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... Break out the whiskey and celebrate! Not only is Matt Davis returning to The Vampire Diaries as a series regular in Season 6, but Michael Malarkey, the good-looking man behind Enzo, will also enjoy series regular status when the show returns in the fall. Of course, that's all well and good, but what will Damon's two BFFs do without him now that he and Bonnie were enveloped in that white light in the Season 5 finale? Showrunner Julie Plec has already suggested an Alaric and Enzo spin-off, which might break the internet but would also be totally worth it. [EW]


... Syfy has released a new trailer for Dominion, its new supernatural series about angels at war! I'd say Supernatural should be insulted, but let's not judge until June 19, when Dominion premieres.

... AMC is adding three new shows to its already diverse collection of unscripted programming. All-Star Celebrity Bowling is a 30-minute series adapted from Chris Hardwick's web series of the same name. Each week, two celebrity casts will go head-to-head in a bowling match for charity. The network has also greenlit Visionaries, a docu-series about the employees of Vision Scenery, a company that designs and constructs Hollywood sets, props, and models. And lastly, someone at AMC is smoking a lot of good stuff, because coming soon is an untitled project from the Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan. According to the press release, Corgan, who helped "revolutionize the indie music scene with his innovative brand of alternative rock," will bring "his creative genius to the world of professional wrestling in this compelling docu-series that pulls back the curtain in a way pro-wrestling fans have never seen." I don't see the correlation, but I also failed statistics, so. [AMC via press release]

... Showtime is developing Dope, a new hour-long drama about performance-enhancing drugs and the doctor who popularized them in Florida. The series is fictional and not based on any recent events, but Tim Elfrink, the managing editor of the Miami New Times who broke the story about the use of PEDs in Major League Baseball, will serve as a consultant on the project. Ray Donovan's David Hollander will write the script. [Deadline]

... Brad Paisley, Kesha, Ludacris, and Josh Groban have all joined ABC's new singing competition Rising Star. The first three will serve as "experts," although I'm not sure in what field Kesha qualifies as an expert. Body paint? Poor life decisions? Groban, meanwhile, will serve as host. [ABC via press release]


... This isn't really casting, unless you consider Michael Weatherly signing a two-year contract to return to NCIS as casting. Which I do, I guess? Weatherly's cast members have all signed their new contracts, which means everyone's coming back for Season 12. Woohoo! [Deadline]


... FX is turning 20, and to celebrate, The Hollywood Reporter interviewed various men and women who've had their work broadcast on the network in the past two decades, including The Shield's Shawn Ryan, Rescue Me's Denis Leary, and more. They shared their memories and revealed "what it's like to write for a network that encourages smart TV (almost) without rules." The interviews are pretty short and fun to read. If you've ever found yourself blown away by Sons of Anarchy, LouieDamagesJustified, or anything else that's aired on FX, I highly encourage you to check 'em out! [THR]


... FX has announced premiere dates for The StrainThe BridgeTyrant, and more.

... Salem showed us just what was in that mysterious container Alden found last week.

... We broke down the The CW's fall schedule and decided The Flash + the Winchesters is going to make for a pretty fun Tuesday!

... The Vampire Diaries signed off for the season with a pretty fun episode that left a few of our favorites' lives in limbo! 

... The season finale of Reign completed Mary's season-long transformation into a badass.

... Joan made some big decisions in Elementary's final episode of Season 2.

... Sheldon grew up and became a real boy in The Big Bang Theory's Season 7 finale.

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