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Season 7 Episode 11, "Things We Lost in The Fire", Reactionary Review
An hour ago
The Phoenix Stone Never Leaves You Alone
Guys, I am too hype about this new TVD episode! I normally don't remember jack sh*t about what happened in the last episode of a show cuz I watch too much tv and have to look over my last review but I remember this episode! And I been waiting for Friday to roll around again. To keep it brief, we got to see what happened to Damon in the Phoenix Stone and it was both funny and sad asf. He kept reliving the first time he didn't accept responsibility for something and kept trying to fix it only to die over and over. Finally, it got down to the root of the problem: Lily. Despite the fact he was 1000% justified in wanting to vomit cuz he hated her stinking guts soo much cuz she was straight up scum between his toes (LOL).........deep down he was ...
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postcards from mystic falls
6 hours ago
The Vampire Diaries: Let's Recover "Things We Lost in the Fire"
Damon and Stefan attempt to recover from their quick trip to hell, plus Tyler returns!
postcards from mystic falls
Jan 31, 2016
The Vampire Diaries "Hell Is Other People" Review: Mistakes Were Made (PHOTO RECAP)
Much like Stefan and Damon, The Vampire Diaries was banished to a hell dimension... Fridays! How will anyone survive?
Season 7 Episode 10, "Hell is Other People", Reactionary Review
Jan 30, 2016
The One Where Ian F*&^ed Up Everbody's Tear Ducts
Hey guys! Gonna try something a little different. Due to health stuff, I never did a review for the last two episodes of last year. I watched them eventually but I don’t remember sh*t. Instead of taking forever to do a recap, I’m just gonna jump into the new episode and remember/recap as I go.

Oh yea, that’s right. I forgot that Lily officially died and Damon didn’t give a f*ck. Oh and Damon got stabbed with the Phoenix stone knife. This is gonna suck balls for him.

Poor Damon is reliving. I can only imagine the hell he’s gonna relive.

Was this before or after they turned? I don’t remember.

DAMN. They f*cking killed everybody.

Lily is here. She’s gonna guilt trip the hell outta him.

So Henry and Damon covered up what they did. Damn. That’s ...Read more
Dec 11, 2015
The Vampire Diaries "Cold As Ice" Review: Winter Blunderland (PHOTO RECAP)
Christmas came to Mystic Falls, and the Salvatores spent it drinking egg nog and attempting to murder their dead mother's boyfriend! Things did not end well.
postcards from mystic falls
Dec 04, 2015
The Vampire Diaries "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me" Review: A Very Short Engagement (PHOTO RECAP)
Another party, another opportunity for murder! But the Salvatores' plan to murder their mother's boyfriend didn't turn out EXACTLY as they'd hoped.
shakin' things up
Nov 23, 2015
The CW Midseason Schedule: The Vampire Diaries Moves to Fridays, and The 100 Goes To Thursdays
For the first time since it debuted in 2009, The Vampire Diaries won't be airing at 8pm on Thursday
Nov 21, 2015
The Vampire Diaries "Mommie Dearest" Review: Thanksgiving a Damn (PHOTO RECAP)
Thanksgiving has come to Mystic Falls, which meant it was the perfect time for Damon and Stefan to take their mother hostage!
Season 7 Episode 7, "Mommie Dearest" Reactionary Review
Nov 20, 2015
Salvatore Team Up? YES PLEASE!
Recap: Last week we had a lot of surprised. First.......CAROLINE AND ALARIC END UP ENGAGED. EEWW, I'M NOT OK WITH THIS. He was her teacher for crying out loud!! He was with her best friends sister! JUST, NO. EEW. I will never ship Caroline and Alaric. I don't even know their ship name and I don't wanna know because I will never use it because I will never acknowledge it's existence. NOPE. Also, it turns out that Caroline is forcibly and unwillingly pregnant with his children. NOT COOL. If the writers fail to acknowledge her lack of permission in this I will be pissed. Of course she's gonna go along with it in the end, but I need to see her struggle with the idea of being pregnant against her will. I need to see her struggling with the unfairness of it, with the ...Read more
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