The Vampire Diaries

Season 2 Episode 13

Daddy Issues

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 03, 2011 on The CW

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  • I realy didn't expect that!

    few weeks ago when I read "dady issues" I got totally suprised because I supposed no one in this seris has a father!!
    due to this episode I feel kind of sad for John but at the end... I don't know, I hope Elina was wrong about not trusting him. I don't like to see him working for Katherin, I guess everyone hate him enough aleady! Katherin almost killed him, how far is he wanna go just for Isoble?! I just don't get it: Isoble is helping Katherin who wants to sacrify Elina (Isoble's doughter) because she just got bored of running from Klaus and John is helping them both! why?! it can't be because they are frightend of Katherin because she is in the tomb,and Isoble is not that much out of feelings, we watched her when she came to Alaric to say goodbye in the last season, so Isoble has a plan or something? Elina looked younger this time because of the pony tail and clothing and stuff. she looked the 17 years old girl who need a father tobe there for her, the way she suppose tobe and it was bothering me that she was like grown ups, but in this episode she was exactley how she should be.
    at the toppest part of the episode, that sort of battle in the woods, that scared me so much! both of them and Caroline were so close tobe dead, but that was so cool! I realy enjoyed watching how fast they were and how much stronger they were and how experienced they were in the fight!! and seeing Luka's father kind of released me, I trust Elijah maybe they should too.
    watching that guy, Jules's boyfriend, torchering Caroline was so sad and at the end we saw new Caroline, she was trying tobe strong. Caroline was always a selfish and shallow person to me whom Bonnie and Elina should avoid, no matter what she has done for everyone so far, they didn't make me change my mind but this time finaly I feel she deserves her friends, it was nice three of them at the end of episode.
    Tyler is making a huge mistake, he saw how they treated to Caroline who was with him in every hard steps and he saw how they set Stephen and Damon up but he went to them, just like that! I mean Tyler was a jerk always but I thought maybe he changed. he didn't.
    and Damon, he cleared why is he doing this and killing people. he knows it's not acceptable. he shoulden't have done such a thing with the news girl.
    Matt is heart broken, Jeremy and Bonnie getting closer and closer and that was only romance part in this episode. I love romance but I don't mind because this episode was cool enough to make me satisfied. so it was 10!
  • Daddy Issues

    Daddy Issues was a perfect and entertaining episode of The Vampire Diaries. I enjoyed watching this episode because it was full of surprises, action, drama, and intrigue. The flow of this episode was perfect and kept things moving forward. It was nice to see Bonnie as she was trying to get out of conversation with Jonas and Jeremy who gave her reason. I kind of missed seeing these two. It was interesting to see Johnathan Gilbert return and his interactions with Elena. Caroline was my favorite in this episode as she let Tyler down as easy as she could, though he was looking for answers of a different type. It was sad to see what Caroline had to endure from the other Werewolves. I think this added a lot to her character. Damon had a steamy shower scene and pursued a news woman. Meanwhile Stephan was sweet as ever in arranging a girls slumber party for Caroline, Bonnie, and Elena. The ending of this episode added a little mystery and suspense. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!
  • ''You may be my father, but I am never gonna be your daughter.'' - Elena

    You can never accuse The Vampire Diaries of beating around the bush. If an event or question or crazy cliff-hanger occurs in one episode, you're guaranteed that it'll be addressed almost immediately in the next episode. It's something that has only recently come to my attention: on this show there is no such thing as a filler episode. The plot is always moving, and each episode plays a pivotal role in developing the mythology of Mystic Falls and the supernatural beings that inhabit this quaint town (not to mention the excessive twists and turns and many instances where characters change factions due to the aforementioned twists and turns).

    However, while the series may not have a filler episode to its name (at least this season, anyways), it has its fair share of filler characters. Matt and Jeremy are obvious candidates: Matt, who always looks as though he's about to burst into tears at any moment, is just too normal to be in anyway engaging. He hasn't had a strong storyline yet, always playing your average Joe (with a killer chiseled jaw, but average by this town's supernaturally pretty populace). The only time I ever thought anything of him is when Katherine compelled him to start a fight with Tyler. He actually smiled and everything. Just because he's human doesn't mean he can't be a strong character, and it all lands on the shoulders of the writers. I guess if you're not supernaturally inclined, you're of no use to the writers. Pity.

    The same can be said about Jeremy, although he has managed to nab a few note-worthy subplots, at least. But nevertheless, his perpetual mopey facial expressions drive me up the wall. And, let's face it, it was always going to be tough being Elena's sibling on this show. He was always going to get sloppy seconds in terms of storylines. The writers need to incorporate both of these characters into the big plot, because whenever these two do get some screen-time, I'm left staring at my arm where I pretend to check the time on my invisible watch. Oh, and writers, forcing an extremely unlikely relationship with Bonnie is not a sure way to win over us viewers. Ick to that.

