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3 days ago
The CW Midseason Schedule: The Vampire Diaries Moves to Fridays, and The 100 Goes To Thursdays
For the first time since it debuted in 2009, The Vampire Diaries won't be airing at 8pm on Thursday
Nov 21, 2015
The Vampire Diaries "Mommie Dearest" Review: Thanksgiving a Damn (PHOTO RECAP)
Thanksgiving has come to Mystic Falls, which meant it was the perfect time for Damon and Stefan to take their mother hostage!
Season 7 Episode 7, "Mommie Dearest" Reactionary Review
Nov 20, 2015
Salvatore Team Up? YES PLEASE!
Recap: Last week we had a lot of surprised. First.......CAROLINE AND ALARIC END UP ENGAGED. EEWW, I'M NOT OK WITH THIS. He was her teacher for crying out loud!! He was with her best friends sister! JUST, NO. EEW. I will never ship Caroline and Alaric. I don't even know their ship name and I don't wanna know because I will never use it because I will never acknowledge it's existence. NOPE. Also, it turns out that Caroline is forcibly and unwillingly pregnant with his children. NOT COOL. If the writers fail to acknowledge her lack of permission in this I will be pissed. Of course she's gonna go along with it in the end, but I need to see her struggle with the idea of being pregnant against her will. I need to see her struggling with the unfairness of it, with the ...Read more
Nov 20, 2015
Mommie (I told you: No! Vervain! Ropes!) Dearest Recap/Review
First, let’s talk about Julian as a villain. The characters keep referring to Julian as “ancient” and “powerful,” and generally regard him as a legitimate threat that will require strategy and cooperation to overcome. Julian is clearly less ancient and powerful than the original vampires, Esther, Silas, and Qetsiya, and arguably less powerful than the heretics. The gang handled all those threats well, so why are they so worried about Julian? If he wasn’t linked to Lilly he could be taken down easily (as shown when Damon stabbed him in the heart with the phoenix sword). I think Julian isn’t so much a villain as he is a plot device to help the Salvatore family put itself back together.

With that in mind, on to the episode…

In the future, Damon and Ric are speeding (literally) to get to Caroline before Stefan. Lady Hunter really wants Stefan ...Read more
Nov 16, 2015
Best Served Cold (like gazpacho and Bonnie's side-eye) Recap/Review

First, let me say that “Best Served Cold” was the first episode of the season to really get its hooks in me.It reminded me that, at its core, Vampire Diaries is a show about relationships.While the geek in me loves a good battle, some wicked spellcraft, or a quest for ancient items of power, this show is at its best when those conflicts serve to highlight the dynamics of our main characters.This episode did a great job highlighting those motivating forces and served to clearly shift the focus of the show away from the Damon/Elena saga and back to the root of the series: the relationship between Stefan and Damon.But in true VD fashion, we get a good battle, the promise of witchery, and some more bad (as usual) news about this season’s item of power along the way.

On to the episode…

Flash ...

Read more
Nov 14, 2015
The Vampire Diaries "Best Served Cold" Review: Daddy Issues (PHOTO RECAP)
Julian's awake and Lily tried to make peace. Unfortunately the Salvatore Bros just weren't in the mood!
Season 7 Episode 6, "Best Served Cold" Reactionary Review
Nov 13, 2015
Julian's Awake And He's Still A Mega-Jerk
Recap: Last week we found out that The Phoenix Stone is not some magic stone that resurrects the dead. It's a trash can for the worst dead vampires ever and when they "resurrected" Oscar and Jo, they actually stuffed some random vamp in their bodies. Also, it turns out Julian was in the Stone also and that's why Lily needed it, so she could put his soul back in his body. Damon, Stefan and Valerie took a road trip to find Julian's body so they could burn it bug unfortunately the Mean Girls and Lily got there first and now Valerie got voted off the island. It was also revealed that in the future, Bonnie and Enzo are a thing and all I can say is YES PLEASE. This is a ship I never knew I wanted bug now that I see it, I must have it ...
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Season 7 Episode 5, "Live Through This" Reactionary Review"
Nov 06, 2015
That Awkward Moment You Put Some Rando In Your Dead GF's Body.......Oops!
Recap: We found out in the flash forward that Dalaric broke up! THAT WAS TRAGIC NEWS! What could have torn them apart? The Mean Girl Heretics were looking for Oscar and vowed to kill somebody every hour that he went unreturned. In an attempt to babysit students and keep their eyes on the Mean Girls, Stefan and Caroline threw a Halloween party. At said Halloween party a bunch of relationship sh*t I don't care nothing about happened between said Mean Girls. In more interesting news, Oscar had been brought back and he went on a binge and was straight up eating everybody. He ate an entire bus of people!! I can't think of any reason why he would be so damn hungry. In the final few moments, we saw Damon decide to keep Elena in his heart but not live with her under his feet all the ...Read more
Nov 06, 2015
The Vampire Diaries "Live Through This" Review: Soul Coffin (PHOTO RECAP)
This week Stefan and Valerie spent some quality time together sorting out all their vampire issues. Meanwhile the drama surrounding the pink moonstone got SERIOUS.
Nov 03, 2015
"I Carry Your Heart (and in Jo's case her entire body) With Me" Recap

First, let’s discuss something that’s been bothering me.Why are the Heretics called heretics?A heretic, in the broadest sense, is a person whose views or opinions are at odds with accepted thinking.The heretic is an outsider because he chooses to think differently, not because he is inherently different from anyone else.In VD the Heretics’ very existence breaks one of the laws of supernatural nature: a person cannot be both a witch and a vampire.Keeping that in mind, wouldn’t a better name for the Heretics be something like Chimeras (an organism composed of two or more genetically distinct components) or Aberrations (a typically unwelcome departure from what is standard, normal, or expected)?

Personally, I’d be way more scared to hear “the Chimeras are coming!” than “the Heretics are coming!” One makes me think of fire breathing lion-goat-snake monsters and the other sounds like ...

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