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Recently we were informed (via Tessa who may not be entirely reliable) that every iteration of the Silas and the Petrova doppelgangers have inevitably found one another and ended up together. In her words it is fate that the two will always be soul mates and end up together. This raises several questions with regard to the whole Stefan-Elena-Damon love triangle, but I am much more interested in discussing the missing Silas doppelganger.

Assuming that Tessa is correct, with Katherine and Elena both running around shouldn't there also be two Silas doppelgangers? There are two ways that this could play out if Tessa is correct:

1) Katherine is Stefan's fated doppelganger and Elena's Stefan doppelganger has not yet been found/even maybe born

2) Katherine's Stefan doppelganger was older than her and Stefan is Elena's fated doppelganger.

I think that for the most part that the show has made it clear that case #2 must be correct. This raises the next question - where is Katherine's fated Silas doppelganger? Here's my theory - Katherine's fated Silas doppelganger is Nadia's father and the current leader of the Travelers. What do you guys think?




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