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First things first, how many songs titled or related to "the other side" are there? Geez! For the purposes of this discussion, feel free to hum Gary Gray to yourself as you read along.


As shocking as it was at the time, I think we can all agree that Stefan isn't dead for real dead. The other side is crumbling, ghosts can see each other and interact with the real world. It'll just take a little hocus pocus for Stefan and his hero hair to grace Mystic Falls again.

The real question is, who else do you want to see brought back? It doesn't need to make sense when it comes to the narrative of the show, just characters you want brought back from the dead.

I've left Jenna Sommers and Mason Lockwood off the list since both Sara Canning and Tylor Kinney have permanent gigs on other shows. I've also left off the likes of Carol Lockwood and John Gilbert since I think only supernatural creatures exist on the other side.

Personally, at the VERY top of my list, ahead of both Katherine and Enzo is Lexi. It still hurts me that she was killed so quickly after her awesomeness was introduced to the show. And that she was killed because Damon was being a dick didn't help much either.

Katherine hasn't been gone long, but having her back can only do good things for the show.

And now that Star Crossed has gotten the axe, Malese Jow is free to resume her role as Anna. Mostly because I thought she and Jeremy would sweet together and I'm getting awfully tired of Bonnie.

Since I know Enzo is coming back, I wouldn't mind seeing Alaric also return to create the greatest bromance love triangle ever!

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