The Vampire Diaries

Season 2 Episode 14

Crying Wolf

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 10, 2011 on The CW

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  • he is a man, theother is not!

    well, Damon finds a new puppet! I don't mind! I like Damon more than the news girl (don't judge me I'm not cruel) and not trusting John about how to kill the original was a wise choice!
    Tyler, was theother puppet in this episode but at the end he made me take what I said about him, all back! he acted and chose like a man.
    Matt, why is he in the show?! if there wasn't a charachter in the novel named Matt, I guess he wouldn't be here! he is just an always brokenheart guy, isn't that enough?
    Elena is kind of saying goodbye to everything in her world and it bothers me. she was a girl who always fought back but she is giving up of everthing. I love the vampires in the show but I agree with Stephen in the case that they lived enough and actualy they are dead people and Elena is just a 17 years old girl. she realy needs to stop acting like a grown up! besides I realy want them to open that box, they are not going anywhere like this. Elena is buying time being with Stephen because she is going toward death. Stephen was right, it's not heroic, it's tragic.
    one thing else I realy wan'na know: how Elijah found out Damon is in danger but didn't notice Elena is in danger too?!!!! and at the meanwhile I realy thought Alaric is dead, I didn't know his ring protects him from every supernatural happenings.
    about John; he is THEONE who realy shouldn't be alive. he is walking around and ruining everything.
    well this episode showed us none of the lovely charachters are safe, and I don't like it!
  • Crying Wolf

    Crying Wolf was a perfect and action packed episode of The Vampire Diaries. I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of plot development adding to the complexity of the story. There were many subtle clues, and we learn new things about a lot of the characters. This episode had a little bit about every one involved. There were some funny scenes such as Elena sneaking around hiding from a Werewolf in knee high leather boots, and Werewolves taking on Elijah. I liked learning more about Elijah's plans, and it was cool to see Bonnie and Jeremy finally hit it off for real. Tyler made some tough decisions and started a new journey. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!
  • All sides of Tyler revealed

    I love the dynamic of this show and this episode is no exception. I've really enjoyed the development of Tyler throughout this season and even toward the end of the first season. Say what you want about his choices, he's really a sincere person who has lost his way.

    I knew John was going to turn out to be a dirty rat. Love to hate that guy...can't wait for the moment where Damon rips his head off! haha

    Elijah is intense, need I say more?

    Bonnie is a little less annoying and whiny than before. That has actually been quite a pleasant surprise.

    I hate the wolf girl! Although naturally he would go with the only person who seemed to want the guy around, I was bummed that Tyler went with her. I liked where things were going with Caroline and as much as I like Matt I agree with the other guy's statement about him. Why is he in the show? haha

    This was definitely one of the top 3 episodes of this season so far!!!
  • It's an amazing and captivating show but I just hate it when it's all about Elena.

    It's an amazing and captivating show but I just hate it when it's all about Elena. OK she's hot but how many people/vampires/werewolves need to be sacrificed, bled dry, beheaded so she can enjoy her 5 minutes of sugar-coated romance with that Robert Pattison look-alike.

    Tyler is an amazing character but I have the bad feeling he is also on his way of being turned into one of a myriad of disposable characters to be slayed per episode for viewers pleasure.

    I also totally dislike the honestly racist/white supremacist/bourjois aka vampire vs poor, living in trailers, low-life, low-class werewolves. The latter deserve to exist just as much as the vampires.

    The show has an amazing chemistry and that's what makes it so compelling but it is also wrong on so many levels it angers me. I just don't care about the decadent, self-righteous vampire archetype. It's a classic rich vs poor thing. The two brothers do anything for fun and their own pleasure and we dislike others who are mereley trying to survive. Awful.
  • ''You wanna let yourself get killed? That's not heroic. That's tragic.'' - Stefan (to Elena)

    Elena should know by now that whenever she decides to take a day off from her hectic everyone-is-trying-to-sacrifice-me workload, it always ends with death. Elena, darlin', there's no playing hookie when you're the essential part of a doppelganger sacrifice puzzle, ok?

    It's funny, you can always tell when a scribe likes Elena because she's given an unusual amount of spunk and a fair few moments of comic relief. It was fun seeing Elena actually having fun for once – teasing Stefan about his inability to openly walk into a home without an invitation was a hoot – and her attempts at survival were clever, I really like it when Elena stands up for herself even when the odds are stacked against her and wielding a vicious knife.

