The Vampire Diaries

Season 4 Episode 11

Catch Me If You Can

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 24, 2013 on The CW

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  • Sore Bond is turning me

    From the middle of season one, I have been a diehard Delena fan. How could you not be? Damon was cool and badass, while Stefan was the angsty and Edward Sullen type guy. And now, Stefan isn't like that, because he's not completely obsessed with miss depressed, instead, he's cool and for once actually fun, like Damon was before he and Elena became an item so now I'm pretty torn! But yeah, this episode wasn't great, like this whole season. I hate the characters of shane, and frankly always thought bonnie, Jeremy and Matt were boring, especially in the new episodes! But the originals are my life, amazing characters. Bring back elijah and katherine already! Elena's idea at the end was kind of contradictory though. Its smart and all, but isn't she meant to be really compassionate?
  • Go Blondie

    About the only really impressive part of this episode was Rebekah and Jeremy growing backbones. They drove a deeper wedge between Delena making the earlier episodes (pre-sire bond) total teaser episodes. I liked the one liner from Damon reminding us of his inferiority complex towards Stefan and it was cool that Elena came up with a bright idea at the end. Of course Elena just traded brothers to spew her sappy speeches was so loving the more empowered happy Elena that we had for about 5 mins before they split her from Damon. Kol suddenly believing in myths was strange and I was disappointed to see Shane was just some crazy guy desperate to revive his wife and child. Was it just me or did Stefan and Rebekah have no chemistry once they actually kissed? Did the actors do that one purpose or not? I know they said no feelings, no attachment but still, Samantha always brought the passion on Sex and the City despite the lack of love. However, I like the pairing better, they're not boring to watch because she snaps at him the way you always wanted Elena too but instead Elena always saved her snaps for Damon. Hopefully Rebekah and Stefan can bring some heat in the next episode or I see a lot of complaining from the fan base in the near future. It'll be interesting to see if the charming Aussie gets to keep his job or Jeremy gets a big ink job next week. Since the writers do have a history of killing off people you'd think are untouchable (at least for a while) without a second thought, Kol better start praying.
  • Stefan for the win!

    Oh God, I love Stefan!!! I really enjoyed the way he talked to Elena! His remark about Elena not knowing him when he is not in love with her was awesome and it was the most interesting part of this episode! Go Stefan, Go!
  • Rebekah! <3

    Finally Stefan becomes mildly interesting by associating with Rebekah. She can do so much better than him tho.

    I miss Elijah! Maybe he's the one who sent the tongue chewing guy?

    And only Elena can come up with a diabolical plan that makes no sense. For all she knows, Kol may have turned Damon, Stefan, Caroline etc.

    Professor Shane is an annoying asshole and needs to go away.
  • Like Dominos

    In my review for the previous episode I mentioned how the race was on. This is like a bloodier version of the amazing race with the teams and pairings and the fact now set in motion. I liked this one more than the last as it gave a better sense of the action and movement the individuals had. I enjoyed very much that wrenches were being tossed left and right in to people's plans, and I find it very exciting- though entirely unsurprising that there is likely an other group or individual after Silas or the cure.

    This new face of Stefan was a much needed breath of fresh air on a character that had been growing stale. The interactions with Rebekah have a lot of chemistry and intrigue, it is a good matchup on screen, even if an actual relationship doesn't necessarily come from it. A pity Kol is finally becoming more interesting because I have a feeling he will get the axe very soon if he doesn't hit the road. (The betting windows are now open as to just how many of the original vampires will actually make it to the spin off "The Originals"... so far only Claire Holt and Joseph Morgan have been mentioned as being Starring roles, along with Phoebe Tonkin). Unless, naturally, someone succeeds in awakening Silas who will then resurrect all those fallen on the road to freeing him... or something.

    Less interesting, but somewhat noteworthy I suppose, Elena decrying to slaughter of innocent people/vampires but then suggesting, without any sign of remorse that Jeremy kill Kol and eliminate an entire line of vampires. I can't decide if this is simply an other example of her long running hypocrisy in regards to her morals and self-righteousness, or if it is an other sign of her personality changing from being a vampire. Jeremy's reluctance at killing is also a very nice inner struggle to watch, because in spite of his Hunter nature, he refuses to let it overcome his humanity.

    Last but certainly not least, we finally get to see Bonnie going dark, something which I think many people had been anticipating for a long time. It's all the more interesting that it seems to be out of her control, and she's woken up to the fact that the only man who may be able to help her (and the one who set this unfortunate turn of power in motion) is not trustworthy. Will she embrace this power and harness it, or will she try to fight against it (and turn out to be futile)?

    Very much looking forward to next week!
  • Go Stefan!

    Is it just me, or did everyone else also think that it was about time that Stefan said something to Elena. I realize that she is in love with Damon, but she spent the last 3 seasons being in love with Stefan (not to mention the fact she was still in love with Stefan at the beginning of this season). She must see that she is hurting him so she could be a little bit nicer. So Stefan's remark about her not knowing him when he is not in love with her was awesome!

    I wonder how long Damon will have to be locked up. I think Kol's untimely demise will have to come soon because I love Damon!

    I also think that Jeremy should start killing some vampires. Other than our fabulous favorites, aren't other vampires supposed to be heartless and empty (ie. the Ripper). So instead of provoking Klaus to turn innocent ppl, why doesn't he go on a hunting spree of not-so-good vamps?

    Ps: April is boring. I know she wasn't in this episode but I thought I would throw it out there, what is her purpose in the show again? Oh that's right, she doesn't really serve one.
  • A Brilliant And Bloody Game Of Cat And Mouse!!

    Whoa I am so loving this Season of Vampire Dairies!

    This episode was as usual even better than last weeks

    Seeing all of the 'teams' as Rebekah calls them scrambling to find Silas and the Cure is truly entertaining and thrilling to watch.

    Poor Damon and Matt it seems that they always end up tortured and hurt.

    I really felt for Damon in this episode he really was trying so hard to be there for Elena yet pesky Kol just wouldn't let him!

    What Stefan did to Damon was really harsh, I hope they can get back to being brothers come the end of Season 4.

    I hope Damon is released soon.

    Rebekah and Stefan make a sexy and intriguing duo, I can't wait to see more of their dynamic.

    It seems that Bonnie really is going ala Buffy 'Dark Willow'. Her magic attack on Shane was really awesome to watch, I hope Bonnie's struggle with expression magic is further explored because it is really cool to see.

    Elena's plan at the end was truly genius and I can't wait for next week to see if she, Jeremy, and maybe Bonnie can pull it off!

  • catch me if you can

    catch me if you can was a perfect and very entertaining episode of the Vampire Diaries. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character development and plot progression and drama intrigue and surprise. it was fun watching Damon hunt Jeremy. there are many other awesome character interactions as well. I liked how everything played out and I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!