The Vampire Diaries

Season 3 Episode 13

Bringing Out the Dead

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 2012 on The CW

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  • Family Reunions Suck. Arf!

    Definitely an improvement over last week, ''Bringing Out the Dead'' certainly has its moments, particularly towards the end, but character decisions and spotty dialogue, red herrings and an odd cliff-hanger, make for a somewhat mixed bag. Still, as bags go, it's fairly watchable stuff, in a mixed sort of way.

    Did Katherine help Elena out with her scenes this week, or was it just me? Elena seemed to start up every scene for the first 15 minutes, randomly lurking in caves and hospital corridors like she had some secret teleporting device at the ready. She was everywhere and anywhere, helping other characters begin their own individual plots simultaneosly. And while I'm on the subject of Miss Doppleganger, did anybody else find it laughable that Elena met Caroline's idea of forcefully turning her father with a pro-choice response? Uhm, Elena, Jeremy much?!

    One of the fun things with the episode was finding all of those cop-out corpses of main characters show up everywhere. Bill died, then he didn't. Then he died again in a more typically CW setting. Tears, music, the works! I honestly didn't care for this and I will not respond to it [/Lucille Bluth]. And then Alaric is found half-murdered and it's up to Elena to full-murder him! That was some intense stuff, I must admit. Kinda funny, but still, intense stuff. And once again, I must roll my eyes at Doppleganger and her new side-kick, Matt. Of ALL the houses in all of the towns, when the electricity isn't working, please, for the love of Klaus, take it as a warning sign not to enter. Ever.

    But who is doing a horrible job of killing people? Is it Jeremy, pissed that he got kicked off the island? Is it Dr. Frell, is she some sort of hulking stealthy ninja? Is it Tyler? Oooh, it's fun to speculate!

    Meanwhile, back at the Bat-cave, Bonnie was giving her mother the best pep-talk. Pretty much ever. ''I used to think you were dead. That's how much I hate your stupid face. Now do the dang spell!'' Classic Bonnie! It wasn't exactly shocking to find out that mamma-Klaus was behind door number four, and I found her cliff-hanger entrance rather tame, especially compared to Klaus' siblings. I absolutely loved everyone ganging up on the emo-hybrid. I just wish they had killed him. Cos he's getting a bit old now. And all of this family stuff, especially in this episode, got a bit much, it was very sledgehammer-y to the face.

    Nevertheless, there's still a lot to enjoy here, as usual. I can't get enough of Damon and Stefan these days. The personality switch just continues in the right direction. I hope Stefan never comes back from the darker side. And I was happy to see Klaus actually physically harm Stefan for once. I'm all aboard for mind games and mental warfare, but there's only so many times Klaus can threaten to wear someones rib cage as a hat, with no follow through, before it just makes him look lazy. So, yes, I was a big fan of the arm and leg twisty goodness, topped off with a nice hand in the fire maneuver. And Elijah finally got a haircut. What a guy!

    So this was good, but not great. There's lots for us to chew on over the coming week. I just hope that now, with essentially a whole family of big bads, some hybrids, a mysterious killer, and everyones personal drama to deal with, the show isn't pulling a True Blood and over-crowding.
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