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Thursday 8:00 PM on The CW

Meet Rick Cosnett, the newest shady adult figure to join The Vampire Diaries and get in the way of everybody's happiness. Cosnett will play Dr. Wes Maxfield, a professor of biology at Whitmore College, according to Entertainment Weekly. Whitmore College, if you'll recall, is where Shady Shane taught last season, so of course Elena and Caroline are college freshmen there in Season 5. It sounds like they aren't going to take kindly to their new professor, and they suspect he's harboring a deep, dark secret. My guess? He signed his soul away for rock-hard abs and that beautiful face.

Anyway, which is more shocking, that Elena and Caroline cross paths with yet another shady professor at the shadiest college in the history of shady colleges, or that Elena and Caroline are bothering to attend classes at all?

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