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On Saturday night, I stared death in the face in order to bring you, the internet, knowledge gained from the PaleyFest panel celebrating The CW's hit series The Vampire Diaries. And do you know what death looks like, internet? It looks like 2,600 screaming fangirls running at me in an attempt to get to stars Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, and Nina Dobrev. If you are one of those fangirls, I'd like to apologize for accidentally getting in your way; I understand my mistake, and it won't happen again. Also, I have never seen a more passionate fanbase in my entire life. 

As a TVD fan myself, I've experienced and totally understand the crazy level of excitement—I did honor you with the title of one of the TV's craziest fanbases, after all—but I can now say that TVD fans put everyone else to shame. You ladies are awesome. And to the three guys who were in the audience, you're either working some mad game, as Wesley joked when a man stood up to ask a question during the fan Q&A portion, or you're just really awesome, too. 

Regardless, here are some of the juiciest bits of intel that I could gather in between the proclamations of love to Wesley and Somerhalder, and I think you'll find that some of their answers were pretty interesting.

On the future of Delena:

After acknowledging the flaws in their relationship at the end of this week's episode, Damon and Elena hopped back into bed with each other awfully quickly. "They've got to have a lot of actual, legit, grown-up conversations," explained executive producer Julie Plec. "We just want to try to play them as human as possible, in spite of their inhuman experience." Somehalder noted the flaw in that plan, of course, which was that "they keep taking their pants off, and that’s what gets in the way of the grown-up conversations." 

On hope for Stelena:

When asked by a fan if there's any hope for Stefan and Elena, EP Caroline Dries noted that there's some great stuff coming up for those two characters in the next couple of episodes. Plec further explained that the show will dig into the idea of the universe drawing the pair together, and what that really means for then. The idea of Elena having free will and possibly giving the finger to destiny and the prophecy that says she belongs with Stefan will be explored.

On whether or not we'll ever see Katherine again:

Noting that death on The Vampire Diaries doesn't necessarily have the same meaning or significance as it does on other shows, Plec and Dries said Katherine's death was ultimately something the series had been building to since the beginning of the season. And that although the series doesn't use terms like heaven and hell, or even touch on religion, they felt it was pretty obvious what had happened to Katherine when she was dragged from a church (and yes, that was the church set from The Originals). If I had to guess, we'll probably not be seeing Katherine again. At least not until Season 47 when they run out of ideas regarding love triangles and hook-ups and have completely explored the Other Side and Alaric's magical return to the land of the living (hey, a girl can dream, can't she?).

On how much they listen to the fans:

First and foremost, Plec wanted everyone to know that they do, in fact, hear Twitter's desperate cries. But when it comes to whether or not the writers let the fandom dictate where the story goes, Plec noted that there's an equally vocal number of people who are Team Stefan as there are people who are Team Damon and they can't play toward one side or the other based on fan reaction. "It's cyclical. It's all part of their journey with one another... If we let one voice affect us too much, then we're not being honest to the story." 

On Paul Wesley's directorial debut:

As you probably know by now, Wesley recently stepped behind the camera to direct an upcoming episode of TVD. To show Wesley how much she appreciated him and how far they've come since the pilot, Dobrev said she marked the occasion by giving him a gift to "remind him of where we started" and "where it all began" and "what's most important" ... and it was a giant portrait of Dobrev. Wesley said it is now hanging in his dressing room, which I totally get because I have a giant portrait of Wesley hanging in my bedroom. 

All jokes aside, Wesley said he had a wonderful time directing. He credited Somerhalder and Dobrev for making the experience so easy. "They knew their lines. They nailed it. They really brought it," he said. "It was so touching because I didn't know what to expect. And I think they tried their hardest."

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