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The Vampire Diaries S05E03: "Original Sin"

It feels right that The Vampire Diaries has finally entered its college years because in many ways this show has always felt VERY college-like. You know, what with all the underwear dancing and liquor pounding and absent parents and especially the irregular class schedules. And while most of the time this show feels like a good old-fashioned Thursday night two-keg rager, every now and again it'll get so serious and information-intensive it's like an Monday morning 8am lecture all of the sudden. I'm speaking, of course, about the flashback episodes. Romance cosplayers and wig enthusiasts LOVE the flashback episodes but I'm more of a forward-momentum type guy. I'm sorry but flashback episodes are usually so boring to me! Too often they just feel like information dumps, and much like a particularly dry college lecture, they are VERY skippable. Just get the lecture notes from that sexy nerd down the hall, you know?

All of this is a very dumb way of saying that "Original Sin" was a flashback episode where not a ton happened in the present tense. Not my favorite kind of episode, but ON THE OTHER HAND, for the first time in a while, the Silas stuff started to make sense. SORT OF. It's still ludicrously complicated in a way that doesn't seem very compelling, but at least the long-running issue of the doppelgangers has been fully explained! Not only explained, but given A LOT of importance that should pay off in big ways in the future. So yeah, even though I could've just gotten the lecture notes for this episode, there were still a lot of worthwhile topics discussed! Let's talk about 'em.

If you had seen last week's preview or any of the ads, the big angle was that THE RIPPER was back. Which I guess would've been the result of Stefan flipping off his humanity switch again. Even though I thought that the humanity switch had been proven to be false during Elena's plotline? I don't remember. But that's why this episode started off all scary, because what EXACTLY would Stefan be like now that he'd been freed from his safe? 

Well, just ask yourself how YOU would feel if you hadn't eaten in months and had to to walk across town in wet underwear.

This poor bartender lady got bit up pretty badly, but then we knew Stefan was NOT the Ripper because he shouted at her to scram, thereby saving her life. So yeah, those ads all lied to us, Stefan was still regular Stefan, he was just annoyed from all the hunger pangs.

Also he didn't have his ring anymore, and maybe also he no longer had the part of his brain that remembered he can't walk in the sun without it? So the next thing we knew he was just chillin' in direct sunlight BURNING ALL UP LIKE CRAZY.

Oh, Stefan. Obviously this was not the most graceful way to re-emerge into society, but welcome back anyway!

But then Elena shot up in bed as though she had dreamt it all. Had she dreamt it all? What a weird and specific dream, if so. Guys, spoiler alert, but she did not dream it all. Her dream was a documentary of what was actually going on as I'm sure she knew by now. Still though, Damon was skeptical. Of all the insane things they've ever experienced over the years, Damon drew the line at dreams reflecting reality. Or maybe he was just tired of reading so much writing on the wall? 

Here was the fun twist though: Katherine had had the same dream as Elena! That's when it became clear there was something going on with the doppelgangers. Like, it was some kind of doppelganger party line up in their brains. That should've brought Damon a measure of comfort right?

FYI this is Katherine's "time for a road trip to go find our missing friend" pose. It is the best pose. And she was posing this way because it was time for a road trip to find their missing friend!

Here's where things got VERY boring yet VERY informative. Stefan had NOT burned up in the morning sunlight because... He'd been rescued by a sexy & mysterious stranger!

Hey look, it was Luna from True Blood! Now, maybe your heart was racing because everyone knows Luna is to date one of the Top 5 worst characters ever featured on True Blood, but calm down. This character was no Luna. She had personality, this lady. If you were like me you immediately were like, "Oh, this must be Katsia." Just right away that's what I thought. But hold all of your horses, just hold them and brush them and love them because this episode was still about 15 long minutes away from confirming this suspicion. In fact, it was better off that you just put that idea out of your head so as to not ruin the "surprise" later. 

Honestly, the biggest surprise of the episode was when we got Silas flashbacks! Because come on:

If I had been drinking a beverage when this image came on screen my living room would've been wetter than Stefan's brain. LOOK AT HIM. Just look at him, guys. Also, "Two Thousand Years Ago"? So basically 13 A.D. I don't mean to be a nit-picker, but I'm pretty sure Ancient Greece was a B.C. sort of thing SORRY. Unless they meant the territory of Greece but the era of Ancient Rome? Look, doesn't matter, all that matters is I immediately started holding out hope we'd meet Teen Jesus. Unfortunately, we did NOT meet Teen Jesus, at least not this week. (I heard a rumor Teen Jesus will be next season's Big Bad). But look who we DID meet:

So yeah, this lady was definitely Katsia right? Except NOT SO FAST, she was still really hoping Stefan would think she was someone else. She was not a great storyteller. But she was definitely from Two Thousand Years ago in Ancient Greece and she'd had some kind of romance with Silas. Like, who else could she have been? 

