The Vampire Diaries

Season 3 Episode 13

Bringing Out the Dead

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 2012 on The CW

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  • What the heck!

    At this point I've completely overused the phrase "I didn't see THAT coming!" Honestly, I don't know what else to say. This series manages to something like that almost every episode, like they're cramming half of a season into 43 minutes! Seriously, think about everything that happened just in season 1.. You could easily make that into at least two full seasons. Anyway, this was by far a spectacular episode hands down.

    I almost agree with nairhart01 except that there is at least one other episode that I liked as much or more than this one. Nevertheless, Bringing Out The Dead was a doozy.

    One question remains: who is killing all of these people on the founder's council? Part of me doesn't buy all of Fell's alibis but another part is starting to think that Alaric did it..
  • Family Reunions Suck. Arf!

    Definitely an improvement over last week, ''Bringing Out the Dead'' certainly has its moments, particularly towards the end, but character decisions and spotty dialogue, red herrings and an odd cliff-hanger, make for a somewhat mixed bag. Still, as bags go, it's fairly watchable stuff, in a mixed sort of way.

    Did Katherine help Elena out with her scenes this week, or was it just me? Elena seemed to start up every scene for the first 15 minutes, randomly lurking in caves and hospital corridors like she had some secret teleporting device at the ready. She was everywhere and anywhere, helping other characters begin their own individual plots simultaneosly. And while I'm on the subject of Miss Doppleganger, did anybody else find it laughable that Elena met Caroline's idea of forcefully turning her father with a pro-choice response? Uhm, Elena, Jeremy much?!

    One of the fun things with the episode was finding all of those cop-out corpses of main characters show up everywhere. Bill died, then he didn't. Then he died again in a more typically CW setting. Tears, music, the works! I honestly didn't care for this and I will not respond to it [/Lucille Bluth]. And then Alaric is found half-murdered and it's up to Elena to full-murder him! That was some intense stuff, I must admit. Kinda funny, but still, intense stuff. And once again, I must roll my eyes at Doppleganger and her new side-kick, Matt. Of ALL the houses in all of the towns, when the electricity isn't working, please, for the love of Klaus, take it as a warning sign not to enter. Ever.

    But who is doing a horrible job of killing people? Is it Jeremy, pissed that he got kicked off the island? Is it Dr. Frell, is she some sort of hulking stealthy ninja? Is it Tyler? Oooh, it's fun to speculate!

    Meanwhile, back at the Bat-cave, Bonnie was giving her mother the best pep-talk. Pretty much ever. ''I used to think you were dead. That's how much I hate your stupid face. Now do the dang spell!'' Classic Bonnie! It wasn't exactly shocking to find out that mamma-Klaus was behind door number four, and I found her cliff-hanger entrance rather tame, especially compared to Klaus' siblings. I absolutely loved everyone ganging up on the emo-hybrid. I just wish they had killed him. Cos he's getting a bit old now. And all of this family stuff, especially in this episode, got a bit much, it was very sledgehammer-y to the face.

    Nevertheless, there's still a lot to enjoy here, as usual. I can't get enough of Damon and Stefan these days. The personality switch just continues in the right direction. I hope Stefan never comes back from the darker side. And I was happy to see Klaus actually physically harm Stefan for once. I'm all aboard for mind games and mental warfare, but there's only so many times Klaus can threaten to wear someones rib cage as a hat, with no follow through, before it just makes him look lazy. So, yes, I was a big fan of the arm and leg twisty goodness, topped off with a nice hand in the fire maneuver. And Elijah finally got a haircut. What a guy!

    So this was good, but not great. There's lots for us to chew on over the coming week. I just hope that now, with essentially a whole family of big bads, some hybrids, a mysterious killer, and everyones personal drama to deal with, the show isn't pulling a True Blood and over-crowding.
  • More Questions!!!

    This episode raised so many questions, far more than it answered. so, yes we found out who was in the coffin but how did she end up in the coffin, Klaus killed her..... and even if it turns out he didn't how did she end up in the coffin, who sealed it etc? considering how powerful she must be i doubt anyone could have forced her into it, also how did the coffin end up in Klaus' possession. Did he know who was in it, did the other originals etc?

