The Vampire Diaries

Season 3 Episode 14

Dangerous Liaisons

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 09, 2012 on The CW

Episode Recap

A series of attacks with no leads has gotten everyone worried. Elena and Matt leave the hospital feeling emotionally taxed in the wake of so many deaths. On her way out of the parking lot, Elena backs into something. She jumps out of her car and sees nothing until Rebekah shows up out of nowhere, ready to pounce. Elijah shows up before Rebekah can dig her fangs in to Elena's neck; she leaves in a huff.

Later, at home, Elena tells the Salvatore bros that Esther, the original witch, was the one sealed in the last coffin. The bros feel a bit used by Elijah, but Elena is convinced that he and his family won't hurt them. Then she receives an invitation to the original family's manse to celebrate their reunion.

Caroline gets a message from Tyler telling her how sorry is about her father. He says he loves her but wants to get himself together before he comes back to her. Then she gets a hand-delivered invitation from Klaus to the party, a gown included.

In the student cafeteria, Caroline and Elena talk about their boy troubles. Elena says she can't deal with either of the Salvatores, and Caroline is hurt that she heard through the grapevine that Elena made out with Stefan. Then they both catch site of Rebekah handing an invitation to Matt. Caroline is definitely going to the party now.

At the party, both Salvatore brothers show up, thinking they should go in Elena's place to find out what Esther wants from her and keep her protected. Elena shows up anyway, looking gorgeous in a fancy gown. Both Salvatores escort her in, but Damon gets the first dance. Caroline shows up and dances with Klaus. Later, she asks why he invited her, and he says he fancies her, but she insists she's going to work things out with Tyler and that she wants him to release him. Their tete-a-tete ends with Caroline throwing the bracelet Klaus gave her at him.

Elena gets a meeting with Esther, but she has to go alone, which worries Damon and Stefan. First Elijah tells Elena he doesn't trust Esther and wants her to tell him everything. Esther tells Elena she had to turn her children into vampires in order to protect them from the werewolves. She says she needs a drop of Elena's blood to give to her children to drink, which will link them all. If one dies, they all die. That's one way to fight the infighting.

Later Esther tells her son, Finn, that she plans on casting a spell to bind them all together. Finn says he's ready to die.

The Salvatore brothers once again are reduced to blows over Elena. Damon tells Stefan he cares about Elena too much and it's making matters worse. Elena confirms this when she returns from talking to Esther. Feeling down, Damon gets into a fight with Kol, who earlier plotted with Rebekah to kill Matt. Rebekah changed her mind, thus sparing the local heartthrob's life.

When Stefan gets Elena home, she admits that she's still into him and doesn't understand how he doesn't feel the same way. Stefan explains that loving her almost killed her and so he can't be with her.