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... The always awsome Colin Ferguson (Eureka) is headed to The Vampire Diaries, if his TV geography is correct. Ferguson tweeted, "Seem to have 'tripped' my way into a new role... Mystic Falls, hunh?" He'll play a character named Tripp, the head of a local militia. I'm guessing Tripp isn't too keen on vampires. [Colin Ferguson's TwitterTV Guide]


... NBC has renewed a trio of its summer reality programs. In a year we'll all be watching new seasons of America's Got TalentLast Comic Standing, and American Ninja Warrior. So we have that to look forward to while climate change puts the temperatures north of 120 degrees. [NBC via press release]

... The World Cup final between Germany and Argentina was the third-highest soccer match ever aired on ESPN, registering a 9.7 overnight rating. That's just behind the 1994 final between Brazil and Italy (12.8) and a match between USA and Brazil (10.4) that same year. [Forbes]

... Hulu has renewed its original drama East Los High for Season 3, just a few days after the July 9 premiere of Season 2. The high-school drama follows a group of Latino teens as they, ummm... go to high school? Yep, I think that's it. [TV Guide

... Ready to know the twist for Bachelor in Paradise, the latest growth on the Bachelor franchise that's essentially Bachelor Pad but filmed in Mexico? New contestants will join the show each week as others are eliminated, keeping the germ pool fresh. [ABC via press release]

... The eight unaired episodes from Don't Trust the B---- in Apt. 23's second season finally have a home: Logo TV will air the remaining segments of the ABC comedy on Saturdays at 10pm starting this weekend. To kick things off, the network will air a marathon of episodes that did air starting at 1pm, then it will air the first unaired episode at 10pm, and then it will air the remaining episodes that never saw the light of day at 10pm for the next seven weeks. [Deadline]

... There's been a lot of speculation over which Heroes characters might return to the franchise for NBC's upcoming Heroes: Reborn miniseries, and many folks have assumed that Jack Coleman's HRG will the main draw, but STOP IT! The series will focus mostly on new characters. [EW]


... Sir Ben Kingsley, who was knighted in 2002 for his contribution to the arts and once starred as greatest-man-ever GANDHI in Gandhi, is headed to [wicked guitar solo] Spike TV. He'll join the cast of Spike TV's Tut, a six-hour miniseries that follows the rise of King Tutankhamun in ancient Egypt. Kingsley will play Ay, the Grand Vizier to Tut. That sounds like an important position! [Spike TV via press release]

... Oooooooh! Elementary's Joan Watson has a new boyfriend! Smash's Raza Jaffrey will guest-star on the CBS procedural as Watson's lover, and is described as an "anti-Sherlock." [TV Guide]

... Kerr Smith (Dawson's Creek) will swing by the Season 1 premiere of Criminal Minds to play a man who collects limbs. Ummm, that's gross, Kerr. Why not stamps? Criminal Minds returns Wednesday, October 1 on CBS. [TV Line]

... Reign is bringing on Spartacus's Craig Parker for Season 2. Parker will recur on The CW drama as Narcisse, a devout Catholic who butts heads with Catherine de Medici. [TV Line

... This is kinda casting, right? Fox has found its "replacement" for Kevin Reilly, who stepped down as Fox Entertainment Chairman in late May. 20th Century Fox TV bosses Dana Walden and Gary Newman (not Numan) will now lead the Fox Television Group, a new entity combining Fox Broadcasting Company (or, as we regular people know it, just Fox) and 20th Century Fox Television (what we like to call the studio). Meanwhile, I'm eyeing this sweet gig as the nighttime barista at a Starbucks a few counties over. [Fox via press release]


... Craig Ferguson is going to moderate the Game of Thrones at Comic-Con. There's no word on whether Geoff will also be attendance. [HBO via press release]


... The Walking Dead has released a new promo photo (via EW) featuring fan-favorite Daryl, and it looks like he's either in trouble or is getting into some real kinky stuff. Take a look:


... Nickelodeon has canceled Sam & Cat, maybe because of salary negotiations? 

... You can watch the full trailer for Doctor Who's eight season or you can not watch it and be a weirdo. 

... NBC's Constantine has cast comic character Zed, to replace Lucy Griffiths' outgoing character Liv.

... NBC execs discussed the current state of the network and the future, as well as Hannibal ratings and other tidbits at the Television Critics Association tour. 

... More NBC news from the weekend: Christopher Walken will play [click to find out] in NBC's Peter Pan thingy!

... All 17 seasons of South Park are now available on Hulu, and will be there until the Season 8 premiere in September. 

... Need to know whBetter Call Saul was delayed? Blame Vince Gilligan and his tired hands. 

... Ryan reviewed another episode of Crossbones and gave it the deluxe 5-Episode Test.

... I watched FX's new horror drama The Strain and then I wrote several words talking about how much I liked it. 

... The best episode to date of HBO's The Leftovers aired on Sunday, but was it enough to set the series on the right path? I'm still not sure. 

... More reviews: Lily on True BloodMaryAnn on Falling Skies!  Cory on the Season 2 premiere of Masters of Sex!

... Brooks Wheelan got fired from Saturday Night Live.

... Should you watch El Rey's new soccer-spy drama Matador? Ryan Sandoval has some advice for you. 

... USA has ordered a pilot for a hacker drama called Mr. Robot, from the executive producer of True Detective.

... Yahoo might save Enlisted, too.

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