    They need a character overhaul along the same lines of Tyler and Caroline. I may get slammed for this, but I hated all four characters last season: Caroline, Tyler, Matt and Jeremy (except for when he was with Anna) were excruciatingly dull and brought the entire show down last year. The show should have been called The Vampire Diaries (and the four friends who remain clueless and boring for almost the entire season).

    I digress.

    Yes, what about this episode!

    I was pleasantly surprised by this one. And, like most weeks, it was all down to Caroline, who has eclipsed every single character on the show in terms of likability and badassery. She is the Jessica of True Blood: sweet, adorable, gorgeous and with ferocious bite when the time calls for it. I love WTF moments on this show, but when Caroline was shot point-blank in the head I was dumbfounded. It only got worse when she was shot several more times later on in this episode whilst locked up in a cage. I really want her to kill every single werewolf, including Tyler.

    Speaking of Tyler and his pack of dicks, he clearly has an expiration date on his head. It's only a matter of time before he meets his maker, and I think it will be a smart move to kill him. He has transformed into a very watchable character, but lets face it, there's really only so much you can do with werewolves and his character. He'll at least go out during a very strong arc if it does come to him being put down. But I must say that I'm impressed with how werewolves are being represented on this show. They still get the short straw in terms of mutation, but they're actually a threat to vampires, as opposed to True Blood where they simply made with the homoerotic subtext and became chow food for other vampires.

    How awesome was that fight with Stefan and Damon and them wolves? VERY, I tells ya. And, ya know what, I'm actually starting to like Jules. I'm glad that she's not yet another nefarious villain with some end-of-world strategy to take out Elena and blah blah blah. Her actions stem from her loyalty and duty as a werewolf. Her awesome back-flip maneuver also didn't hurt getting her into my good graces.

    Speaking of villains with a nefarious plan we're a little on the fuzzy side of...John looks set to free Katherine from her tomb. Why does he want Katherine free and the Originals dead? Is he doing this as a father or as Isobel's lackey? Are the parents in it for themselves? Hmm. The jury's still out on this one.

    And then there is Damon. It look as though he'll be helping Elena and pining over Elena in equal measure, and only the episode's final moments, will he kill and spill his true feeling to some helpless victim so he can explain to the audience why we must still love him. Disagree with me all you want, but this is some truly bad writing. Why not inject the main storyline with Damon's obvious struggles with his decisions and lifestyle rather than allow five minutes at the end of the hour to shoehorn in some quick therapy session with obvious bloody results.

    Overall, a really good episode! Elena doesn't feature that much so I'm guessing we're to expect a heavy Elena/Katherine episode soon. I also really happen to enjoy the relationship Stefan has with Caroline (again, it's reminiscent of Bill's relationship with Jessica on TB), and having the girls over for a sleepover was undeniably sweet. Fast paced, action-packed and with plenty of drama-o-rama to boot, ''Daddy Issues'' puts the show back on track.
  • This is why i love thursdays.

    Okay, so I am considering now reading the books of Vampire diaries just because i want to see the greatness of the show and where it came from.

    Caroline is my absolute favorite character, second is Katherine and i was just so sad to see her being tortured like that. Ashame she can't tell Matt the truth about her and her lie that she got caught in by him was heartbreaking.

    Honestly, why is Matt on this show? As cute as he is(i think he and tyler are the cutest), Matt truly has no purpose on this show.

    Glad to see that Bonnie is now forgiving Caroline over the whole vamp thing and the battle between the vampires and werewolves was intense...Didn't see that twist coming with the black guy's dad.

    But for the past few episodes, it seems like Nina Dobrev(Elena/Katherine) has been taking the backseat and she is like the star of the show....
  • oh great.. now I wanna be a warlock! is there such a thing as a vampire warlock? no? awwww...

    I want to just get this out of the way... the Warlock powers are awesome!!! The power to brain freeze vampires and werewolves? LEGENDARY! Tyler is a classic idiot. Side with a girl you just met or side with your friend. He even hesitated to let Caroline out! Okay okay, so his uncle was killed by the neighborhood vampire brothers but to be fair, he should've listened to the back story. His uncle was working with a psychotic katherine. Poor Caroline got caught in the middle. Damon's back to brooding and he found a new cute pet he can munch on. I like this Damon better! yey!

    the only problem i had with this episode is the villain-turned-good-guy uncle John. aww man.. now he's all I'll protect Elena, we just had differences, blah blah blah. hogwash!