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I just had an epiphany.

Lemme explain, and please bear with me. And please don't stake me for this discussion.

What if the frustratingly, annoyingly unreasonable and complicated dance of relationship is actually based upon a logical lore of many other established mythology regarding the Vampirism?

The actors are beyond young adult now, but they portray characters who have been turned into a vampire in their young pre-adult years (Not quite young adults but not teens anymore. Somewhere from 19-23 YO).

As anyone can recall from their own experience or even observe anyone around them from this age group, these years are "baby" years when one contemplates profusely on their goals, meaning of life, the universe, psychology, society, relationships and many more things all of which isn't necessarily the need of the hour.

This show concentrate one one aspect of that over-brooding - Romance. Tweens are very serious, many time too serious about the relationships without having clear ideas about the hardships of marriage, family-making and general social courtesies. Having a clear goal and understanding what they truly desire is very tough. Tweens generally sway between two highly desirable aspects.

In the real world these formative years pass and tweens mature into young adults understanding the way the world works. They are wary, judgmental, decisive and know the art of fixing a goal.

The Salvatore brothers signify the "two" aspects which have equal weight on Elena's scales. Damon is obsessive and Stefan is Passive about common desire -Elena.

Now the dance occurs because they all have been frozen into a perpetual desire pattern which can never be erased by simply learning new experience.

Many Vampire myths states that vampires are essentially locked into their youth (face, brain, mind, thought included) and while they learn experience, those locked emotions overpower their every action.

Elena was turned into a Vampire in such a crucial moment of her life that she will never be free from dual attraction which existed in her formative tween. Since she's essentially trapped being immortal and all, she will continue her dance for the affection of both Salvatore.

This is however my personal opinion and Psychoanalysis. The writers are either very clever or outright dumb or may be too afraid of loosing ratings or being attacked by rabid shippers.

You can also say that it was my straw grasp to define some sense or logic for the killing of logic that occurs in this show on weekly basis. I admire this show for many other things such as intricate stories (even they they are full of holes, they are fun nonetheless), my staple for supernatural entertainment and of course beautiful people. But even then I can defend and overlook the murder of logic and beating the dead horse for so long as I have the capacity to. It is filling up fast. For the sake of Bermuda Triangle (For me this swaying Romance is more horrific than the mysterious BT) writers skip explanations or developments, ret-con previous platforms, churn out inconsistent stories, destroy character development and I dread the day when I will effectively delete it from my beloved list of shows.

May that day never manifest!

BTW: The heading of this discussion was influenced by the phrase "Dance of Inanna". Inanna was the Sumerian Goddess of Sex, Lust and Love like Aphrodite. She lusted after young, strong and beautiful men who generally surrendered themselves before her. She was very promiscuous and never tried to remain faithful to one man, even her spouse Dumuzi(d). She loved to incite war and her wrath in the battlefied was termed the terrible "Dance of Inanna".

Edit: "The actors are beyond young adult now, but they portray characters who have been turned into a vampire in their early tweens." - I misunderstood the meaning of the word 'tween'. I was notified duly and thank all that pointed that out. I apologize for any misunderstanding that was caused.
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