Even Stefan just kinda stood there like, "What's the deal? Why are you telling me this?" Then and only then did she come clean with what had been crazy obvious:

KATSIA, you clever minx. She proved she was Katsia by turning the fire blue. So yeah, we finally met Katsia! After she'd been discussed so much last season you'd think her introduction would be a little more exciting, but oh well. She was just sort of an angry witch with a broken heart who created purgatory just to get back at an ex. NBD.

Elena and Damon and Katherine's road trip was not going great so far. For one thing Katherine LOOOOVED teasing Damon about Elena leaving Damon for Stefan. Her evidence was that she still very much cared about Stefan, so dreaming about him must've meant that Elena did too.

I mostly just liked these scenes because of how flawless the split-screening was. I will never not be blown away when Elena and Katherine share scenes. It's really something.

So then the gypsy lady had a phone call with Silas who told her she was supposed to murder Matt just to make sure his brain-stowaway was fully dead. Stabbing her bestie in the neck was not enough, I guess his spirit still could've been hiding inside a pile of mashed potatoes. So she went up to Matt in the back alley behind Mystic Grill and summoned her bestie and YUP. He was still in there. 

And wasn't it so amazing when Matt started talking like an Eastern European and got mad at her for having murdered his body and then they made out like characters on a very passionate telenovela?

What was going ON with these people? But yeah, the reveal was that this lady wasn't necessarily in league with Silas. She was double-crossing EVERYBODY basically. 

Speaking of betrayal, here's where Katsia's story started getting juicy. Apparently she'd devised a potion that would make her and Silas immortal, and they were going to drink it on their wedding day, except he stole the potions and ditched her at the altar so he could go off and become immortal with her handmaiden. Oh and look at the handmaiden's face:

BOOM! This was how all the doppelganger stuff began. Nature hates immortality, so the second Silas and this "Amara" lady drank the potion, the curse of the doppelgangers began for both of them. This was a very good reveal. Before this moment I really thought the Silas-Stefan doppelganger stuff was easily the dumbest plot twist in this show's history. Like, what were the chances? But not only did this make a logical sense, it suggested that it was NOT a coincidence that Elena and Stefan both wound up in the same terrible small town and then fell in love, but we'd learn more about that in a minute.

Meanwhile Damon and Elena were still on Stefan's trail. The bartender he'd attacked told them that he'd been rescued by someone driving the stolen pickup truck of a local. Then she poured him a shot of vervain-laced booze!

As it turned out, the gypsy lady had beaten them here and she REALLY wanted to kidnap Katherine. That's when Katherine walked in and attempted to play a little game of Guess the Correct Doppelganger.

This was a nice moment, because it seemed like sort of a dick move on Katherine's part to impersonate Elena, but then Elena tackled the gypsy woman and courageously stalled her so Katherine could escape.

So the reveal here was that the gypsy woman was ALSO a vampire? She moved super fast and was super strong, so I think that's what they were suggesting. That made it even stranger that she'd be waving a gun around, but that's not my problem.

Meanwhile Katsia's story just kept getting more effed up. I guess after discovering that Silas had stolen her immortality potion and given it to some servant, she put into motion her plan to create purgatory so that supernatural creatures could not spend eternity with humans. Or something like that. So she forced Amara to become human again and then murdered her!

Silas was NOT happy about this turn of events, if only because his favorite set of sheets was now completely ruined. But also if he wanted to spend eternity with the handmaiden lady he'd have to give up his immortality. 

Or something? I was already losing track of all this stuff. Look, I'm sure the origins of The Other Side and what Katsia wanted for herself and Silas make sense on paper, but it's just not landing for me as something I'm supposed to care about. Also the main takeaway was that she's a jealous woman, which is not my favorite motivation, especially since she'd had over 2,000 years to get over it. Silas seemed very douchey to begin with, and there's basically been a revolving door of supernatural hunks hanging out on The Other Side, you'd think she'd have forgotten about him by now.

So yeah. Anyway, Katsia was now alive again because Bonnie had lowered the veil, so her main thing was she wanted to continue what she'd started: Cure Silas, murder him, and banish him to Heaven? Which was exactly what he wanted also? I must've gotten that wrong somehow. Wait, DID they have the exact same agenda? I realize I'm not great at information-retention, but it can't be a good sign that I still do not understand what is going on with these characters and that I don't care enough to Ask Jeeves either.

This was a really nice moment. Despite the fact that a gypsy vampire was giving chase, Elena and Katherine took a second to clear some of the drama between them. Specifically, Katherine wanted to know why Elena cured her but then didn't murder her. Fair question, but Elena answered that it was because she's not evil? Either way Katherine seemed truly grateful.

Aw, wouldn't it be nice if they became besties? 

