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Quick Points.

1. So, I was never quite sure how I felt about Enzo. I never hate him, but I did not like him either. In this episode, well they made me like him. He really was trying to stay by Damon's side even though he could have ripped his head off. Sigh...Also, I think what made me like Enzo is the fact that he told Damon that he gives up to easy, which is true. Damon needs to learn how to deal with hurt differently instead of killing people. Go Denzo. I love their friendship. Ahhhhhhh...Give me more.

2. Katherine is annoying me quite like Elena does (not the VERY ANNOYING WHINY human Elena, but the slightly annoying vampire Elena). Katherine has reach a "Jeremy status," which means I do not really care if they live or die. Why? Because she has crossed the ultimate line. I let her cross MANY lines. I always TRY to overlook the fact that she played with Damon's feelings for CENTURIES, but trying to kill Damon Salvatore is a line one does not cross. Bye, Kat.

3. Stefan and I will always have a love-hate relationship because everyone knows I will always side with Damon (even though sometimes I feel like staking him when he upsets me, but that is a different story). I was having an internal battle when he was indulging himself in "Elena's" seduction. Smh. Of course, I guess Stefan made up for it with the brotherly bond that he always shows towards Damon.

4. What is Nadia's purpose? To be Katerine's loyal pet dog. I am indifferent to her 'hybrid' bite unless that means Klaus is coming back to town?! Then, Katherine seems caring all of a sudden. I don't buy it. I think she just wants her daughter around to keep her secret.

5. Caroline Forbes. She always use to be a strong favorite character of mine. It seems like Julie Plec is turing Caroline into a bit of a slut. She has slept with almost EVERY boy on the show except Stefan and it seems like Julie Plec might make Caroline the "Queen of having all the guys" in some way.

6. I am so glad that Stefan and Caroline figured Katherine out because this show that Katherine is putting on is getting old FAST.

7. Can other characters get GOOD story-lines? or is that forbidden on this show.

I am really concerned for the fact that everyone thought that Elena, self-righteous, up-tight, boring, too compassionate, whiny and have morals ELENA Gilbert would do a complete 360 and change her personality into a feisty, cold-hearted person. Really, kill Damon. Please. She would not. I sense that these people don't really know one another as well as they thought they did. Ha.

Where's Bonnie? What's her purpose on this show? Can I have more Enzo? When will the story-line have more sustanece like the 1st 3 season?

Sigh...All these questions and no answers.
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I disagree that Stefan and Damon should have died... if they died, what would be the purpose of the show? they're the main characters... everytime someone is in danger (which is all the time) Stefan saves them & Damon does the dirty work. The show would be absolutely nothing without them.

Wait...I never said killed the brothers ! i am not sure were you read that, but I agree I would stop watching either one of them died.
I knew it would be Stefan who finally found out Katherine was in Elena's body. I guess I was at least hoping so, I mean, Stefan really knew both Elena and Katherine. Better than anybody else... he should have noticed a lot sooner but I guess with everything else going on, who would? but it was pretty cool that Stefan was the one who figured it all out... though Damon should have too I guess... being her boyfriend and all, but I just really think Stefan and Elena should get back together... they were so adorable together. They should get back together...
i hate how caroline is taking the credit where she put no effort in it
if it was for the SC duo they would never find out that Katherine took over Elena's body
even in new webclip she says "we are the worst friends ever" finally something i can agree
and my love for katherine shall never fade there is still 7 or idk how much episode left from this season but at current phase i just hate how the writers destroyed both her char and steferine less than 2-3episode
too bad the last few episode basically contradicted everything from the past seasons maybe the writer group should rewatch the whole show..
and who in right mind said "we should do this body swapping stuff its going to be awesome storyline"
at last im not even going to respond this so called "whinny Elena" thing coz if i start my post prolly ends up being deleted...
ps: Dalaric & Denzo
I think Enzo has potential. He's growing on me - and this show needs to get some new characters that aren't going to be reduced to April/Aaron/Jesse status. Nadia was also starting to grow on me (and I liked her stuff with Matt) but it seems like she'll probably die.

I agree about Caroline though - I don't want her to get any more love interests. She needs to just be single for a while (as does Elena) and have a story-line of her own (that isn't about a guy).

Jeremy should have stayed dead - he has no purpose on the show at all anymore.

I was okay with Bonnie being back as long as she actually had a storyline. Since she doesn't I think they should have left her dead as well. Being the anchor is a huge thing - she's in constant pain because every time a supernatural being dies they have to pass through her. We almost never even get to see Bonnie and nobody seems to care about what she has to go through. It's just baffling to me that nobody at all has cared about Bonnie or what she has to go through.
Damon's a horrible person and he should have been killed a long time ago. Stefan is a horrible person and he should have been killed a long time ago.

Damon was celebrating Katherine's death even though she's responsible for his immortality and he wanted to be a vampire. So, F him. Why shouldn't Katherine want that ungrateful POS dead.

Caroline became a major hypocrite when she had sex with Klaus. Really, her whole relationship with Klaus.

Katherine is essentially the only sympathetic person in TVD. She's had to run for centuries. She's had to have sex with people partly to get those people to be at least somewhat loyal to her. And even that doesn't always work out.

Katherine's been in love with Stefan since 1860 or whenever. She has to bear the indignity that Stefan somehow loves the stupid and boring Elena over the super intelligent and dynamic Katherine. She has to 'be Elena' for Stefan to even consider actually being with her.

Anyway, Katherine is a much better character than Damon is.
When Katherine was dying in the bed, Bonnie saw Katherine. However we all know one has to touch bonnie to slip to the other side. So Bonnie knows noone died that night, and either elena or katherine's body is missing.

This is the biggest hole right now. It's so big, i don't care anything else.

I hope Nadia realizes she's not like katherine like Matt told her. She should grab Matt and run, and never look back.

Damon has to die. Along with Elena/Katherine. So the doppelganger curse will be broken for awhile and then Julie can write a steamy love scene between Stefan and Caroline. Tyler can kiss everyone's arse. He should end up being Klaus' top dog again. AND please, somebody has to teach him how to fight, hybrids are supposed to be stronger than any normal vampire.

Bonnie should put herself and Jeremy in a stasis spell for eternity, noone will miss them.
All good points, Katherine in Elena's body pretending to be Elena still has Katherine qualities and as soon as she kicked Stefan the stake to kill Damon alarm bells should have gone off, Elena no matter how made she is at Damon would never kill him. I like Enzo I did from the start and him and Damon together is exciting I still wish Alaric could come back and be drinking buddies with Damon again but I can cope with Enzo and Damon being murder buddies. As a fan of Caroline and klaus and them together I'm not enjoying all the hate Caroline is getting she has been with 3 of our main peeps Damon, Matt and Tyler, and now klaus but I think well I hope that klaus is going to be her first and last true love because for me the others were just sex with some feels, I think she just has the right to be happy. With Nadia my theory is Katherine bargains with Caroline to go and get klaus's blood to save Nadia and I turn maybe save klaus a cross over episode would be great.
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