The Vampire Diaries

Season 2 Episode 14

Crying Wolf

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 10, 2011 on The CW

Episode Recap

Steve, the young werewolf, suspects Mason is up to something. He thinks he has figured everything out with all the strange activity going on in Mystic Falls, and he thinks Damon and Stefan are trying to break the curse. The werewolves realize that they have to break the curse before the vampires or else they are as good as dead. The werewolves enlist Tyler's expertise to help find the moonstone. Tyler is brought up to date about the curse and Jules tells him that if they break it first, they can't turn into werewolves at will, meaning they don't have to be werewolves if they don't want to. They figure that Katherine would know about the curse so they show Tyler a picture of her. He identifies her as Elena. They figure out that Elena is Katherine's doppelganger and go to find her.

Jenna and Matt are getting close to finding out the truth. John Gilbert wants Jenna to know. Alaric is now feeling guilty about lying to Jenna. Bonnie, Caroline, Jeremy, and surprisingly Luka are at the Grille. The three roofie Luka and gets him to spill the news about why he is working with Elijah. It turns out that Luka and Jonas are helping Elijah because they both want Klaus dead because Klaus is holding Luka's sister hostage. Elijah has been forcing witches to help him break the curse without the doppelganger. He promises to return Luka's sister after they help him. Elena acknowledges her deal with Elijah – she wants to make sure her loved ones are safe.

The werewolves try to kill Damon and Alaric when they would not hand over the moonstone. Elijah comes and saves them. Tyler and Brady try to kill Stefan before they realize they have to kill Elena to break the curse. Bonnie tells Jeremy she's known him forever and all of a sudden he's turned into a sweet, hot guy. They share a kiss. The episode ends with Tyler telling Matt about how great Caroline is and how he loves her, but she loves Matt and that she and matt should be together. Tyler goes to Caroline's to say goodbye, but can't get himself to do it. He gets into a car with Jules.
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