    I think this show is great but it is in danger of raising more and more unanswered questions which in the end lead to the plot having too many mistakes in it and not making much sense.

    I am curious to learn more about this Kol, as it is spelled on the vampire diaries website, Klaus seemed genuinely afraid of him when he saw him and Elijah made that comment to Klaus about having to deal with Kol, sounds interesting to me.

    Also, are the original family just going to become part of mystic falls life and everyone lives happy ever after? I mean next weeks episode involves a part thrown by Klaus which Elena attends...i mean come on he killed Jenna, no matter what happens, if they all become one happy town it will be absurd.

    I hope it all makes sense in the end
  • A Family Reunion: Vampire Diaries Style!


    This episode was fantastic! It had everything but a kitchen sink LOL!

    I adored Coraline's scenes with her Dad they made me weep.

    It was horrible that Bill Forbes went the way he did I would of loved to learn more about him like how he could of trained himself to avoid Compulsion.

    Elijah is back and of course causing trouble LOL!

    I loved seeing Damon, Stefan, Klaus and Elijah in the same room together talking, it was so cool seeing two sets of brother's who were basically the same expect different "ages" LOL!

    Poor Alaric how many chances can't that man get?! I'm so happy he's okay.. again!

    Bonnie's scene with her mom was cool and effective.

    Okay who is the person killing Founding Family/Council Members?

    It's so bizarre to see a actual "human" problem in Mystic Falls that seems has nothing to do with supernatural beings.

    Or Does it?, I personally think it's Katherine but then again why would she come back to Mystic Falls and risk Klaus catching her? I can' t wait to see how that gets tied up!

    At last the 4th coffin is opened, it was a awesome way to leave us fans hanging for next week!

    I don't trust Esther (aka Original Witch & Mother) as far as I can throw her! I mean Klaus did try 2 kill her and I think she may be plotting revenge underneath that sweet veneer of hers!

    The "Family Reunion" was incredible, it was so cool to see the Originals Siblings get their "revenge" on Klaus!

    So many questions

    What will the "Original" Family do to Elena?

    Who is killing Founding Family/ Council Members ?

    I am SUPER excited 4 next week!
  • By far the best episode

    I just finished watching it, and the last 10 minutes could fit into 5 more episodes! Didn't see that one coming! It was so amazing!!!! The original family intro was so great, that Klaus crapped his pants, he was so frightened!!!!!!
  • Bringing Out the Dead

    Bringing Out the Dead was a really great episode of The Vampire Diaries though I feel some scenes could have had more of an build up before hand or some thing a little less predictable. I did enjoy watching this episode because of all the exciting and sometimes sad things that happened. It was interesting to watch every one interacting with newly awakened Elijah. Damon has a plan and its not a guaranteed win but the brothers go to dinner with Klaus and Elijah to discuss the future and they learn something interesting about Elena, and perhaps themselves and each other. I wish there would have been more to Bonnie and her mother. Caroline and her father's story line was alright, I only wish it would have ended sooner to have more time for other stuff. The ending was spectacular and predictable or surprising depending on your frame of reference. It was a beautiful scene and every one was beautiful in it. I wish there was more time for that part of the episode. It looks like things could get really interesting!!!!!!!!!
  • The best episode of the season, if not the series.

    I'm a die-hard fan of The Vampire Diaries. I'll be the first to admit that. I'll also be the first to admit that, while TVD is everything right in the world (lol jk...), this season has had its issues. I haven't been able to forgive the writers for how they handled the "Tyler-turning-into-a-hybrid" storyline in "Smells Like Teen Spirit." It was handled atrociously, in my opinion, but I'm kind of over it. ANYWAY, while season 2 is still my favorite, season three has been very, very good, and given us some of the series' best episodes, such as "The End of the Affair," "The Reckoning," and now, "Bringing Out the Dead." Because, seriously... How awesome was this episode? Answer: VERY. Let's get started, shall we?


