The Vampire Diaries

Season 4 Episode 14

Down The Rabbit Hole

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 14, 2013 on The CW

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  • Nice...

    This episode was very suspenceful... just when i thought Damon's character was going down, he turned around and was sexy and selfless all over again... love the depth there because Damon is there for Elena, not himself... and i'm not sure she has really come to that conclusion yet... as for the touching hand thing... I get it! Its not hey come do me Stephan, but yes i care for you, don't want you to hate me and hopefully were past that... or atleast thats how i looked at it.. because she is still sired so the feelings there(unless she wasnt really sired) should be the same. Stephan looks selfish in a way here, and Elena actually says she doesn't deserve the cure over anyone else... Bravo! As for the girl, but for being so old man she has no wisdom sometimes, lol... She needs someone she can depend on, she's really starting to lose it in the trust department, plus she one of my fav. characters :)

    Bonnie will be ok... And wow peeps... Jeremy was just starting to come into a decent be so hard on the guy, he'll be fine too... and together with Bonnie? As for Klaus, Tyler & Tyler, u gots to go! Klaus is the best bad guy ever...

    Wow, love seeing Caroline bring out love in Klaus and she realizes and learns more about herself... I love it. Also seeing them leaving him to suffer... wonder what Silus will do??

    Overall... I'm usually a little harder on ratings than some... but kept my attention the whole time, loved certain parts, wondering like... wouldnt they need that sword to kill Silus? maybe not... but thought this was a good episode! Not great but good! Will be tuning in NEXT week for sure!!!!
  • Will they probably just leave Shane down there?

    Is there anything sexier than someone using their brains rather than brawn to get things done in Mystic Falls? I suppose we can't really say because its such a rare occurrence but Klaus was fun tonight and he did manage to justify his determination to kill Tyler, and I found myself agreeing with him slightly, when you piss off and then mock a very powerful creature who is as close to immortal as it got before Silas wakes up, you have to assume that you're in trouble when he gets free.

    I found Elena irritating simply because of her assumption that everyone was on the novia scotia answer to Lost for her, at that point the only person who was there for her was Damon, everyone had their own agenda and plans for the cure, save Jeremy who wasn't really given an option about switching location for the weekly massacre. However she did decide due to exclusivity of the cure that she could probably give being a vampire a go. It was very mature of her and I don't think people give her enough credit any time she moves on or makes an adult decision, after all she handled the slow extermination of her entire immediate family with grace and determination, although I'm guessing that come next week if Jeremy is dead, Katherine won't be the only one going out of her mind. Honestly I'm surprised both Gilbert's haven't declared 'Peace I'm out' and closed the door on reality long before this. They're teenagers for crying out loud and theoretically there should only be so much they can handle.

    Rebekkah and Klaus teaming up was good, I love it when the Original siblings work together and I'm glad she was pissed off that Elena only needed to hold Stefan's hand for him to toss her the cure, it must be frustrating to be a female supernatural in Mystic Falls and to know that no matter what you have to take second place to Elena.

    I'm pretty sure that Damon's actions and his and Elena's fight means that the writers are prepping their break-up which will piss off all fans of that ship, and me slightly too, come on, you couldn't give them one season together?

    With regards to the cure, my money's on Damon getting it shoved down his throat because of the irony of the situation, he's the only one who admittedly enjoys being a vampire.
  • WHY does everone want to take the cure??????

    They prefer being weak-ass humans to being extremely strong, powerful, immortal and AGELESS???? I'm not buying it. Why would ANYONE choose that. Which is why I'm not able to appreciate the last few episodes at all. They can't serve us dogshit and expect us to eat it!!!

    Anyway, something great happened. Jeremy died. Yay! I never cared much for him.

    But the thing is, on The Vampire Diaries, death doesn't mean a thing. There's no shock value to it anymore. Ppl die. They come back. No big dealio. So all I can hope for is that doesn't happen with Jeremy.

    Altho Bonnie's fate worries me. I like Bonnie. A little.

    Another character that needs to disappear forever already? SHANE. Ugh.

    Also, Tyler leaving town for good? I dont give an eff about his and Caroline's relationship so that crying-goodbye scene had me yawning.

    Klaus + Caroline on the other hand? YES!!!!!! Love Klaroline.

    And finally, I hope Stefan takes the cure and dies soon. Stefan = the most BORING character ever
  • Down The Rabbit Hole

    Down The Rabbit Hole was an amazing episode of the Vampire Diaries. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character development and plot progression. It was awesome to see all of the various twists and turns in the story. There were many unexpected moments and some that were a long time coming. I loved the back and forth between Caroline and Klaus. There was lots of action and suspense. All of the main characters had shining moments both good and bad. I like how everything played out and I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • The deaths of one all hated

    This was an episode saved by a death of a scrappy, and the return of a favorite.

    Good riddance *e***y! You were not loved. Hope he stays dead.

    Welcome back Katherine!! :)
  • The Cure comes with a catch, OF COURSE IT DOES!

    Okay how is that this show is getting better and better every episode?!

    This one was doozy!

    When the catch to The Cure was revealed I was really relived that it wasn't like the Sun And The Moon Curse Fiasco all over again, I liked how the creators learned from that mistake and completely threw the Cure's ideology on it's head and I really loved it!

    Poor Damon can we please stop causing him such physical and emotional pain?!

    The same thing goes for Forewood, I hate how the show constantly pulls these two sexy and immortal soul mates apart! I'm holding onto hope that they can find peace soon!

    Oh Bonnie and Jeremy misfortune also seems to follow these two around like Black Plague as well.

    I REALLY hope Jeremy is okay!

    Besides me hoping that Jeremy is going to be all right, I can't wait to see Silas!

    I also loved Katherine's reappearance, it again threw me through a delightful and exciting loop!

    I cannot wait for next week to see how everything plays out I really hope some of it's good!