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I know shes the main character but what they hell is she doing? she is just dumb and always saying to Damon and Stefan that they cant be together like honestly you have two hot ass vampires chasing after you and your just dumping both? omggggg she is honestly starting to get annoying and i'm sick of it. She used to be my favorite character but know i have realized i think i liked Katherine more (Even though shes dead) then her because she actually went for what she wanted instead of playing stupid mind games with both of the brothers. And also on that topic i haven't really noticed this until now but isnt it weird how Stefan and Damon have been having sex with the same girl? and isnt it awkward for Elena? I mean come on girl just choose one already. Actually you know what both of them deserve better!! Caroline and Stefan are obviously going to end up together because if you re-watch all the episodes of him and Caroline, Stefan has always had her back and i'm glad they haven't just had a little romance and then BOOM their together because that's exactly what they have been doing with Elena!! They are at-least letting the relationship bloom into something between Stefan and Caroline were they actually have a friendship before they start dating, which i find a hell of a lot more relatable for the real world relationships!! and as for Damon honestly i dont think he will ever be the boyfriend type so he just needs to go to a city or somewhere we he can just find randoms girls and have one night stands with them! And then Elena and Matt should just end up together like how they were actually dating at the start and then they can have their normal human life and stefan and caroline can live forever together!! WOOHOO HAPPY ENDING
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