Haha whoops, unfortunately Elena should've been paying attention to any nearby vampires who were running up to break her neck. Because a vampire ran up and broke her neck!

So then Damon discovered Stefan tied up in a chair in that weird cabin where Katsia had taken him. They hadn't seen each other in a really long time but neither one seemed particularly stoked to see the other. Typical Salvatore stuff. 

Katsia decided that in order to neutralize Silas' mind-control powers, she needed to cast a spell on Stefan and fry his brains.

Stefan did NOT mind either. Let the brain-frying begin!

Meanwhile on the side of the highway somewhere, Silas intercepted gypsy vampire and tried to make her kill herself.

But then Katsia broke his magic!

It was so gross when he bled out of the eyeballs but let's be real, he sort of deserved it. But then WHOOPS, same thing happened to Stefan!

I was honestly so jealous of Stefan right here. I know *I* could also really use a magic-lobotomy and a good nap. 

This scene between Damon and Katsia was arguably the most important scene in the whole episode, and possibly one of the key things to remember from now on. She said that she'd been observing all of human (and monster) existence for two thousand years and all the Nina Dobrev doppelgangers had always, ALWAYS fallen in love with the Paul Wesley doppelgangers and vice versa. Their love always was and always will be fated. Jealous witches and sassy brothers never got to be with their crushes, they were merely Baxters, obstacles that the fated lovebirds had to overcome. So THAT was not what Damon wanted to hear, not at all.

She then offered to take Stefan off of his hands and, I don't know, keep him tied to a chair and play cards with him or whatever. It looked like Damon was considering it, but then he strangled her instead.

Classic Damon! You pretty much should not go around strangling 2,000-year-old witches just as a general rule.

Then Elena ran in and, instead of noticing Damon lying in a crumpled heap on the floor, immediately ran over to Stefan and grabbed his face with both hands. 

And the love triangle just keeps on spinnin'! This show.

Meanwhile Katherine was still being kept hostage by the gypsy vampire, who we learned had ulterior motives somehow, apart even from Silas'. Although it may have to do with the fact that Katherine was now a WALKING cure for vampirism.

The only question was, how would someone use Katherine to cure their vampirism? Would they have to kill her and take all of her blood? Or would any amount of her blood do the trick? Like, could she spike a vampire's Cactus Cooler with a drop of blood and turn them human against their will? All intriguing options! But obviously I would prefer Katherine not to be murdered, so go jump in a dumpster, Silas. 

Meanwhile Katsia was still out there somewhere, buying bulk candles at Pier One and I guess plotting to make life very hard for Silas. Which, fine. That's cool. I just want to understand their motivations better, that's all. And this might be premature, but I'm pretty sure Katsia will be turning Bonnie human again at some point, so just get on with it already and then please quietly leave, Ma'am.

Then Matt woke up on the floor after having been possessed by the gypsy vampire's buddy all day, and I immediately started laughing because I'd forgotten he was staying at Tyler's mansion. Oh, and he'd tracked in muddy (bloody?) footprints onto the linoleum!

What a rude house guest! I mean I guess he'd just dug up the body of the gypsy dude, but if so I don't know why it was treated as this shocking reveal. I will be disappointed if Matt doesn't get possessed again. His dracula accent was the best.

Back at the Salvatore shanty, Damon was feeling very sad and vulnerable about his future with Elena, but to his credit he just came out and said it rather than keep it bottled up.

Elena just sort of denied that they were in trouble. Which, maybe that was true! Who knows. Destiny is meant to be defied. But just as they were about to kiss, guess who woke up!

Yep, Stefan immediately had Elena's full and undivided attention and Damon was NOT happy. But then it got worse:

Stefan had AMNESIA! Hahaha what an original twist. First evil twins, now amnesia. Next thing you know somebody will have a long lost daughter. (Although, maybe the gypsy vampire is Katherine's daughter?) Anyway, and again, I hate to make a premature assessment, but I'm guessing the love of a woman will help Stefan regain his memories? We'll see. I just hope somebody wears an eye patch at some point.

Guys, we learned a lot in "Original Sin" but it wasn't crazy captivating. No Caroline? No Jeremy? No Originals (duh)? I'm just not sure I cared enough about the Silas and Katsia back story to enjoy this episode to the fullest. ON THE OTHER HAND, the doppelganger info was VERY valuable, and also I hope this info dump served as a sort of table clearing for much better plotlines later. Like, we all knew the Katsia thing was coming, as well as the doppelganger-source storyline, and the fact that both plotlines have been addressed this soon means they are no longer hanging over our heads. Hopefully something much more exciting and surprising is on the way. 


Just a suggestion okay bye.


... Is Katsia a good character so far?

... Will Elena and Damon defy destiny?

... Are Katherine and Stefan endgame?

... What would you do if YOU were able to possess Matt's body for a day?

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