The Vampire Diaries

Season 3 Episode 17

Break On Through

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 22, 2012 on The CW

Episode Recap

Meredith is carrying out medical tests on Alaric, trying to find an answer to his blackouts and murderous tendencies. She admits she figured it out through the stories she was told of Samantha Gilbert. She wants to help Alaric, even if the problem isn't medical. Alaric has another blackout and seems to transform into another personality.

Damon shows up and faces Elena's wrath. She's furious with him for making Stefanfeed off an innocent woman. Damon insists he needs to learn how to control it. Elena isn't sure he's theone who should be teaching Stefan about self-control.

Caroline shows up at Abby's house to Bonnie with a cooler of various types of blood for her mother's transition. Bonnie has made her mother a daylight ring. Abby isn't taking it very well. Now that she's not a witch anymore, she can't feel nature. Bonnie doesn't know how to help her.

Alaric, Meredith and Damon show up for the restoration of the Wickery Bridge to find Rebekah there. Damon also encounters Sage, a vampire he hasn't seen in a century. Damon is happy to see her but Rebekah isn't. She seems to have a connection with her brother Finn.

Elena bumps into Stefan in the Salvatore house. She is picking up a book on her ancestors that he found. She isn't happy that he's drinking human blood again. He insists she doesn't need to read the book and gives her a blunt summary. He suggests that if Alaric is going through what Samantha did then there's no hope. Elena leaves in a huff.

Finn had turned Sage so they could be together forever. She wants to take down Rebekah and offers to help Damon do it, all he needs to do is find her weakness and exploit it. He turns on the charm with Rebekah back at the Restoration ceremony.

Caroline talks to Jamie, who is afraid of Abby. She tries to talk him around but her phone rings and it's Elena. She explains about Alaric.

Alaric and Meredith have a heart to heart.

Damon finds Stefan over-drinking the blood in the cooler. He's as blunt with Stefan as he was with Elena. Stefantells him toleave him out of the conversation next time he speaks with her.

Jamie finally comes back in the house and offers to be there for Abby like she was there for him. They hug each other and Abby, unable to control her urges, bites Jamie. Caroline and Bonnie intervene.

Sage is confident Rebekah will show up due to her fear of being alone and her craving for affection. And she's right. Rebekah shows up and the party starts. Damon tells her he wants her, not Sage. They share a kiss.

Bonnie brings Abby a bag of blood, but Abby wants to leave to protect Jamie. Caroline reassures her Jamie is OK, having cured him with vampire blood.

Alaric gives Elena details of his documents should the worst happen. He wants to make sure that she and Jeremy are safe. Caroline calls to inform her that Bonnie is on her way to help reverse the spell on the ring that will hopefully cure him. Bonnie brushes off Elena's apologies about Abby. She needs something personal of Alaric before he started wearing the ring. He suggests his wedding ring, which Elena fetches.

Sage sneaks into Damon's bedroom where he is lying with Rebekah. They shower together and through kissing Damon, she is able to show him Rebekah's reasons for hanging around. Meanwhile Damon goes in search of the white oak tree.

Stefan is waiting for Elena at Alaric's apartment. He insists that he's not trying to hurt her but he can't be who she wants him to be. He tries to be helpful by revealing more about Samantha, revealing that the person who has the ring can still be violent even when they don't wear it.

Back at the Gilbert's, Alaric has transformed and is alone with Meredith. He finds a syrings with vampire blood in her handbag and empties it.

The wood of the white oak tree was used to make the Wickery Bridge. Sage thinks this will impact negatively on her because of Finn. They make a deal: Sage will help Damon kill Rebekah and he will let her and Finn walk into the sunset.

In Alaric's apartment, Stefan and Elena find pictures of his victims locked up in a drawer.

Sage disappears.

Stefan and Elena go digging further and find Alaric's "hit-list". Elena finds the ring and rushes back to her house.

Alaric attacks Meredith, who stabs him with a scissors and hides upstairs.

Sage and Rebekah burn down the Wickery Bridge. Sage got inside of Damon's head and learned that if he kills Rebekah, Finn will die too. Damon reveals Finn's death wish when he helped Esther link everyone together and tells her he doesn't want to live, not for her, not for anyone. He promises that when he finds out how to kill the originals, he'll start with him.

Elena arrives home to find Alaric pretending Meredith had to leave. Elena tells some lies of her own, insinuating that she never saw Stefan and she couldn't find his ring. He goes to attack her but Stefan shows up and knocks him out. They find Mereditch unconscious upstairs and covered in blood. Stefan struggles to control his urges and feeds her his blood. Elena now believes he'll be OK.

Alaric wakes the next morning to find himself unable to recollect what happened the night before. Damon tells him about Bonnie's spell, which will hopefully keep the murderer in him at bay.

Bonnie explains to Elena that the dying and coming back to life would have made it easier for the darkness to get into Alaric. They talk about Abby. Bonnie is going to stay with her a while. Bonnie forgives Elena.

Caroline catches Abby writing a goodbye letter. She explains that she can help with the vampire stuff and tells her has a chance to be a parent to Bonnie. She begs her to give it a chance and stay. Abby leaves.

Elena calls Jeremy, making sure that Alaric hasn't been in touch with him. She misses her brother.

Damon finds Stefan drinking in the daytime. He's toasting being in control of his urges. Damon reveals the Wickery Bridge sign which is made of the same white oak as the bridge itself. The game is back on to kill the originals.