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Thursday 8:00 PM on The CW (Returning October 2, 2014)

It's nearly time for the fall TV season to begin. You can tell because the networks are all rolling out new promos for their returning series. The CW has already released a couple, including one for Season 5 of The Vampire Diaries (premiering October 3), featuring a human Katherine and a happy Damon and Elena. 

While we're always excited to see what new horror will befall Mystic Falls, we're more excited by this humorously edited promo for The CW's new Wednesday night block featuring Arrow and The Tomorrow People, aptly nicknamed Amell Wednesdays (series stars Stephen and Robbie Amell are cousins). Arrow, returning for Season 2, and the new series The Tomorrow People both premiere October 9

One final request: If the Amell family has any other good-looking men who can act, please kindly point them in the direction of The CW. A girl could get used to this.

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AIRED ON 5/15/2014

Season 5 : Episode 22

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