The Vampire Diaries

Season 3 Episode 20

Do Not Go Gentle

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 26, 2012 on The CW

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  • BAM! and I'm dead...

    Maybe the writers are drunk or just confused. This characters are just going nowhere...
  • cried my eyes out when Alaric ''had'' to die!!!

    I was so freaked when this scene came up!! especially when Elena and Ric came out to the cemetary and all where standing there and the camera when slow motion from Elena to Jeremy,...

    I also loved that Elena went to the dance with Stephan. we really needed some scenes with Stelena not fighting for once :)


    also it really amazes me how the writers turn everything upside down, so that you have really no clue what's gonna happen next.!

    (althought that with Bonnie I could have guessed myself)
  • awesome

    vampire diaries is just awesome, actors, directors..great work
  • Why Can't Vampire Diaires Just Let Alaric GO?!

    Wow I loved this episode.

    I wasn't expecting Esther's plan, but I liked it however it wasn't really plausible, if she would of succeeded there would be no Vampire Diaires! So I'm glad she didn't. I HATE what she did to my beloved Alaric.

    I was weeping when Elena and the gang were outside of the tomb and bade our darling history teacher/vampire hunter good-bye.

    Elena's progression with Stefan was nice.

    I liked how he offered to be there for her when and if she was ready to get back together.

    Also it was really great that Stefan took her to the one place where their relationship was shattered and he told her that he finally came to the realization that he could feel again with her unfailing hope. It again made me cry.

    The Forewood scenes were awesome, I truly hope they can outlast until the end of season because they are just so darn cute tighter!

    Klaus being impatient and destructive that was cool to see again.

    Bonnie really irritated me this episode I mean she basically dumped Jeremy so she could be with her pseudo adopted brother? So weird! Also she was possessed by Esther and destroyed my lovely Alaric!

    Damon and Alaric's final good-bye was super touching I again teared up majorly, that one scene truly epitomized their entire friendship and I think that Ian Somerholder and Matt Davis were fantastic in it!

    Now that Bonnie completed Evil-Alaric's vampirc transformation what does this mean for our intrepid Vampire Diaries heroes?

    In conclusion this episode was amazing one of the best so far!

    So psyched to see next week's episode!

  • Previously on 'Let's ruin characters lives'

    The plot has become so hard to follow and innocent characters always get hurt. Matt, Bonnie, Jeremy, Damon and Alaric always seem to be the ones hurting. But all is good, Klaus is still threatening to kill everyone everyone loves, Esther is still mother of the year and Elena is still in her 'I don't know' phase. What ruined this episode for me was not the overly cheesy Stefan with his noble acts, or the fact that Elena feels the need to be what everyone expects of her to be, OR the fact that Elena has the audacity to say that she has no one else when everyone in the show has risked their lives to save her. No, what ruined this episode for me was the fact that Alaric, who has suffered so much is now dead. He is now the ultimate vampire who is a vampire hunter, I'm sorry but has this been pulled out of someone's ass simply because the season ends in two episodes?

    But I digress, I'm still in mourning and my opinion is my opinion. I just hope that season 4 won't be so convoluted.
  • Do Not Go Gentle

    Do Not Go Gentle was another perfectly entertaining episode of The Vampire Diaries. I really enjoyed watching because the characters were dressed up in 1920's era styles for a dance and they looked amazing. The story lines were engaging and well paced and full of action, drama, and character development. It was fun watching Klaus trying to impress Caroline. The ending was really good and I can't wait to watch what will happen next!!!!!!!!!
  • i love vamp diaries

    vampire diaries is perfectly nice and heart dropping!