocked if I found out the guy I was seeing had a picture of his ex around, that looked like me. Anyway, back to the subject, Elena in the car. The mistyrious guy she hit. Now, I'm not going to complain but I would love to know who that guy/girl/vampire/werewolf was. So please, let there be some light on that subject.

    Damon came to save the day. Now, this is the part where I smiled most of the time. Damon has a weak spot for Elena, and I would rather have them hook-up than her and Stefan, just sayin'. Anyhow, he takes her to a bar somewhere in Georgia. Now, here we meet Bree (played by the wonderfull Gina Torres), who has had a love history with Damon. (Can I be jealous? Yes, thank you.)

    However we soon find out, Elena has a fun side and Bree has a bad side. Elena has a weakspot for Damon, otherwise she would have let the other dude kill him. However, it all came down to Elena forgiving Stefan, Bonnie facing her fears and Damon being... well Damon.

    I can't wait for next week. Thank you vampire diaries for existing.
  • Damon saves Elena from her wrecked car and takes her to Georgia to see an old friend. Stefan fretting about Elena goes to see Bonnie and ends up helping her and seeing Grams as well. Jeremy meets Anna a local girl while doing research for his paper.

    I thought this was a pretty strong beginning to the second half of the season. Really, who could ask for more. The story was a little frustrating, but I think any story that has as much conflict and back story as this one does takes some time to develop.

    I enjoyed Gina Torres as Bree and it seemed like that was a character they could have developed, but based on the story line tonight that is going to be difficult. What was the underlying reason Damon took Elena to Georgia with him?

    Stefan turns out again to be a good friend to have when you are in serious trouble. I wonder what the future holds now that the tomb has been revealed? Could it be easily opened or will it take some serious mojo to get through that wall?

    Anna played by Malese Jow seems like an interesting character. Was it a coincidence that the books fell when they did and that she and Jeremy met? She seems to have a lot of knowledge about older Mystic Falls people and stories.

    The surprising revelations that came with Stefan and Elena were what this episode needed to really put a bow on it. There's a lot more to say, but I won't as it will give too much information away.

    We also finally find out some of what is going on with Alaric Saltzman. First the panic over the lost ring for a few seconds and then the revelation about why he might actually be there.

    A recommended watch as this show is an entertaining mishmash of different stories flowing together in different directions converging and then falling back apart. A lot of fun to follow. Thanks for reading...
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