    What I Loved:

    1. The reunion of the Original Family. While I figured that we'd get to meet Finn and Kol in this episode, the appearance still took me by total surprise. And then Rebekah, to top it all off! It was fantastic. I laughed pretty hard when Elijah, Rebekah, Finn, and Kol pretty much gang-bang attacked Klaus, each taking their turn at him. And, just when you thought it couldn't get any better, Esther (the person inside the fourth mystery coffin) arrived, told the siblings that they wouldn't leave Klaus like they had planned on, told Klaus that she forgave him, and they would be a family again at last. The ending scene was truly a beautiful moment. Up until then, I had hoped that the original Petrova, Tatia Petrova, was in the coffin, but this turned out to be even better. On a side note, I love how unphased Elijah, Rebekah, Kol, and Finn are by Klaus's screaming and moaning. They're not at all scared of him, but treat him like an annoying little brother.

    2. As I said above, the reveal of who was in the fourth coffin (Esther). While I love a good mystery, I also love that TVD knows just how long to stretch out a mystery and reveal the truth. Other shows would have kept us annoyed with not knowing for at least five more episodes before the big reveal. Just one reason why I love this show. :)

    3. The Bill/Caroline scenes. While utterly, gut-wrenchingly devastating, these scenes were also amazing. Packed full of pathos, it was hard not to feel absolutely terrible for Caroline who, no matter what she did, couldn't convince Daddy Forbes to finish the transition into a vampire. This also marks the first time this has happened in the show. Everyone else has transitioned. It was just like last season with Isobel's death in "Know Thy Enemy," the first time we saw vampire death via sunlight, even though we had heard about it since the beginning.

    4. The mysterious murders plaguing Mystic Falls... that are in no way, shape, or form "animal attacks." I love this story! It's so intriguing. Now that we know Meredith wasn't the one behind them (well, I guess there's no way of TRULY knowing, but we can safely assume given that piece of information about her alibi at the end), it makes the story even more intriguing. Also, all of the victims (Brian, Alaric, and Bill) were all connected to the council. Coincidence? Probs not, no. Can't wait to see what becomes of this!

    5. The dinner party. Specifically, Stefan and Klaus's back-and-forth at the dinner party. I love to watch these two hate on each other. It's truly the exact definition of entertainment, with snarky Stefan and homicidal, yet proper, Klaus.

    6. TATIA PETROVA. As I mentioned before, Tatia, the original Petrova, came up in this episode during the dinner party. It was nice that the original Petrova was finally named, the triangle between her, Klaus, and Elijah (which we TVD fans had mostly all guessed since "Klaus" when Elijah and Elena had their talk on the Lockwood property) was finally discussed, and the connection between Tatia and the curse was revealed. I was disappointed when it wasn't mentioned in "Ordinary People," but this worked for me just the same.

    7. Alaric. OMG. This made me incredibly nervous. In my gut, I hoped that they wouldn't kill him because, I mean, seriously... That would be the sixth parent that Elena has lost in, like, a year and a half (because, in this show's timeline, it's been about that long since the pilot aired. Weird, right?) and that's just kind of ridiculous. But, knowing this show, I wasn't so sure. Very glad he's still kicking, though. Also, I loved the brutal scene where Elena had to kill Alaric to bring him back to life (a sentence that would make a non-TVD fan's head spin). Very hard to watch... but awesomely shocking nonetheless.

    8. Use of the cave. I love how every season has a different place where everyone can go to meet and do top-secret things. Like, this year it's the cave and the witch house, and last year it was the witch house and the tomb, and in the first season it was the tomb.


    1. I'm not sure if I like Abby, you guys. I really want to. And I thought I did, but then, after Bonnie left, she started getting all sneaky and mischievous. I don't trust her. I really don't. Something is up that wicked witch's sleeve. I can just feel it in my bones. I guess we'll see soon. I don't HATE her. Not at all. I guess I'm just not quite sure what to make of her character. I do, however, love the scenes that Bonnie and Abby shared in the cave. I feel for Bonnie. Must be hard to be reunited with her mother, who abandoned her for all that time. I definitely wouldn't be forgiving her quite yet.

    But anyway...

    GREAT EPISODE, you guys. Seriously, the best of the series. Maybe. I don't know. It's possible. I'll think about it.

    Talk to you next week!