The Vampire Diaries

Season 3 Episode 14

Dangerous Liaisons

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 09, 2012 on The CW

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  • How do they keep doing it? (Spoilers)

    Ok this episode was a masterpiece, straight up! I'm just going to be frank in this review.. I can't stand Stefan! Elena is driving me nuts with her reckless ideas and her stupidity in the face of Damon. And Stefan's little pity trip is starting to get old as well.

    I love what they're doing with Klaus and Caroline but now I'm very concerned for the well being of the originals with the mother plotting their demise! I couldn't care less about Kol or the other one but I am a huge fan of Elijah and Rebekah and especially Klaus! I don't know what the writers have planned for us but if any of it involves a bunch of dead originals - including Klaus - then I'm going to very upset!

    The dance scene was awesome! I also loved Damon snapping that dude's neck..that was fantastic! Dang there was so much that happened that I can't even keep my review in chronological order or any order for that matter!

    Obviously, the mother is the new villain so hopefully that means Klaus' fate has not been sealed.
  • Great episode

    I think TVD is getting better and better every day. There are a couple of things that don't make sense:

    - How is Damon, who is 900 years younger than Col, able to snap his neck so easily? Unless, Col is rusty from being dead, there's no way that he would be able to over power an original.

    - If the Original Witch likes Elijah, why not keep him out of the bond and just kill the rest of the originals?

    - If the Original Witch thinks she messed up the balance of nature by turning her children then wouldn't all vampires be an abomination as well? Maybe that's her master plan, take down the Originals and then the rest of the vampires?

    - If all of Elena's family is either dead or MIA, where is she getting money from to support herself? If the Salvatore brothers are the ones supplying her with the goods, she should be a little nicer to them and a little more worried about losing them.

    I like that we're seeing a better side of Klaus, it's hard to forgive him for all the nasty things he's done but then again we've seen Stefan and Damon do some unforgivable things and yet every week we find ourselves rooting for them.

    I don't think Elena is being stupid in the face of Damon, deep inside, she would still pick Stefan, as we saw in this episode except he's not willing to come back to her which explains her hesitation towards Damon: it's hard to settle for your second choice if you think there is some hope left for your first.

    PS: the scene with Rebekah and Damon at the end was fun :) I wonder how Elena will react when she finds out.
  • The Originals sure know how to throw a killer party get it?

    Wow! This episode was AMAZING! I loved how everything played out. Everyone was at the top of their game.

    I knew Esther was up to no good and I can't wait to see if her plan works.

    Poor Damon he can just never get a break, loved the ending with Rebekah so hot and a great way to end the episode.

    I am so glad no one died this episode but I have feeling that in the coming weeks that may change.

    Elena is always getting caught up in the middle; when it comes to the Salvatores and the MANY mythical creatures in Mystic Falls!

    I am super excited 4 next weeks episode!

  • Tainted Love

    How long has it been since our last excuse to throw a formal party? Too long. The answer you're looking for is: too long. The show manages to rattle the most feathers when it whips up a flimsy reason to have the entire cast in one mansion. Everyone except Bonnie, that is. Cos, I mean, who wants Bonnie at their party? I certainly don't. Go back to your cave, Bonnie!

    While not a lot actually happens in terms of the overall arc, the status quo is kicked around a bit, as everyone plays a game of emotional roulette, switching partners like it was some sort of supernatural swingers night. Oh, you didn't like Delana tonight? Try Stelana again. Still not your cuppa? Oh, well, we have Klaus and Caroline for you instead? No? Rebekkah and Matt? Rebekkah and Damon? Caroline and Tyler's voicemail? Caroline and that horse?

    But let's talk about Caroline and Klaus for a second. Ahem. Excuse me. Saaaay waaaah? It is just SO typical of Klaus to regain some trace of humanity just as his mother comes up with a crazy awesome spell to kill him dead. I'm still not sure if I like where these two are heading, but then again, anything has to be better than Tyler, amiright? I thought Klaus' drawings were very Angelus. Ditto his bed-leaving gifts. (Thankfully, though, no goldfish were harmed in the process). But Caroline has a tendancy to allow her awesomeness to rub off on others, and so I remain optimistic. Kind of.

    I was more than a bit relieved to learn that Esther actually wants to kill all of her children. I thought last week's cliff-hanger felt a little mute, what with her gunning for peace instead of Klaus' head on a plate. Turns out she has an incredible poker face. I'm still a little confused as to what she is exactly: a de-mummified mommy? A ghostly witch? Hrmm. And I'm still more than a little unsure of her endgame; it can't be that cut and dry. She's guesting on the Vampire Diaries, for frak sake. Is Elena also bound to this spell? Will she die too? And now that Caroline is starting to have smushy feelings for Klaus, and Damon is making with the naughty with Rebekkah, the writers are doing their darndest to tie our main troops to our dead family walking, for more of an emotional oomph come finale time.

    The hour could have used a little more action and a little less longing stares. I was kind of hoping for an awesome cliff-hanger too. I guess I had to settle for soft-core CW. I very much enjoyed this one, even if it felt like the writers were indulging far too much in slash fan-fiction for their own good.
  • love the love developments

    I really enjoyed this episode! the two main parts that stood out for me was the relationship development between klaus and caroline. Despite the fact that I liked her with tyler, I think I've started to cheer for a 'klaline' pair! Klaus has shown a softer side already in this episode, it'd be nice to see what other effects caroline will have on him.

    And the second part that stood out was the porch scene between elena and stefan--I have to admit again and again, I love the way Paul acts--for such a emotional scene, it was flawless. Every lip movement, teary eye, soft voice..Sigh*! I love his acting! I was great to see that elena hasn't totally given up on him, cus she's right, whether stefan has his humanity or not, he always gives elena the freedom to choose. I think that shows how great he is, and I hope elena always remembers that.
  • Dangerous Liaisons

    Dangerous Liaisons was a perfect episode of the Vampire Diaries and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of intrigue, character and plot development. It was great to see how the Original's family held a ball to celebrate their reunion, though interestingly enough there are other reasons behind the event. Each of the Originals has to deal with their own issues and things definitely heat up. The actors all looked amazing in their dress clothes. Mother Original Esther, was quite devious and it was cool to see her magic spell. The relationships between different characters is explored a bit more which was nice. I look forward to watching the next episode to see what happens!!!!!!!!!