    But am I the only one that sees the obvious loophole to this whole sacrifice malarkey? I was thinking half-way through the episode that maybe Bonnie could allow Elena to die and have a quick resurrection spell at the ready, but then I remembered – DUH! - the frickin' couture collection of invincibility. Unless they have to torch Elena's body until she's a pile of dust, all she has to do is wear the ring (on her toe, maybe, less obvious?) have them gut her like a fish (since she seems so eager anyways), it'll weaken Klaus because the curse will have been officially activated and then Elijah can kill Klaus and the brothers can kill Elijah with their dagger thing. Sorted.

    I think that's why John wants the ring so badly. He may very well be a 'dick' but I do believe he has the best intentions regarding Elena. But he does look an awful lot like maybe he'll stab everyone in the back. Hmm.

    While we do learn some interesting tidbits about Elijah, he's an extremely convenient plot device at the moment, isn't he? As I've stated in previous reviews, I like how this show is tackling werewolves in human form – they know how to take down a vampire. And how many did it take to apprehend Damon? ONE. (Learn from this, True Blood.) But then Elijah pops up in the nick of time and has a good 'ol heart-ripping rampage. Someone kill him already, he's annoying me. (*But* he does have really nice hair – HA!)

    There were some funny one-liners in this episode. Who wrote this episode?...Hmm...googling...searching... my sources tell me Brian Young (I somehow knew he wrote Unpleasantville, cos Elena rocked in that one, too). Good stuff on the one-liner home front and the Elena stuff, but, ugh, really, Bonnie and Jeremy? That romantic dialogue, really? Hotness of Bonnie or not, if someone handed me such a slap-to-the-face two-sided compliment, I'd hand them their ass to the front porch (you were basically a drugged up loser, but, omg, you, like, got a hair cut and you're really hot, and like my BFF told me you were so into me, and, like, screw any sort of personality requirement, cos did I mention the hotness of you? *swoons*). But none of that really matters because Bonnie is too good [of a character] for him.

    Can we just take Matt and Jeremy and put them in their own little spin-off where no one watches, cos they are THAT useless. I do not blame the actors for this at all. Writers, writers, writers, Jenna is as human as they come, and yet because she doesn't sit around moping and has some decent lines, we LIKE her. And she may be getting sucked into the fold soon, as well. Colour me excited!

    This was another solid episode! I love when Bonnie takes control of her witchly duties, and I absolutely love the fact that she has no problem drugging Luka and kidnapping him (but hate that she likes Jeremy, you got that, right?). I was also extremely happy to see Bonnie and Caroline chat and plan and laugh about the sheer absurdity of the situation that they're in. Sleepovers can do wonders for the soul.

    So, yes, this was a strong episode for character development and basically acknowledging where everyone stands in the upcoming war. The Warlocks aren't so evil after all, and I'm sure if this was their show, we'd be rooting for them just as much as our main protagonists, but since it's not they're probably gonna die very soon.

    Everyone dies on this show eventually, eh Elena? Just make sure you're wearing the RING when you do!
  • Ok lets get this out of the way first,

    Ok lets get this out of the way first, what is going on with Damons face, all that twitching and eyebrow acting, and at the moment he just looks bored!, I know he's supposedly pining but Blimey ! Anyway I enjoyed the episode, hope its not the last we see of Tyler, he seems the only werewolf who's being treated as more than just an animal, don't like Jonathan at all, and I feel really sorry for Jenna, and I have to say I loved the look on Jeremy's face when Bonnie said he was hot, AHH, On the whole a lot of things coming together regarding Elija and what he really means by helping Elena. I still think the girls are the most interesting characters and sorry boys,the best acted, altho not all the boys I hasten to add ,so lets see what happens next week.
  • Crying Wolf & Season 2

    VD turned out to be another pretty good episode tonight. I like how they started including more of the town's teens in the mix this season like more emphasis on Bonnie's being a witch and what she can do, Caroline's becoming a vamp and giving her more than just this dingy friend role! She definitely needed to get more play time, just not as that ding bat she started out as. And then Tyler's becoming a werewolf and including him more. Now if we could just get Caroline's bf more included...whats his name again...see what i mean. I don't even know his name but he could play so much more a part if he were given some better roles to play. Oh, and giving Jeremy, Elena's brother, a bigger part to play this year has been great! I like the story line between he and Bonnie which finally took another step tonight after so long!! Good job VD!