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postcards from mystic falls
Feb 21, 2015
The Vampire Diaries "Let Her Go" Review: Goodbye and Welcome Back (PHOTO RECAP)
Pathos, twists, romance, and perfect emotions... Julie Plec's directorial debut was one of TVD's best episodes ever.
postcards from mystic falls
Feb 13, 2015
The Vampire Diaries "Stay" Review: Very Ouch (PHOTO RECAP)
"Stay" was a tough and devastating episode, but also a series high.
it's not us, it's them
Feb 12, 2015
7 TV Couples Who Need to Get Their Sh*t Together
Valentine's Day is the perfect time to start a relationship OR to end one.
Feb 08, 2015
The Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: Caroline Has an Interesting Coping Mechanism; Stefan Helps
The Vampire Diaries, our intrepid heroes decide to celebrate Bonnie's (Kat Graham) birthday because it's what she would have
wanted, despite her still being trapped in another dimension.
In an exclusive sneak peek at "The Day I Tried to Live," we see that Caroline (Candice Accola) has decided to focus her grief
over her ailing mother and a disappeared Bonnie onto an object: a teddy bear named Miss Cuddles.
When Caroline and Bonnie were young, they got in a fight and Caroline buried Miss Cuddles in her yard. She brought back a
version of the bear from the past, but Caroline is determined to dig up the original Miss Cuddles with a near-manic look in
her eyes.
Stefan (Paul Wesley) is right there with her, naturally.
"You've been going through a lot lately," he says. Do you think you're maybe just a little confused about what ...
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postcards from mystic falls
Feb 06, 2015
The Vampire Diaries "The Day I Tried to Live" Review: Retro Active (PHOTO RECAP)
The gang had a particularly weird birthday celebration for Bonnie, and Kai learned some important lessons about human emotion.
Feb 04, 2015
New Podcast Episode - Prayer for the dying review
Hey guys,

Here's this weeks episode of our TVD podcast.


Thanks for watching!

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Cameron: @bodian26
Mirela: @ObservetteMARCH
postcards from mystic falls
Jan 30, 2015
The Vampire Diaries: Did You Say a "Prayer for the Dying"?
An episode title like "Prayer for the Dying" can't be good news for Sheriff Forbes. Unless it was one of the twins who was in danger this week...
Jan 29, 2015
We're baaaack!

Aah...the hiatus is finally over and we can all go back to being couch potatoes and pigging out in front of the TV. Hold on...that's kind of what most people did during the Holidays. So "back to" or part two of food and TV. Speaking of food, The Vampire Diaries are back and naturally so is our video podcast review of the show. Here's the new episode featuring myself and @cameroncloutier from Obnoxious and Anonymous


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Cameron: @bodian26
Mirela: @ObservetteMARCH

See you next week! Keep the comments coming.
postcards from mystic falls
Jan 23, 2015
The Vampire Diaries "Woke Up With a Monster" Review: Lost in Powers (PHOTO RECAP)
It was Experiment Week in Mystic Falls, as both Elena and an unlucky cancer patient were tortured by supernatural creatures!
another one bites the dust
Jan 11, 2015
The Vampire Diaries Is Losing a Series Regular Very Soon
The show is going to be significantly less hunky going forward.
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