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Thursday 8:00 PM on The CW (Returning October 2, 2014)
It is no news that The Vampire Diaries is currently in a bit of a rut. @Kaonn7 wrote a great article (go read it if you haven't yet) that covers a lot of the shows problematic creative choices of the current season.

However, a lot of fans believe that the show started losing it's sparkle long before Season 5. Some believe it was around the time showrunner Kevin Williamson left to pursue other projects, others say Elena's transition into a Vampire ruined it all and some are convinced that once The Originals left, so did the excitement.

But you are your own person with your own opinion and you know exactly when you stopped enjoying the show! So I have created this poll to get an idea of when and where you think it all started to go wrong.

Please vote for the season in which you believe the shows quality dropped the most. I've included key plot developments next to each season to refresh your memories.


Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments and let's try to figure this out!
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