The Vampire Diaries

Season 1 Episode 13

Children of the Damned

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 04, 2010 on The CW

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  • A great deal of this episode deals with flashbacks of Katherine and the boys. In the here and now everyone is looking for the grimoire that speaks of how to release Katherine and the others from the tomb. Anna is seen from the past as Pearl's daughter.

    ***** Spoilers Enclosed *****

    It seems there were quite a few powerful and old vampires trapped in that tomb. We meet Katherine and her friend Pearl played by Kelly Hu who Johnathan Gilbert had fancied himself before they found out she was a vampire as well.

    It seems that Pearl and Katherine both were able to walk during the day the same way the Salvatore brothers do today. Anna being from that far back and the realization that she is at least as old as the brothers and probably older is a revelation. So it seems she has as much or more at stake then Damon does.

    Giuseppe Salvatore played by James Remar was excellent as the boys father and certainly was earnest in his work. The main question that comes up to me is how did the boys become vampires if they had already captured Katherine before she turned them? Interesting...

    Not an overly exciting episode as these flashback type episodes can be. I found it interesting that a lot was easily revealed in this episode like Alaric's relationship to Damon the fact that his wife's body was never found, also that we believe from earlier the wife was Isabel who had Elena before she was adopted out. All very interesting twists.

    Anna seems like your usual vampiress. Making minions to do her bidding and using them as long as they are useful to her. Bonnie of course being the witch she is was not duped, but now we don't know her fate at this point. This show has never been faint hearted about killing someone off, even a main character.

    A fact filled historical romp through the lives of the brothers and some of how they got here. There is a lot yet to reveal. Hopefully we'll see this tomb situation resolved soon. Thanks for reading...