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After watching this last episode I've come to the conclusion Damon is unredeemable... I'm sure I will get a bunch of hate for saying that, but please hear/read my thoughts on this.

Also Spoilers(Duh).

I've been rooting for Damon since day one, and, for the most part, I've been able to overlook his past because Stefan was able to turn himself around even after being basically a serial killer. Stefan is trying to improve, and he is succeeding. Stefan Tries to help people, vamps, and Humans alike when they need him. I'm not saying he's perfect, but atleast he tries to bring some good to people. Damon on the other hand continues to do nothing to make amends for the unhappiness he's brought to people. This season we've learned a lot about Damon's past as one of the Augustine vampires, and we learned he had a friend Enzo.They we're both captured, and tortured as an experiment. They came up with the plan to escape, so Enzo gave Damon his blood rations, which left Enzo weakened for the escape. It was all up to Damon, and surprise Damon walks away while Enzo is left to burn. Did Damon even really try that hard to get him out? Did he look for the key at all? After all that Damon is free, and what does he decide to do? Carry out a revenge legacy by killing his captor's family, but not all at once he leaves one(ORPHAN!) alive so that child can grow up and have children of his own so that Damon can keep the cycle of revenge murders rolling. Granted he has turned off his emotions at this point, and I did forgive Stefan, sort of, for the things he did when his was off. Now Fast forward, it's present day, and Damon and Elena are an item. At this point Damon has turned his emotions back on, so he should be able to tell the difference between right and wrong, if he had a conscience... We find out that even after his emotions are back he's still been carrying out these revenge murders. How long was he going to do this, Killing entire families except one forever? He has emotions now! Since Damon and Elena have been dating he's kept that monster side of himself hidden pretty well because he knows there's only so far he can go before she left him, and never spoke to him again. I have no doubt Damon loves Elena, but when we find out he's still torturing that family even after they're together it's like he's making her an accomplice to it. Elena was caught so off gaurd when she learned he was still doing these things, it's like when they arrest a serial killer and the family/friends are in total shock of it. The fact he hid it from her says it all, he knows it's wrong, but he likes it. Elena and Damon break up, and insanely enough Elena is willing to overlook all of it but Damon is the one to end things. Here we are, caught up to the last episode. Damon seems to keep his crap together, and not commit any geno,patri,matri,fami-cides durring most of the show. Why? Because he's confident he'll get Elena back, and it would be hard to explain all the deaths to her if he did. We Were On A Break! Once it's clear however that Elena(Katherine) won't be going back for seconds Damon's true nature comes back. The final scene of this episode has Damon killing the the guy he saved a few hours before, and killing off an entire family lineage with a smile. It's clear Damon hasn't changed at all, he hasn't learned anything, and he has no plans to improve himself at all. He's only willing to pretend to be a semi-decent being while he's getting what he wants(Elena). Well, Damon is Back Guys...

This was originaly going to be a comment on the photo recap of last episode, but after finishing it I realized it would probably be a better post. Also This is Just MY Opinion, and you may have a different one. I'd like to hear your thoughts (Pros/Cons) about Damon also, so please reply with your thoughts.

-- After seeing what happened to Enzo could you ever trust Damon in a similar situation?

-- If you found out your Boyfriend/Girlfriend killed some people while you were dating could you look past it?

-- Can you justify killing an entire family line because one tortured you?
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