The Vampire Diaries

Season 3 Episode 13

Bringing Out the Dead

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 2012 on The CW

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  • A Family Reunion: Vampire Diaries Style!


    This episode was fantastic! It had everything but a kitchen sink LOL!

    I adored Coraline's scenes with her Dad they made me weep.

    It was horrible that Bill Forbes went the way he did I would of loved to learn more about him like how he could of trained himself to avoid Compulsion.

    Elijah is back and of course causing trouble LOL!

    I loved seeing Damon, Stefan, Klaus and Elijah in the same room together talking, it was so cool seeing two sets of brother's who were basically the same expect different "ages" LOL!

    Poor Alaric how many chances can't that man get?! I'm so happy he's okay.. again!

    Bonnie's scene with her mom was cool and effective.

    Okay who is the person killing Founding Family/Council Members?

    It's so bizarre to see a actual "human" problem in Mystic Falls that seems has nothing to do with supernatural beings.

    Or Does it?, I personally think it's Katherine but then again why would she come back to Mystic Falls and risk Klaus catching her? I can' t wait to see how that gets tied up!

    At last the 4th coffin is opened, it was a awesome way to leave us fans hanging for next week!

    I don't trust Esther (aka Original Witch & Mother) as far as I can throw her! I mean Klaus did try 2 kill her and I think she may be plotting revenge underneath that sweet veneer of hers!

    The "Family Reunion" was incredible, it was so cool to see the Originals Siblings get their "revenge" on Klaus!

    So many questions

    What will the "Original" Family do to Elena?

    Who is killing Founding Family/ Council Members ?

    I am SUPER excited 4 next week!